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Monday, June 3, 2013

Folly is better than an off course wisdom

Folly is better than an off course wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom are the biggest blessings of Allah Almighty. These qualities distinguish between the human beings and the animals. The offices of art and culture, poetry, scientific inventions, astrology, conquest of space, power of pen and courage of expression, all depend on the knowledge and wisdom. A man of intellect can easily pull the people out of all crises but this capability becomes paralysed when the person with extra-ordinary intellect gives preference to personal gains and interest on the service he is supposed to render to the masses. He commits blunders leaving the nation into fix. In this connection a poet has very well said: (Translation)

“Folly is better than an off course wisdom, silliness is better than an immature wisdom, madness is better than a distorted insight, and hatred is better than a false love.”

Today Iraqis have proved their unbelievable steadfastness, courage, unity, and historic loyalty and faith with the nation, beyond the apprehension of world powers and intellectuals. They are fighting the ten-time bigger power with courage, which has driven the world brains mad. Their stupidity and nonsense behaviour are well exposed on the world media through their funny comments and analysis. It seems as they are suffering from hysteria and ‘Iraqofobia’. They had never imagined that the hungry, unarmed and devastated nation with totally collapsed economy, having rusty and decayed weapons in their hands, would stand before them like an iron shield to defend their motherland. The ferocious wolf of the human history who is out to crumple the Muslims and Islamic culture, had given an impression in the beginning of the war that Saddam Hussain was their agent and this war would be preplanned.

They would drop a couple of bombs in the Iraqi deserts and later Saddam along with his entire family would be safely shifted to a safer country in the guise of exile and the control of Iraq would go into the hands of super power without any bloodshed. Later they started giving another picture to the world saying that Saddam is a dictator and he is the cruelest leader. His own people are fad-up of him and waiting for a rescuer. George Bush and Tony Blair have been given an opportunity to play a role of rescuers for the Iraqi people. And now they are bent upon fulfilling the long-awaited desire of the Iraqi people in getting them rid of a cruel leader. They were of the opinion that when the white men would invade Iraq the oppressed Iraqi people would extend them a warm welcome, shower rose petals on them and they would become the heroes for the downtrodden Iraqis.

But, when instead of being garlanded, they were welcomed by gunshots, missile attacks and abuses and curses, when their bodies were kicked with high hatred, then the intellectuals of the super power recalled and tried to tell the Iraqi people that Saddam is a man of secular thinking. He has relations with India, he wears western style pant and shirt instead of Arab dress, he smokes, thus, he has all qualities that every Westerner or European has. This proves that the world superiors are making an attempt to convey a message to the Iraqi people and other Muslims around the world that the person who has all qualities and habits that of the Westerners but the `Ulama and Muslims of the world are supporting him. On one hand these intellectuals are alleging that Saddam is a dictator with Westernized thinking while on the other they are trying to present Bush as the rescuer for the Muslims of Iraq who is making efforts to cultivate democracy, peace, brotherhood, equality, and education in the Iraqi deserts.

A renowned columnist of the country who spent his life in the worship of rising sun and who always praised the ruling class from the time of Zulfiqar `Ali Bhutto to General Pervez Musharraf. In the case of Mian Nawaz Sharif he had said in his columns, “Muhammad `Ali Jinnah has taken second birth in the shape of Nawaz Sharif. He is the reality of Allama Iqbal’s dream, existence of the country is because of Nawaz Sharif, he is the source of light in the moon and stars, he is the source of fragrance of flowers.”
As soon as Nawaz Sharif met his fate and his government was thrown out, he changed the his direction of worship, his columns had a somersault and he proved Pervez Musharraf the man of extra-ordinary intellect. Commenting over the reasons of American aggression he said, “The diplomatic and political ways, the United States has adopted in its achievement of most precious and fearless power and energy have been fanning extremism against America.

The policy of non-rapprochement that Israel has adopted against Palestinians has been promoting an environment in which suicide contingents are emerging. A remedy to this situation has been evolved by the Americans under which it has chalked out a programme to used power in order to hit one target with just one shot. Firstly it planned that the system of compulsion in the oil producing countries should be brought to an end and the income through oil, which the rulers have been spending on their unnecessary luxuries should be spend on promotion of education and employment projects. Moreover, the policies of aggression and oppression that Israel has adopted in the region should be provided a political protection, viz, Palestinians should be given a small piece of land under the control of Israel to suppress all sorts of resistance which is being offered by the Palestinians.”

