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Thursday, May 30, 2013



Believe me! Either you have been misguided or fallen prey to religious, racial, or national prejudice. You have ignored your own laws for international justice and been precipitate in judging a great majority of the human race. If ever you find the time to read through the pages of history impartially, you will be forced to revise your opinion.

There is no doubt that once we were a force to be reckoned with and now we are nothing but dust, but ‘terrorist’? Never! From Makkah to Taif, from Europe to Africa, from India to Kosove, from Kashmir to Palestine, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Russia to America, whichever country or city you look at you will definitely concede that the Muslims have always been a target for terrorists but as a Muslim nation they have never been a terror themselves.

They were laid on burning coals, dragged through rough streets with ropes round their necks, stoned till the blood ran to their feet, held captive in small, dark cells; their land was seized from them, the right to live was snatched from them; they took all but did not answer terror with terrorism.

After long years of torture when they were finally allowed to raise their hands to the enemy, yes, they did perform jihad but not terrorism. And who is the person who does not know that there is a world of difference between terrorism and jihad? Both have the same difference as sin and prayer; as blessing and damnation; as bowing to the will of God and bowing to Self; as justice and injustice. The reason for jihad is to raise aloft the name of Allah; the mujahid fights to establish the principles that make peace and justice reign supreme; that lead the oppressed to freedom; where the leaders feel no shame in sitting down with the common man; where the human race feels free of the slavery of men to become the true slaves of Allah.

The mujahid fights no for worldly goods or personal glory, nor for fame or name, nor for national or racial superiority; nor for capturing land, mountains, rivers, or forests: his onl7y reason is glorifying the word of Allah. The true mujahid is the one who knows the art of controlling his self; who has stepped out of the shell of self-worship; whose life, death, love and hate, peace and war are all for the sake of Allah. Even if there is no soul but him he will go out alone to perform his duty towards Allah. He hears the sweet songs of the houris of paradise in the clank and crash of swords and burning fires seem like a corner of Eden.

The aim of jihad is not to exterminate people of a certain religion or their places of worship, rather, both get the freedom to run with the victory of jihad. This is the wisdom behind jihad that Allah Ta`ala revealed 1400 years ago in His Book:

“If Allah did not pull away some of you from some; then khanqahs, madaris, places of worship, and mosques would have been pulled down, where the name of Allah is recited a lot.”
(Surah Hajj)

In the jihads done in the light of Nubuwwah, not even a rival could point out any such incident where any place of worship of either the Christians or Jews was torched or forcibly taken. Let alone such drastic steps, the Muslim leaders did not like to pray even once in these places so that their one-off action would not become an excuse for the common Muslims himself arrive for the occasion. Hazrat `Umar (radhiallahu `anhu) was the caliph at the time. He underwent the long journey to prevent any more bloodshed and signed the treaty with his own hand.

When he reached the gates, he was welcomed by the city’s priests, bishops, generals, and respectables. After entering he went to see the famous cathedral “Kanisa tul Qiyamah”. While there, the time for prayer began. The bishop courteously said that he could offer his prayers in the cathedral but he declined and came out of the building to say his prayers. A mosque with the name, “Jamiah `Umar” was made at the spot. The reason he gave for not praying inside was that he did not want the common Muslims to make his act an excuse to seize the cathedral and change it into a mosque.
This concession to the feelings of people of other religions, the protection extended to their elderly, disabled, women, children, and spiritual leaders; the recognition of the sanctity of their places of worship, avoidance of torture and repulsion to the untamed behaviour of the civilized nations of today, were the outstanding features of the Muslims in every jihad and battle.

Before the coming of the Muslims when the Romans and Persians used to attack their neighbours they left in their wake a trail of plunder, pillage, and bloodshed. They found pleasure in burning towns, ravaging settlements, unsparingly killing the inhabitants of captured towns, raping the women and torturing the rest. But when the Muslim armies reached the same places they treated the populace with courtesy and respect. The result was that the people who had been suffering at the hands of their own rulers and whose bodies and minds were crushed with their wrongs, rose up to welcome the Muslims and helped them as much as they could.

The mujahideen of Islam never shed blood for thrill, only which was necessary to put breaks on loot and plunder and cruelty. Whereas terrorists get a kick out of shedding as much blood as they can. They burn living cities to cinders and hack off a harvest of human heads just to secure their fear and terror in people’s hearts.

The enlightened know that the casualties of the First World War, that continue from 1914 to 1918, were, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, 6.4 million. The casualties of the Second World War were between 30 to 60 million. These wars neither served humanity in any way nor were they able to establish any kind of fear or honour in human hearts.

In contrast to this international terrorism let’s now have a look at the 27 jihads of Rasoolullah (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam): the total number of casualties of these 27 jihads was not more than 1018 on both sides. But the result of these battles was the reign of peace and security in and around Arabia. A lone woman from Hairah traveled to the Ka`abah in Makkah without fear of anyone or anything except Allah. The mushriks, hypocrites, robbers, looters, and usurpers were so in awe of the men who wore date-palm thongs and patched clothes that they did not dare to lift even an eye towards any widow, orphan, traveler, poor or unsheltered Muslim. This awe was not due to terror of the sword, or towers of skulls, or seas of human blood; but the reason was their courtesy, help to the poor and needy, humane sympathy, the unity and harmony among themselves, the strength of their Faith, and their will to fight for the sake of Allah

Without doubt up until these traits lived among the Muslims they continued to be a blessing fore the weak and a terror for the oppressor… but ever since they have lost this precious heritage, they have been no more than they dust trampled under feet that any breeze may blow from here to there. The amazing thing is that in their era of firm hold they were never called terrorists but now, when their princes, shayookh, and presidents have become no more than dirt they have been labeled with the tag of “terrorist” by those international thugs who have the blood of millions of innocent human on their hands and those who are guilty of snatching the honour of hundreds Wonders will never cease!!

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A Moment For Reflection

A Moment For Reflection

It was a gathering of around 70 chosen ulema-e kiram, organizers, coordinators, teachers, and muftis, which was presided over by the experienced head of the federation who is the honor of the religious scholars and a guardian of the values of knowledge and practice of our bygone generation of scholars. He is our leader, guide, mentor in any catastrophe; a person with great insight and eloquency, who has been gifted with the power of capturing his audience.

