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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Islamic Stories

Largest Collection of Islamic Stories!

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  1. The Other Doors

  2. The Patient Old Man

  3. Did You Thank Allah for Your Eyesight?

  4. The Emperor and the Seed

  5. The Pious Man and the Shopkeeper

  6. Junaid Baghdadi and Love for Allah

  7. The Guard Who Found Islam

  8. A Brother Like That

  9. Giant Ship Engine that Failed

  10. The Carpenter

  11. A World of Smile

  12. The Sight of Kabah

  13. Hachiko, the Faithful Dog

  14. A Thousand Camels

  15. Better to Give

  16. Reward for Helping Others

  17. Army of Elephants

  18. The Fisherman

  19. Thirst for Learning

  20. Prayer of a Sick Person

  21. The Righteous Beggar

  22. A Sheet for the Prophet

  23. Story of a Wrestler Junaid Baghdadi

  24. Story of Alexander the Great

  25. Only for Allah

  26. Owners of the Garden

  27. The Patched Robe

  28. The King and the Poor Man

  29. A Young Man's Fear of Allah

  30. Importance of Saying Insha-Allah

  31. The Miser and the Angel of Death

  32. 500 Years of Worship

  33. The Beautiful Story of Abu Ghayth

  34. The Story of Alqamah

  35. A Home for a Home in Paradise

  36. Enemy Becomes a Friend

  37. An Interview with Muhammad Ali

  38. A Gift After Hardships

  39. The Story of Jazan

  40. The Ability to Eat

  41. A Lesson from Disabled People

  42. Should We Really Laugh?

  43. A True Muslim Leader

  44. Story of a Brilliant Student

  45. Story From a Police Officer

  46. Anything for Allah

  47. Splitting of the Moon an Amazing Story

  48. A Youth Realizes the Truth

  49. The Power of Prostration

  50. Empty Hands of a Rich Man

  51. A Quality to Avoid

  52. An Orphan's Eid

  53. The One who did Sajdah to Allah

  54. The Wooden Bowl

  55. Be the First to Help

  56. Simple Acts of Charity

  57. How a Person Could Change!

  58. Sudden Death of a Brother

  59. Imam Bukhari cured from blindness

  60. The Boy and the Dog

  61. A new Muslim and his mother

  62. Sincerity of a Six Years Old

  63. Taraweeh Changed His Life

  64. How Kind is Allah!

  65. A Sign from Allah

  66. Don't Complain, be Patient

  67. Hinduism to Christianity to Islam

  68. Sunnah is like Medicine

  69. Abu Mansur Masjid - Uzbekistan

  70. Allah Will Protect Me

  71. Not Afraid of Losing the Job

  72. He Cannot Catch Up

  73. Removing the Obstacle

  74. First Words of a Little Girl

  75. Punishment of a Liar

  76. Tragic Death of Two Friends

  77. Leaving Empty Handed

  78. A Youth's Search For Truth

  79. Why She Became A Muslim

  80. A Crocodile Testifies

  81. A Rainy Miracle

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