The Americans and the world media claim that Americans are in the sizzling deserts of Gulf, not to achieve personal gains but to get the oppressed Arabs rid of the existing system which, according to them, is denying them their due rights. Also to restore peace in the region by bringing the deadlock between Palestine and Israel to an end through democratic process. If this is the objective of the super power then what is the reason behind heavy and fierce bombing of the civilian populations, killing innocent men, women, children and elderly people and also bombing the holy land where prophets lived and buried. Is it all because of providing peace, job opportunities, better education and independence to the Iraqi people?

Another columnist writes in his way: “American marines who are waging war against Saddam forces are offering sacrifices of their lives. They are neither fighting for the dictatorship nor for the Iraqi oil or against any particular religion. They are not even bent upon bringing any Muslim country under their undue pressure. But, they are rendering sacrifices for the sake of peace and love. Love is independence and existence of any independent nation depends on peace and love. After the cannons will stop producing fire, it would be the duty of our rulers and political leaders to struggle for the cause the Americans are here for, and revive the history and traditions of the humanity.”
What are these traditions that American forces are present in the region? These facts, however, prove American brutality right from the World War era to the Gulf War-II during which American troops carried out massive massacre of innocent human being on which the so called intellectuals are proud of. These powers have chained the world politics, economy and prosperity. The biggest dictators of the world are now out to teach a lesson of peace and love to the Arab rulers and people.

These world intellectuals are under a wrong impression that Muslims or world `Ulama consider Saddam a religious leader or non-controversial personality. The realty is that in the comity of coward rulers of Muslim world, he is the only person and courageous man who has challenged the allied beasts. Under these circumstance we are of the opinion which has been seconded by Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari in his words, saying: “I am ready to drive the herd of those pigs who can destroy the British and American systems. I want nothing else but the eviction of Western troops from the region.”

Whatever these intellectuals of the West are saying, the oppresses and wounded Muslims are still keenly waiting for a leader who could get them rid of the world terrorist. They are looking forward for a person who could become the source of eviction of Western forces from the Muslim lands. Each and every Muslim around the world is desirous that the Custodians of the Holy places (Haramain Sharifain) should rise against the atheists. If the first voice is raised from the Holy Land the entire Muslim world would be with them and the world would echo with slogans ‘Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad’. But alas! None of them who claim to be the custodians of Islam has come forward to protect the religion and to help the suffering Muslims around the world. They only can perform duty of providing water and other facilities to the Hujjaj Karam who reach the Holy Land to perform the biggest duty of Islam. Under this situation, from anywhere in the world, if a Muslim rises against the Kuffar, the world Muslims support him. The support to Iraqi people is not in the support of Saddam but this it against the aggression of Zionists and Western powers and world terrorists. This awareness and support of world Muslims would not go waste this time. The days of Zionists and world terrorists are numbered. Sooner or later their bodies would become the feast of vultures. This is the apprehension of the world. If the intellectuals who are portraying a wrong picture of the present situation would soon come to know that they are making blunders and a time will come when there will be no remedy to their problem.

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The responsibility of NWFP’s Ulama

The responsibility of NWFP’s Ulama

Some people called it Frontier, some named Pukhtoonistan and Pathanistan but finally it got the name of Frontier. It is said that in the year of 1901, the Viceroy of Hindustan, Lord Corzon created a new province by joining all Pukhtoon dominated districts of the then Punjab and named it North-West Frontier Province (NWFP). The Britons could have named this province as Pathanistan or Pukhtoonistan but the problem was that it was Afghanistan on the other side of the border and the two sides did not have good relations.

Afghanistan was so close to Russia at that time and Afghan Pukhtoons had soft corner and attraction for the Pukhtoons in today’s NWFP. The Pukhtoon and Pathan population of Afghanistan would have taken it as a pride had its name been kept after them while on the other side the prejudiced and narrow-minded Britons never wanted to give this pleasure to them. But, it is said that there is nothing important in name, the real lust lies in its natural beauty, its historical background, its lakes, waterfalls and healthy points. Nathiagali, Abubia, Murree, Kaghan Valley, Lake Saif-ul-Mulook, Swat, Kafiristan, Hindukush and White mountains are full of natural beauty admired all over the world. All these places are located in the North-West Frontier Province.