These men had sat with the sincere intention of solving a serious problem. They had to find out how to end the continuous attacks being made on madaris of the righteous ulema. In just a short time hidden forces have blown out precious lives and emptied many seats of knowledge. Before the effects of the last tragedy wear off, another one comes along.

At each new disaster the government announces to look into the matter without delay, news of stepping up security arrangements are heard, claims are made to deal the criminals with an iron hand, some arrests are made through which high claims to catch the wrong doers are made. But as soon as flamed emotions calm down and the effected invariably become engaged in the business of daily life, silence reigns. No sign of the iron hand or the criminals. This is the time when the hunters go out to seek fresh prey.

If the present trend continues and targets keep falling the time is not far when there will be no one left to aim at. Gatherings of knowledge and wisdom will be no more; institutions will be deserted, an end to respectable teachers and students. But the question is how to stop this chain of events from becoming longer and longer. Through public protests and strikes? No! Sabotage and destruction of property is not allowed in Islam, neither is it according to the dignity of the religious leaders. The prevailing ‘strike culture’ is a way of playing right into the ands of terrorists and the enemies of Islam. First they make their hit next they also manage to create an unfavorably insecure environment in the city or country. And then how can it ever be allowed for someone to pay another’s dues? Unseen hands do murders and innocent businessmen, daily wage takers, and workmen pay the price. The harassment created by burning cars, shops, barrows; the torching and fighting, form very negative ideas about the honor and importance of religion and the religious in the minds of the public. Many a time protests were blown out of proportion by infiltrators posing as sympathizers among the lines of the ulema and their activities were unfairly written down as the doings of the scholars.

Jamia tur Rashid……….the institution whose teachers and employees were bombed where one of the servers of the Jamiah imbibed the drink of martyrdom and the rest were severely injured. No one knew how many out of them would also join the sacred caravan. The scene of the crime was pretty terrifying. At such times inflamed emotions, road blockades, screaming declarations, and damage to property are part of our national temperament. Accordingly the police and Rangers were waiting for the protests to begin so they could start their counter tactics. But they were doomed to disappointment when they saw that the injured were being transferred to the hospital without any panic at all. It took the shortest possible time to pray over the martyr at which time exemplary discipline could be seen. This student who had the good fortune to attend the funeral prayer could not help noticing that not a sound of speech or even sigh came from among 12 or 13 hundred people offering the prayer. An odd and amazing silence prevailed. After the rituals the students and teachers went about their day’s business of teaching and learning “Qaal Allah wa qaal ar Rasool” (Said Allah, and said His Messenger).

So what should be done if not protests and strikes? Sabr (steadfastness and patience)? ……. Yes! Sabr! And that is best for the patient. But sabr does not mean cowardice, helplessness, or turning your back on your trouble. Sabr means to remain steadfast in your actions despite difficulties and problems. The people with steadfastness do not let anything come in the way of their aims, they are not disheartened or discouraged, and they do not act hotheadedly in uneasy times. No, they remain firm in their stride even if all Hell is let loose. They never negotiate with Wrong nor give up their ethics and principles. This is sabr that triumphs the minority over the majority and the weak over the strong. The fruits of this sabr are not immediately apparent but the sabireen are never oblivious of their own accountability, their own weaknesses, and their enemy’s designs. They try to figure out their plans and then think of counter-plans.

The 70 men sat there together. They were all from the sabireen. Quite frankly, they examined their shortcomings, stressed the importance of unification, felt the need for resurrecting the values of their ancestor, and scrutinized the campaigns of the colonial powers.

During the meeting a respected participant told of an incident. On the face of it, it was a common enough occurrence but the meaning behind it alerted the members.
He said that the previous night the police had arrested one of his very religious relatives from his home. The neighbors followed him to the police station and tried their best to convince the TPO of the innocence of this man. They said that such a pious and bearded man could hardly break the law. The majority of the neighbors too were religiously minded. The TPO heard what they had to say then he calmly said, “Just wait five years, after that you will not see a single bearded man h in this country”

This uttering of the TPO could have been ignored as a mere assumption and personal opinion had it not been that the same sentiments had been expressed a short while back by a leading politician of our country, whose statements are usually seen as unofficial reflections and ideas of the government itself.

We do not think it possible that a Sunnah of RasulAllah Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam, madaris, or religious scholars can be eradicated from a country made in the name of Islam. But this is a moment of reflection for the common Muslim who loves Islam to take note of the storms of dangers facing his religion and the religious scholars. There is a need to strengthen your lines, to pick out any weaknesses, to pull down walls of prejudice, to create awareness of the progress of religious schools in people from higher classes and journalists with a pious bent, and to deepen our roots in the hearts of the common man.

If we fail to do this we might have to face the storms sooner that expected.

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Hazrat Shamzai Rahimahullahu

Hazrat Shamzai Rahimahullahu

IT is a strange scheme of things the Creator and Administrator of the universe employs. He nourishes a priceless pearl in the belly of a worthless shell and sets it in the crown of a king; He hides a diamond in the countless grains of sand of a desert that is then coveted by the richest and wealthiest; He places a stone in the heart of mountains that reaches the height of fame once through the hands of a jeweler; He blossoms flowers with so sweet a fragrance that draws every traveler. The respected person who has recently joined the caravan of martyrdom was one such hidden flower and one such invaluable jewel.
He was born in a little known, underdeveloped village where the children tend goats to boost their hungry parents’ income, or enter public school with dispirited dreams. The people who suggested the name “Nizamuddin” would have had their best wishes at heart, but even they would never have dreamed the share the Distributor had written for him for disciplining an ummah torn with confusion and disunity and of serving deen and people of deen.
Only he who is master of His decisions knew the future. He may deprive the sons of claimants of knowledge and wisdom for the service of deen and He may accept the posterity of workers, unlettered people, even sons of Hindus and Sikhs for the service and propagation of His deen. He does not look at the family tree nor intellect or acumen; He does not consider wealth, lands or beauty; but yes, true desire is what counts. The desire-less remains deprived even if they seem to have much and the desirous are given even if they seem to have naught. Vanity bows to their humbleness and wealth curtseys to their poverty.
What else but true desire held the hand of this poor and unknown lad of Shamazai and took him to the pillars of knowledge of the time in Karachi. He came there as a student and traveler and then made Karachi his own………sadly, Karachi did not own him. This city that yesterday made men, now takes men. The land of Karachi has guzzled the blood of countless humans but is still thirsty for more. There was a time when jungles were scary, now cities are creepy. What else but fear and terror will reign in a city that does not value its benefactors, educators, and builders?
The higher-ups of knowledge, the alchemists, whose company turned ordinary stone to the philosopher’s stone, recognized the hidden worth of this young man who had come to Karachi with the true desire for knowledge. The years went by and the process of turning into a philosopher’s stone continued and at last the time came when the taught became the teacher, when the decreed was elevated to the position of the decreer, when the student of the knowledge of Hadith was crowned with the coronet of Sheikh ul Hadith (teacher of Hadith).
Lots of `Ulama become well known and respected and a haven for people, but very few of them would have had the fortune to gain the position in so short a time that Hazrat Mufti Shamazai (rahimahullahu) gained. Generally speaking, he was renowned in the fields of teaching and verdict giving when he was in Jamiah Farooqia, but it reached legendary heights in Jamiah Uloom Islamiyyah Binnori Town. Allama Shamazai was in charge of Specialization in Jurisdiction, the Head of Darul Ifta, and Sheikul Hadith. But his person was not bound to the Jamiah alone, but the whole of Pakistan was reaping his benefits. What movement was not linked to him? What religious institution did not call him their patron? What mujahid, preacher, or faithful server of deen was isolated from his affections? He did not own a madrasah but all madaris were his, he did not belong to a group but all groups were his. He was naturally content, open-handed, and polite…humiliation, discouragement, hate, and enmity were forbidden in his sect. He never turned anyone empty-handed. Other scholars of the day tried many a time to caution him, some openly criticized that such a degree of courteousness that any and everyone was using his name, was claiming his patron ship for his group, was writing his name on their letterheads, was claiming his book to be “approved” by him, was inadvisable. But Mufti Sahib was powerless at the hands of his good manners and politeness; he would say, “What can I do? I just can’t say no.” Many a worker of Islamic organizations were helped secretly without anyone the wiser.
Distance lends charm, but the proof of any person’s good nature is when the people living with him day and night attest to his piousness, forbearance, dignity, big-heartedness, and purity. Today’s code is to blow one’s own trumpet, to boast of one’s real or imagined achievements. To show a good nature in a gathering, in a journey, for some days or weeks before guests or companions is easy, but to maintain this good nature and moral superiority in the crests and troughs of life through long years, through the ups and downs of existence, is difficult. Here the proof is given by a personality who is far from hypocricy or hyperbole. I mean respected teacher, Dr. Abdur Razzaq Iskandar. He says, “I have never seen Mufti Sahib in anger in a long companionship.” This does not mean that he never got angry; his passion at the sacrilege of deen and those of deen was something to see. But for his own being, or the disregard of his suggestions, he was immune to anger. You only need to look at the last press release of his life that was given in response to the “pronouncements” of a despotic ruler who urges the people to stay away from religious leaders, targets madaris for criticism, assigns Hudood (Islamic Law) to human ingenuity, uses the words “religious fanatics” again and again for the sincere lovers of Islam. Have another look at the press release. You will find each and every sentence bursting with the honor of Imaan and you will feel that in a country where no one has the right to hold up his head, it’s a wonder he was allowed to live for so long.
Consider; a person who issues decrees of jihad against America sitting on his mat, the servant of Allah who publicly denounces those demeaning Islam, and who was openly and internationally considered an ally of those who drink deeply from the vessel of Islam; how long would he be tolerated? How long can a dauntless being be allowed to walk the streets and criticize an enslaved country? This passion and fervor was all for Right and Righteous; for his self, he was unflustered. In spite of being appointed on several designations of honor and esteem in the prized Binnori Town University, humbleness and self-sacrifice was apparent in each gesture. Close companions tell that in the life of Shaheed-e-Islam, Hazrat Ludhyanwi (rahimahullahu), after delivering his dars on Sahih Bukhari, Mufti Shamazai used to proceed to “Babur Rahmat” to serve him. This humility and poise was apparent also in his conversation and speeches. He used to discuss even the most grave and serious topic in a dignified way. It was not his way to shout and be out of control. He talked in a rational and clear manner that went from the ear straight to the heart and even the contestants were moved to concede the depth of meaning and truth.

The righteous, their hearts heavy with the going of one scholar after the other, were glad and thankful to Allah to have a leader that guided them from the khanqah to the darsgah, from politics to jihad, from the persecution of mistaken sects to matters of jurisdiction and discourse; a guide who was aware of internal and external enemies; who was alert to the intrigue of hypocrites. But who knew that the righteous would be deprived of this merciful protection so soon and the burden on their souls would be made heavier?
It is another matter that the departed, departed in such a manner that the remaining are envious. Supplication and entreaties with his Lord during the night, dhikr and recitation of the Quran at daybreak, the tongue fragranced, the heart luminous, an intention of teaching the most righteous book after the Quran…and then eve descended on the one who gave the lessons of light……….oh! But what does my pen write? Why eve? This is the beginning of a new life………a life that will never see the end, a life that has a dawn but no dusk, a life that is apparently death but which is actually a nations salvation.

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I am staring in bewilderment at the burnt corpses of the innocent little twin brothers....
The Divine Power has His own scheme of providing or withholding offspring, which is without doubt a wisdom-based system. Some yearning arms remain empty forever; some are given boys, some girls, and others both. It is another debate that a Mu'min should have firm belief in destiny, but the desire for boys is ingrained in the human breast. One can of course pray, or even wish, but not act in any way that would anger the Decider of male or female. One hears of couples that get out of their minds in their wish for a male child, are again and again swindled by doctors, hakims, quacks, so-called magicians, but even then never give up hope. Even their trials and tribulations fail to lead them to the sweet satisfaction of bowing to Allah’s will. The acquisition of a son seems to them the greatest gratification and the solution to all problems. Man faces problems and his nature makes him believe that if this problem were solved he would be happy and content with no other worries or desires to bother him; the second, third, fourth problem leads him through the same feelings and he, designating it the last one runs to solve it like a mad man. Problems keep getting worked out but his madness instead of being satiated gains new heights...the desire for sons is one such desire that maddens those who are not aware of daughters being a mercy and dissatisfied with destiny.