As far as the history and the oldest human culture is concerned, this province is considered as the center of such historical wealth. During the period of Syedna `Usman ibn Affan (radhi Allahu `anhu), in Hijra 66, Mujahideen - led by Hazrat Sanan bin Salmah (radhi Allahu `anhu) - enkindled the candle of Islam and spread the religion in this part of the world. In the following days the light of this candle spread a thousand-fold and no other culture could put this candle off. How come this candle could be put off which was enlightened with the precious blood of Sahaba-e-Karam and their followers. It is said that those Shuhada-e-Islam were buried in Chagharmati area in Peshawar city’s Dawoodzai vicinity. General public calls this place as ‘Mazar Mubarak Ashaab Baba’ (Shrine of Sahaba-e-Karam). The reality is known only to the Allah Almighty but despite frequent geographic changes the inhabitants of this area are still the symbol of courage, honor, kindness and sacrifice. These qualities give a clear message that justice and truth had prevailed in this region.

Turban and beard are the part of culture and regional values. Despite all-out efforts by the Western powers, their most attractive civilization could not change the thinking of people here. Also, despite aggression by the allied forces of the West, the Mulla could not be traced in this region. The reality is that Mulla still enjoys the superb reputation and decisive position in this area. On account of its best location, strong association with the religion and unconquerable religious zeal, the Frontier province has always been the center of the Ulama's activities. Syed Badshah Rahimahullah also chose this province for waging Jihad in 13th Hijra.

He had a plan to expel the Britons from the country in the following days and establish a Shari`ah government on the basis of Qur’aan and Sunnah. We can imagine today that had the plan of Syed Badshah Noorullah Marqadahu succeeded, the position of Hindustan would have been certainly different. There would have been Caliphate rule, Qur’aan would have been the supreme law, Sunnah would prevail all over, justice would be knocking at every door, Shari`ah would have been implemented and on top of everything a model Islamic government would have been established as per the desires of all oppressed people around the globe. The Britons would be compelled to lick dust, timid Hindus would become helpless and Sikhs would have forgotten their fun.

But, unfortunately it could not happen. Syed Sahib (rahimahullah) practically established an Islamic government in and around Peshawar where true Islamic economic system was implemented. However, this government and Islamic system could not continue more than a few months. In disintegrating the Islamic rule, our own people played stronger role than the non-Muslim elements did. As a result, true Muslim Mujahideen were martyred in the month of Ziqa’ad, 1246 Hijrah.

Today once again the province is echoing with the plans of implementing Islamic laws. With the blessings of Allah Almighty a group of religious people have come to the power who claim that ‘power is not their aim, it is a source to reach the destination’. Millions of people who love Islam have attached high hopes with these people. But the situation is that it is not only the people who are making efforts to implement Islamic laws and supporting them, there are other people also who are against the Islamic system and have focused their attention on the North-West Frontier Province. They are waiting for an opportunity or mistake by the religious people in power to show the world the consequence of voting the religious people to power.

They are waiting to prove that religious people neither could get the religion nor they could do any good for the people. They want to prove that in the struggle for getting more, the religious people lost what they already had in their possession and that the people came to power as a ray of hope for the protection of Islam have indulged in self-centered activities. Those who make tall claims of acting as watchman, lost in the crowd and parted their ways with the common people.

In order to avoid such comments of opponents, it is advisable for the ruling Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal team to adopt measures, which would bring a healthy change and people would admire the constructive steps. The measures, which have been taken so far, are commendable but there is still a lot more to do.

Initially, if measures are taken to rid people of injustices and oppression meted out to them by the police, Sardars, Waderas and other influential people, it would be a great service, which would definitely create a soft corner for Muttahida among masses. Curbing corruption like openly demanding illegal gratification on highways, in the courtrooms and in the police stations, is inevitable.
Under the prevailing situation, intelligent drivers keep a certain amount of money for beggars and cops when they put their vehicle on the road because they know without doing so they would not be able to drive peacefully.

In order to shut the mouth of opponents and to make the Islamic system successful, Ulama of Frontier are liable to play their constructive role. They must create awareness among masses to adopt the true Islamic system. It is a fact that lack of proper Islamic education and non-existence of Islamic government since long have created a number of immoral traditions, non-Islamic behaviour and other social weaknesses in the society. And this situation needs constant efforts and strong strategy. Most of the people among us want to see the prevalence of Islamic laws but they are unable to implement the Islamic law on themselves and their families. Supremacy of Shari`ah laws at the government level, besides implementing Shari`ah laws in bazaars, shops, factories, marriage halls and in the houses of common citizens would produce long lasting and fruitful results. If Ulama-e-Karam ignored the lower level and continued focusing the government level for implementation of Islamic laws then they would not be able to cultivate the desired results.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that no strong and true Islamic group of rulers came to power after Syed Badshah (rahimahullah) since the thirteenth century. However, if a second example of this group can be given then that is the group of Taliban. But one thing is found common in both the rules that they could not bring remarkable change at the level of general public despite establishing the Islamic government. As a result, the group of opponents took advantage and kept on making the Jihad movement unsuccessful. These efforts were not made only by opponents but certain Ulama also acted against the Islamic system for their personal gains. There were some Ulama who issued Fatwa of killing Hazrat Syed Sahib and his companions.