But you would rarely have heard a tragedy so sad, that a mother burnt her lovely innocent children with her own hands. But we, who are gradually becoming the heirs of the practical, moral, and social waywardness; immoralities, excesses, lawlessness, and corruption of bygone nations; are finding such shocking and heartless acts recurring incidence. A number of unmarried mothers do such a thing to cover their black deeds, but the little twins I am talking about were the legitimate children of their mother. The little angels were not given up to lashing flames by any other than their own mother who wrapped them in a blanket, poured kerosene over them and struck a match. The mother who is a shade of love, a sea of affection, a tower of greatness, a fortress of adoration, a sign of heaven, the most beautiful gift of nature, a sweet gentle breeze.........the mother who gives up her warm and dry bed to her wet child, becomes a shield in troubled times, provides coolness in the harshness of the one can even imagine how a mother who conjures up the music of falling water, the coolness of stars, and the fragrance of flowers could throw to flames her own flesh and blood? Imagine it or not but it is the truth. This did happen at the hands of a mother in the cultured metropolis of Karachi. A woman named Zahra, laying aside family traditions, honor and shame, married a handsome, well-dressed, eloquent man of her choice.

The print and electronic media have afflicted our sisters and daughters with the disease of idealism. A number of them knock around on roads, parks, markets, clubs, parties, colleges, and universities looking about for their ideals. A few meetings and outward get up are enough to decide them on their “life partners”, putting aside family background and practical and moral drawbacks. The parents are taken aback by their daughter’s imprudence; they beg and cry, try to frighten her with pictures of future unfaithfulness, with the dishonor among the family...but she hardly cares and rejects all appeals labeling them narrow-minded social hurdles; her enemy, and God knows what. She stands fast on her decision because this is what she has learnt from digests and tele dramas.

The first few months go by in a dream and she proudly shows off her love and laughs at the “frights” given her by her family and relatives. Then the rosy tints fade and life faces her in all its crudeness, then she starts lamenting her decision. The well-dressed, handsome, loving man she had married starts to change. The outer shell sheds and out comes a frightening, hard, loathsome character. The sentimental, unwise girl who spurned the love of her parents, the sincerity of here siblings, and the concern of relatives becomes frightened. She feels alone in a place where beasts abound and there is no sympathetic hand to help her out.

And when she is left all on her own with that piece of paper with “divorce” written on it, she is either compelled to sell herself or hide her face and beg on roads, or give up her life, Zahra, burn the beautiful pictures she herself created. Countless Zahras are regretful of their decisions after emerging from their intoxication and deceitful pride...but this regret is of no use.

Come to think of it, this regret should also encompass the parents who never question their daughter’s freedom, licentiousness, mixing with the opposite sex, going alone in parties, making boy friends...but when their honor is at stake, they shake the sky with their cries.

This regret should also be shared by the untruthful flag bearers of women’s rights who encourage young girls to elope and stand against Islamic traditions and who then present such cases as models for others to follow.

This regret should also be shared by those reformers who have become negligent of their duty of social reform in their pursuit of unnecessary debates, indulgence, and desire for wealth. It is the result of their negligence that has resulted in the meaninglessness of shame and honor; that has made fornication easy and marriage difficult, that has advanced dowry and countless other meaningless customs that has made the easiest of the Sunnah of Rasoolullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam) the most difficult.

Until and unless there is a restraint on the free mixing of the sexes, until the importance of chastity and modesty are impressed in hearts, until reformers play their roles in society, unless marriage is freed from unnecessary, self-made, and ignorant customs, emotionally unstable “Zahras” will continue revolting against their families; temporary bonds will continue to bind; shells will continue to break; bitterness will continue to raise its head; homes based on lust will continue to break; divorces will continue to proceed; regrets will continue to be wept over.......but there will be nothing left except burnt bodies, cracking bones, blackened corpses, news reports and lamenting newspaper columns!

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The Ascent

The Ascent

Everyone in a hurry, no time to spare, short hours and too much work, the day about to end but the jobs only half done; life is brief and plans too long, even Noah's age would be insufficient to cover them; life, like a candle in the wind; existence just begins when old age comes along and with it the fearful echoes of death; the heart sinks at the thought of whether it will be possible to scale the Ascent or not.

That Ascent which has a different meaning for everyone. Man in his impatience, shortsightedness, and cowardice sets for himself such silly goals at which he himself later laughs with derision: the achievement of petty tinsel toys, the satisfaction of his sexual desires, the attainment of the height of fame, having the latest model car, a home in a posh area, to top the ladder of power………..these are all mirages that deflect the mind from the real Ascent. All his mental and physical energies are directed towards the completion of these aims and he is left too limp to try and struggle for the Ascent.

What is the Ascent? The Creator of the worlds has pointed it out thus,
"And why does he not climb the Ascent? And what do you know of the Ascent? To set free a neck (person), or provide food on a hungry day to the orphan relative or the miserable…”

To free a neck from the weight of loans, to release slaves from slavery, to set loose prisoners innocent yet spending hard times behind bars, of those oppressed Muslims who have become a target of terrorism, and those humans who because of their shirk have been marked down for Hell. Those privileged people who had uncovered the secret of Iman, who had shattered the differences of caste, tongue, and nationality, who did not give a hoot for power, fame, or wealth; who believed more in deeds than words; who did not believe in any other super power but Allah, yes, they were the one who scaled this Ascent and scaled it well. They set free millions of compromised people and manumitted thousands of slaves. A single sa'habi of RasulAllah sallallahu 'alaihi wassallam, Hadhrat 'Abdur Ra'hman bin 'Auf, released thirty thousand slaves. If a Muslim got caught all the others became restless until they had him released; and how could they not when before them was the 'hadith of RasulAllah sallallahu 'alaihi wassallam,

"Feed the hungry, look after the sick, and try to free the prisoners."

Likewise they were well versed with the 'hadith,
"Whoever freed a prisoner from the detention of the mushrikeen (idolaters), it is as if he freed me (sallallahu 'alaihi wassallam)"

Who would be the Muslim who ever got news of the imprisonment of RasulAllah sallallahu 'alaihi wassallam and not try to release him? But when our master stresses the need of trying to free a Muslim captive, we feel no stirring of our hearts.

There is no part of the world today where freedom loving and fundamentalist Muslims are not enduring the tortures of imprisonment, these prisoners include men, women, elderly, young, naive boys and innocent girls. They are struck inhumanly on their private parts, their bodies hit with electric shocks, they are hung upside down from ceilings; some of them are tied hand and foot and excreta bound on their faces, others are forced to bark like dogs, some are made objects of ridicule by being paraded naked in front of their captors, some are being raped and others being made objects of tyranny just for saying "Allah!"

These incidents of cruelty are being made public throughout the world by the media, but not one of the 60 Islamic states have issued any strong statement or protest; not one President or Amir felt the need to climb this Ascent. The result was that the people at the receiving end of cruelty, took the wounds of their hearts and minds and walked the only left to them…that of suicide attacks. These attacks struck the tyrants, American airports were inundated with coffins, and fear and the feeling of lack of security tilted the remaining into mental disorders. When the vulture clan started deserting them, this gang of terrorists started thinking of the Islamic army so that a Muslim would be the one to kill a Muslim; he would be the oppressor and the oppressed, he would be the imprisoner and the imprisoned.

It's a wonder that among those answering the call of the formation of an Islamic Army is the country which has opened its borders freely for Zionists, sunk in the pleasures of the flesh they are ready to save the Iraqis, nay, the oppressors of the Iraqis. Has there ever been a greater tragedy in history than when the kuffar declined to help their comrades, not only that, but those already involved started backing out scared by the blaze of suicide attacks not caring for worldly goods but the lives of their soldiers and civilians. At this point in came some reciters of the Kalimah carrying a long list of their services for Islam and Muslims who decided to jump into the blaze to save their Zionist friends.

An effective ruse of Satan and satanic powers is "tazayyan" by which it presents wrong as right and right as wrong. Doubtlessly these powers would have imprinted in the minds of our shepherds the sacredness of this Ascent that they would be climbing. But if they decide to take guidance from the Quran, it will unquestionably enlighten them that this Ascent gets surmounted not with backing the kuffar but by freeing poor, innocent, Muslim prisoners, dressing their wounds, soothing away their hurt, and helping them against ill-mongers.

O slaves of Allah! Never try to climb this Ascent, which on the face of it seems a brilliant success, but will be your downfall in the Hereafter. But try your level best to scale that, the hikers of which are never unrewarded or dishonored by Allah.

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Some prominent personalities of the Independence Movement

Some prominent personalities of the Independence Movement

people with insight can derive a wealth of lessons and guidance from the history of nations, groups, and individuals. People who take a lesson from the past, keep a critical eye on the present, and have high hopes of the future, find the doors of progress opening up to them. On the contrary, they cannot be saved from the storms of life who break ties with the past, ignore the achievements of generations gone; fail to be on guard against the doings of their group's rebels, hypocrites, power hungry cowards; who see the present with rose colored glasses, and believe it a fruitless exercise to think of the future.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the sovereignty of the Muslims over the sub-continent, mutual misunderstandings, the slavery of the British, the Freedom Movement, and the founding of Pakistan. The need is to recount the events again and again so that the new generation remains conscious to the causes of successes and failures.

The fall of the Muslim rulers who had ruled Indo-Pak for nearly a thousand years on over 108 million square miles was not due to the strength of the opponents but their own weaknesses that had left them hollow and unsound. They could not bear the winds of opposition and fell to the ground. They had been given a long time to rectify themselves but they did not make use of it. The common man aside, even the elite were devoid of the real meaning of Deen, a few practices were given the name of faith, there remained no relationship between Deen and politics; every distinctive quality of the non-Muslims from prostitution and alcohol to dance and music were rampant in the palaces and privacies of the rulers. The courts were filled with toadying sycophants running after position and power, designing courtiers, hidden conspiracies and animosities. These were the reasons that had hollowed the foundations of the Mughal emperors.

The East India Trading Company, established in the name of business, closely observed the weaknesses of the rulers and the simplicity and ignorance of the common man and took advantage by developing ties with the nawwabs and rajas and uprising them against the central rulership. The rulership, already afire, burst into flames that soon devoured the thousand-year power, grandeur and magnificence.

Nawwab Siraj ud Dawlah was the first Muslim ruler to realize this stratagem. He warned the British to keep to their trade and close up all armories and forts. The British naval chief, Walton, replied with clenched teeth, "Nawwab Siraj ud Dawlah! I will start the fires of war that will not be quenched even with water." So it was, and although the Nawwab came out with his sword to fight the "Company Bahadur", the conspiracies of hypocrites like Mir Jafar and Uma Chand rusted his blade. It is most probable that without this infidelity the British pride would have been in the dust of Plassey.

The second sultan was Hayder Ali whose eagle eyes saw through the ploys of the British and he made a firm resolve to break the chains of slavery the British were trying to bind them in. but his life was short and he was unable to see his dream come true. His true successor in this outlook was his son, the honorable, courageous, Fatah Ali Khan Tipu Sultan. This name will always be written in golden letters and this name will always light candles of valor and gallantry. His feat of standing up against the enemy was a historical event and his martyrdom was no less a wonder.

Tipu Sultan furthered his movement of freedom with all political insight, military power, and international assistance. He extended ties with the Ottomans, sided with the French against the British, sent his ambassadors to France, Turkey, Iran, and other countries for building smooth relations. He was the first Hindustani Muslim who took stock of the industrial development of the West and turned his own business endeavors that way. Success was at hand but the British using their customary cunning and wiliness were able to bring round the rulers of Southern India and some close associates of the Sultan. At last this great leader was martyred at the Saranga Patam by the treachery of his own men. General Harris had said by his dead body, "From today, India is ours!” General Bard had said, "The last link of India's freedom has broken today. No power on earth can stop us from taking India now."

Their continuous victories and the internal disturbances had boosted the morale’s of the British and now they were hoping to see India as a Christian state. Mr. Mangles said in the London Parliament that God had shown them this day that India is ruled by Britain so that the flag of Christ would fly from one end of India to the other. So everyone should use all his or her powers for the great mission of turning India to Christianity and no one should be lax in the matter.

These were the turbulent times when the son of Shah Waliullah, Shah Abdul Aziz rahamahullah alaih gave the decree of India being a "Daarul Harab". The decree had far reaching effects on the Muslims and they became active at different fronts against the British.

This verdict played an important role in the uprise of 1857. People used to sit in market places and public gatherings to listen to the ulema talk and then the Muslims took oath by the Quraan and the Hindus by the Ganga Jal that they would not rest until they had kicked the British out of their country. The movement was so strong that in some places the mujahideen were able to snatch back some areas and even cities. From May to September of 1857, every campaign was led by the ulema but among them the campaign of Shamili is specially notable for it saw great leaders like Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi, Maulana Rashid Admad Gangohi, Maulana Muhammad Munir, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir, and Maulana Sheikh Muhammad take full part in the fight.

The War of Independence failed due to a host of reasons. The British then set out for revenge. The Hindustani nation was subjected to inhuman cruelty. The soldiers were given open leave to loot and plunder the city of Delhi for three days. This permission was made use of in the most horrible way. For three whole days people were frenzily murdered, heads fell from bodies, the blood flowed incessantly, bullets were shot at soldier and civilian indiscriminately; then came the hangings. Lynches were set up at all major roads, which became the pleasurable diversions for the British where they used to gather to enjoy the gruesome scenes of murder by rope. Some of the Muslim neighborhoods were wiped clean of any living being. A Field Marshal wrote to his mother that the most effective way for the life sentence was to explode the criminal with a cannon, which was a most gruesome scene, but at that time they could not take any chances. Their aim was to show those rouge Muslims that the British, with the help of their God, were there to stay.

Apart from the physical killing of the Muslims, tens of steps were taken destroy the Muslims' education and economy. They were sacked from key and important jobs; the official language was changed from Persian to English; they were barred from government jobs; their property was seized which were the source of income for their madrasas and organizations.

Although the freedom fighters lost due to internal weaknesses, infidels, lack of a central and overall authority, but the effects of this fight for freedom reached every corner of India. The intense desire to be rid of the foreigners blossomed in every God fearing heart. In the future this Freedom Movement took the shape of the Indian National Congress, Tehreeke Khilafat, Tarke Mawalaat, Jamiat Ulema Hind, and the Muslim League. Because the British had used their ace card in developing feelings of hatred between the Muslims and the Hindus, many Muslim leaders began to ask for a separate homeland for the Muslims. The everyday experiences of life, of dreadful incidents in offices and departments, the lack of political insight, and mutual differences fueled the fire and at last in 1947 the land was divided and after crossing a sea of blood and carnage, a country came into being in the name of Islam and freedom.

The dwellers of Pakistan celebrate their day of freedom every year on 14 August but it seems that another movement will have to be started to make them realize the real reasons for the attainment of Pakistan and to free them of British slavery. Let us see who has the honor of heading that movement!!

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To Save The Garden

To Save The Garden

IT was just after 'Asr on a Sunday, the free time for the busy students of Deeni madaris who have been hard at studies from morn till eve; the time for them to step out of their bookish world and refresh and pep up for reading and revising far into the night; sometimes till one or two in the morning. Lots of other people not related to madaris often go to bed at this hour too, since going late to bed is now considered 'modern' and fashionable, but they also get up late. Except that the students mentioned have to wake up for the Fajr prayer and many of them have never missed their Tahajjud prayer either. This night vigil is not enforced but self-imposed. The free birds of schools and colleges will scarcely understand the need of the students of Islamic schools and universities that forces them to live away from home, eat whatever is available, live without the comforts of life, sit and sleep on mats, serve their teachers whole heartedly, and dedicate all hours in seeking knowledge and trying to act accordingly. These students are trained into the habit of a routine. Timings are set for eating, sleeping, waking, studying, and recreation; the time for recreation is from 'Asr to Maghrib. It's another that some of these thirsty students spend their free time in prayer and recitation of the Qur'aan.

That day, as usual some students were sitting on chairs, taking in the fresh air and chatting together when as per an outrageous plan a bomb explosion occurred followed by a much bigger one, martyring 11 and injuring nearly 50. One of the victims' mates tell that this was the first time he had stepped out of the Jamiah after 'Asr, otherwise his habit had been to recite the Qur'aan daily at that time. Without doubt a person's death calls him to the place of death. The only crime of these students was their innocence. Their association with a deeni institution, and their love for the Book and Sunnah made them targets for hard-hearted, beastly men. This relation and love has these days become a crime in the eyes of some lowly people.

Some hardened humans have taken an oath to live and die by Imaan, they know fair well the change of winds and the leaders' inclinations. They are not unaware of changes in the international scene; they also know that politicians, leaders, and bureaucrats are after madaris students, ulema-e-kiram, and those wearing turbans, the sign of Sunnah on their faces, and the masnoon or national dress. They are called 'fundamentalists', linked to the 'Al-Qaeda', and their innocence exchanged for the label of 'terrorist'. This persecution has made them insecure and some have limited themselves to their mosques or madaris and others have restricted their circles of acquaintances.

Bureaucrat The despots would have thought that the prevailing atmosphere of fear would frighten and put off the common man from sending their children to madaris, and those lending a hand would back off their assistance gradually closing down these fountains of knowledge of the Book and Sunnah. There would be the thirsty but no sweet water to quench the thirst, there would be ignorance but no hand to guide to knowledge, there would be the wrong track but no one to steer people off it. Then the dictators, the westernizers, the enemies of ulema, and the 'doctors' and 'professors' would have a clear field. They would have no hindrances in creating a new edition of the Qur'aan, its meaning and explanation; interest would be called 'halal' (permissible); song and dance would be given the name of 'culture'; drinking would be a free choice; the mixing of sexes would be a must for progress. All of this planning is quite clear. The people of the madaris are watching these changes with open eyes but even then they are not ready to budge from their stance.

Their attachment with the masjid and madrasa is so strong that they are not ready to move over despite bomb blasts, raining bullets, and the siege of the media. Nor should they. If they start backing off they will be pushed too far off. But one of these days they will have to sit and make decisions that show the strength of their unity and accord; otherwise they will be left shouldering their dead and watching their garden being ripped apart. How many prominent personalities have been expired by cruel unseen hands, and if this mode continues, the time is near when no learned ulema will be left and all we will have will be the ignorant ones who give verdicts without knowledge and will themselves be on the wrong path, guiding others to it. In this situation the union of madaris organizations will, InshaAllah be a strong and positive step towards the safety of our intellectual garden; but if these decisions are late in coming…the way will be paved for more bomb blasts and murders.

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"This is a 17 year old young man whom we will call Sajid for the time being; lying in disarray on a bed at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, listening to the soft steps of death coming his way, suspended between life and death. A few months back he was the owner of a handsome, attractive face; the light of his parents' eyes, the future hope of his sisters, the strength of his brothers. The father earns his living driving a taxi and they live in a rickety old house in Orangi.

One day he was standing at the window taking some fresh air when a black-hearted, corrupt, animal of a human, who had earlier been angered at being cautioned for his crookedness, came and threw a jug full of acid on the beautiful face at the window. The acid was so strong that it burnt the mattress the young man was sitting on. The face became no more than a mass of coal with no skin or hair, two hollows gape where the eyes had been, the lips are non-existent, there are holes that go through and through his body. For the past few months he has become a trial for the doctors and a matter of life and death for his parents. The holes in his body still gape after endless grafting. The hard working, courageous father who was allergic to the mere mention of charity, now takes it silently with a bowed head. A society devoid of human and moral values dispirits the most courageous."

The above extract is taken from a previous column of mine that was published in "Dharb-i-Mumin" nearly one and a half years ago. The need to reproduce this bit arose when my bruises resurfaced as I recently read a fresh report about the same young man in a daily newspaper. This report has added new facets to my pain.

Many of you must have read the news too that says the incident happened on the first of July 2002 and that the American government has offered Abid's (whom I called Sajid) father a four year visa for Abid to come and have plastic surgery in America; while Italy has offered to provide eyes for him. The proposals have been accepted.

Because a few relatives of Abid live in my neighborhood, I had the fortune to go and visit him with some of my friends and to offer some paltry sums as help on and off. At those times I got to know that Abid's father had been knocking at the doors of official and private individuals for help towards his son and to bring the culprit to justice. He left no stone unturned in this quest: from organizations to individuals, from one office to the other, from police stations to courts. He had to change residence due to the threats of the opposite party and the continuous investigations of the policemen. He pitched up and went to live in the suburbs of the city. Any common man would have lost heart and left things to fate; but Abid's father proved to be a man of mettle. He did not give up. Disheartened with his own people he went to "strangers" and told them his story. They melted and agreed to support him. This cheerful news should make anyone happy, but two of the aspects leave me distressed and cheerless.

The first of them is that after 60 years we have still been unable to set up a judicial system that is capable of hearing the pleas of the oppressed and bringing to justice the oppressors in the shortest possible time.

The second aspect is more serious. When Abid will reach America or Italy, his horrible injuries will be photographed from all sides and pasted all over the print and electronic media to create uproar over not only all of Europe but all over the world. They will try their best to prove what an atrocious and brutal game goes on in the name of religion in Pakistan. The blackness of one face will be smeared on to the face of a whole nation; and when the musicians of our dear land, just waiting for something juicy like this, take up the tune, then this reprehensible and shocking song will be on all lips.

A few weeks earlier photographs of a Saudi TV announcer were aired who had been beaten by her broadminded and singer husband taking away her beauty and attractiveness. But the news has been worded in such tone that gives the effect that the whole world is unaware of the atrocities of wife beating in a religious country like Saudi Arabia. Incidences of Violence, murder, rape, robberies all go on in European countries too, much more than in Islamic countries, but such individual cases never give anyone the guts to paint the whole of Europe as a criminal, robber, or murderer. Amazingly, if such an act comes through the hands of any Islamic country or a religious person, not only outsiders but some insiders too portray that lone offense as the offense of the whole group or society. But we cannot avoid accountability merely by condemning such traitors and atheists. We have to keep close watch on such elements that are wolves in sheep's clothing and a disgrace to their country, nation, and religion.

God forbid, if such things do happen we should be in the foremost lines to give a helping hand to the troubled and distraught.

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The Approaching Tides

The Approaching Tides

This is a scene, a disgraceful but eye opening scene; if you can see, have a look; if you can think, ponder; if you can then do something. The thing has gone too far and we are in deep waters; the darting flames can engulf our chadar, our four protective walls, the honor of our traditions; this flame can burn our nest and turn our respectability and nobility to ashes.

Before me are not one or two, but eight mini buses with 240 men in seven of them and 35 women in the last one. These shameless people have been brought to the court of the Judicial Magistrate for bail. They had been caught, some of them in unspeakable conditions, from a cinema house on M.A. Jinnah Road on charges of spreading obscenity the day before. The interior Minister of Sindh and a heavy police force had been present at the occasion. If you look at the accused, some of them are fathers of small children, some are husbands of waiting wives. The arrested women would be having honorable relations too, but they forget all respectful ties when they step in the glittering world of greed and avarice. They have a new birth, a birth that nullifies the honorable meaning of words like modesty, 'hya, sister, wife, and daughter. The soul leaves leaving an empty body, what is 'hya but the spirit? When that leaves then anything is possible.

Hazrat Abu Mas'ood Badari (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) said, "It has been handed down by tradition of the earlier prophets that when 'hya is no more, do anything you wish for."

In another hadith Rasulullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) has particularized four things as the characteristics of prophets 'alaihe mus salaam, "'Hya, fragrance, siwak, and nikah (marriage)"

Hazrat Ashja' 'AbdulQays (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu) came in Rasulullah's presence who said to him, "You have two qualities that are liked by Allah."

He asked, "Which two qualities?"

Rasulullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) answered, "'Hilm (tolerance) and 'hya."

He asked, "Were these qualities present in me previously or have I developed them recently?"

Rasulullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) replied, "They were present previously."
He said, "Praise be to Allah who placed two such qualities in me that He likes."
Hadhrat 'Abdullah bin 'Umar narrates that Rasulullah (sallallahu 'alaihe wasallam) said, "'Hya and Imaan live together; when one is lifted the other goes with it."

'Hya is commendable in any one whether a man or a woman. But especially in a woman 'hya imparts a secret beauty that no gold or silver ornaments can give. It is 'hya that stops a woman from venturing out freely from the home, it is 'hya that stops her from mixing freely with the opposite sex, it is 'hya that drops the veil over her face and drapes the hijab on her body. The western woman has long ago given up this ornament (of 'hya') but now an organized effort is being made to strip the eastern woman of it too. The sign boards on our crossings, the screaming walls, our papers and publications, our radio and television, our markets and bazaars, our colleges and women's rights organizations, all of these are enough to point out the storm of immodesty that has engulfed our nation. We used to curse Hollywood and Bollywood, used to cry against the import of their movies, but now we are making the same films. The kind of programs being telecasted by private and national channels leave no need for foreign movies and dramas. Although our country has not been able to make itself independent in modern weaponry, machinery, medicine, agricultural equipment, wheat and grains, but…… is quite self-sufficient in movies and programs propagating obscenity, immodesty, music and dance. Was there any lack of disgusting behavior in cinemas that they had to be turned into centres of decadence?

You can imagine what would have been happening in that building from where this contingent of fornicators was arrested, and believe me, this filth is not limited to one or a few cinema houses, no, it has spread like a wild epidemic in streets and neighbourhoods. Everyday newspaper reports of custody of centres of debauchery run under the patronage of the local police are proof enough. People are arrested, the papers have a field day, but after a few days the same haunt is opened in another house of the same neighbourhood. Woman is sold in such houses, a price is put on her, her honour is on sale; and to crown it all, a woman is often the vendor of another. You might find it surprising but the fact is that no man has ever bestowed the amount of nastiness to a woman than another woman has. It is a woman who enters the life of a married man and separates him from his wife and children; it is a woman who degrades womanhood by dancing around on a stage, the same womanhood that comes forth in all its innocence in the roles of mother, sister, and daughter; that draws out feelings of respect and love. It is a woman who advocates for shameless runaway women.

You might be surprised to know that the regional director for "Aurat Founadation" has denounced police conduct in relation to the arrest of the women and charged it as debasement of humanity. NGO's and organisations made in the name of women's rights will always side with brazen, shameless women who enact even the most serious acts of immorality and contribute to the destruction of a family, the devastation of parents, the ruin of siblings, the messing up of moral Islamic values. They will never issue a statement that appeals to afflicted women to redeem their behaviour or show any sympathy towards the distressed families. These women who defile the honour of their families are offered residence in foreign countries, provided expensive lawyers, and projected as heroines to become a model for gullible and innocent girls. The media takes their side so strongly that any good council is made to look foolish. But will the obligation of Amr bil Ma'roof and Nahi 'anil Munkar be relinquished just because of the statements of a few westernised men and women? Will we see the destruction of our nest in silence? No, never! If the pledgers of faithfulness to Allah and His Rasul (salallahu 'alaihe wasallam) do so, they will never escape from the wrath of Allah when it befalls the wrong doers; the silent devils will also come under His fury.

Our media that can play an important role in educating the nation have barred the entrance of sage counsellors. They do have darse Quran and Hadith, intricate speeches, impressive writings, the orators are highly intelligent, creating a magic for the listeners and readers, rendering speechless any criticism; but I don't know why these intellectuals are blind to these approaching tides. But if the proprietors of television and newspapers are silent, will the heirs of the mimbar and mihrab remain so too? No! never! They will have to continue their traditional role not only to save the nation but themselves, their homes, and their generations.

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Love of Quran

Love of Quran

It is an undeniable fact that no book was ever held as dear as the Quran. There are numerous inspiring stories of people’s love of Quran. We need not go in the distinct past; a look at the biographies of our Ulama who passed away in the recent years is enough to prove this fact. Ramadan is the month of Quran, so we mention a few stories of the servants of Quran.
(1) Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari (rahimahullah) was blessed with immense love of Quran. He used to say in his speeches: “In my life, there is only one thing that I love and only one thing that I hate. It is Quran that I love and it is the British that I hate.” In fact his love of Quran would force him to hate the British. Jews and Christians harbour hardnosed enmity towards Islam and this fact is spread over the holy pages of Quran.

(2) Hazrat Maulana Qari Fateh Muhammad had devoted himself for the service of Quran. Mufti Taqi Usmani rightly says: “Qari Fateh Muhammad was a living miracle of Quran. His tongue was all the time busy reciting the Quran. He was always engrossed in thinking the best ways of spreading Quran education. He was at home in different accents of recitation. During Ramadan, he would lead the prayer of traveeh and recite seven to ten parts of Quran in one night. In this way he would complete the Quran in three or four days. Then he would again recite the whole Quran in some other accent. By the end of Ramadan he would recite the Quran for about ten times in traveeh alone.

(3) Sheikh-ul-Hadith Maulana Zakariya (rahimahullah) was a hafiz and recite the Quran immensely. For 42 years, it had been his routine that he would recite the whole Quran in each day of Ramadan. About his family women, he used to say, “Our family women spend most of their night time in listening to Quran and in the day time, it is their routine to recite about one half of the Quran. My grandmother was hafiz and it was her routine to recite one manzil of the Quran daily. And during Ramadan, she would recite the whole Quran plus one-third of it again in one day. In addition to this, she would recite thousands of tasbeeh as her permanent routine.

(4) Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad (rahimahullah) memorized the whole Quran in just three months at the age of 46 years. He did this in such a way that he would easily memorize one part of the Quran in one hour. Despite his tough scholarly engagements, he would spend a large amount of his time in reciting the Quran. He would recite five parts in day and as many at night in tahajjud prayer.

(5) Maulana Subhan Mahmud, sheikh-ul-hadith of Darul Uloom Karachi, was blessed with a special fondness of reciting the Quran. For a long time, it was his routine to recite the whole Quran daily. On becoming old and weak, he would recite more 18 parts of Quran. He continued with this routine till the day he breathed his last. During Ramadan, he would set aside all other activities and remained busy reciting the Quran day and night.

(6) Hazrat Qari Raheem Bukhsh was blessed with such immense love of Quran that except for natural human needs, he would not spend a single moment in which he was not teaching or reciting the Quran. His punctuality was proverbial. He never absented himself from teaching duty during 40 years. Whatever salary he withdrew from the madrasah, he returned it to the madrasah in a short period. His son Qari Abdullah said, “Since childhood, I never see my father miss his tahajjud prayer. He would recite three parts of Quran in tahajjud prayer.”

Our history is full of Quran lovers. They were the people who not only recited the Quran by tongue but their every word and action gave the fragrance of Quran, and their routines and prayers were practical explanation of Quran.

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