A statement was also sent to the Ulama of NWFP by the said Ulama in which they had said: “A man Syed Ahmad, after gathering a group of Ulama-e-Hind has entered your province. With a very little majority he is raising a slogan of ‘Jihad Fi Sabilillah' and this claim is nothing else but a jugglery and bundle of lies. He is against your and our religion and has created a new religion. He doesn’t follow any saint. You people should be very careful and don’t listen to what he and his followers tell you. You people should not give him and his followers any space. You must adopt strategy to destroy them and do not let them into your ranks. If you make any further delay then you will be sorry as you will achieve nothing.”

The role that certain Ulama played against the mission of Taliban is no more a hidden fact. Keeping in view the past and present the MMA Ulama-e-Karam must keep an eye on such destructive Ulama. On the other hand they must teach Islamic system and norm to the general public. If Ulama-e-Karam consider preaching Islam only among ministers and cabinet members, there is fear that they might get tired before reaching their destination. May Allah help us.

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Herd of sheep

Herd of sheep

Is it possible to escape from the enmity between haq (the truth) and falsehood (batil)? Is there any way to avoid clash between eman (belief) and kufr (unbelief). History gives answer in negative. From Namrud to Pharaoh, Pharaoh to Abu Jahal and Abu Jahal to Bush every character call out loudly that batil (falsehood) never tolerates the very existence of haq (the truth). Darkness always chase light. Beasts feel delight in eating human flesh. If the oppressed bow down their heads, the oppressors’ intoxication of power knows no bound. The goats without shepherd fall prey to wolves easily. Thus can victory, in this contest of Haq and Batil be achieved without firm, unshakable trust? No way, the holy Quran says. A man having no warmth of belief is like dead, a mere block of ice. A group or society that lacks belief is like a herd of sheep, a lifeless skeleton. In this age do our hearts posses this wealth of belief and trust? The ground facts witness we don’t —not a bit.

No depth of feeling, no kindling of eman, no enthusiasm and passion for yaqeen (trust in God), no consciousness and ecstasy, no warmth and movement. Oh my God! Is it not the same ummah who called azan breaking dawn in the dark world, who kindled the candle of trust and belief in the atmosphere of doubt, who never bowed its head before anyone but Allah , and if forced to do so it preferred to get its head severed. Its integrity and brotherhood did not base upon country, language, color or race. It was raised only on the foundation of belief. In its manifesto, humanity was not divided into white and black, the rich and the poor, the Arab and Ajmi (the non-Arab), Saudi and Iraqi but it was divided into believers and unbelievers. It was the custom that made Salman of Persia, Bilal of Ethiopia, Suhaib of Rome and Adas of Nenva brother of one an other. They possessed no wealth of gold and silver, no reservoirs of patrol and minerals.

They did not have any grand palaces spread over miles, not cavalcades of vehicles and long rows of servants. Neither they behaved proud royal attitude nor demonstrated awe and splendor. Their chief wore patched up clothes and sleeper made of the bark of date-tree, but whenever he was out to visit Islamic countries, the drunk infidel rulers sitting hundreds of miles away felt the thuds of his camel’s hooves in the very center of their hearts. What was the thing these Arab shepherds possessed after all that struck their awe in the hearts of developed and civilized nations? Indeed it was nothing else but their firm belief and brotherhood.

Once upon a time a Turk raja ruled over Kabul. He paid one million dirhams annually to Hazrat Amir Muawiah as tribute. After Hazrat Amir Muawiah passed away he refused to pay tribute. When a group of delegates of new ruler reached him to demand the tribute he asked ‘where are the people who would come before you, whose bellies were pressed inward like starving people, their foreheads showed the marks of sajda (prostration), they wore simple dress and sleepers of bark of date-trees.’ The delegation told him those people passed away from this world and they were their successors. Raja replied, ‘we feared them but we are not afraid of you anyway. We shall not pay you tribute whatever you do.’

In the eyes of Raja the people in ragged clothes and sleepers of date-bark were strong whereas those wearing expensive dresses, strutting among a great number of servants had no value.

Our rajas, kings and princes, generals and colonels, presidents and prime ministers too want to raise their status and prestige in the eyes of world powers by means of apparent splendor, big cars, palaces of many hundred rooms and an army of servants, but these powers are not ready to confer on them a status more than pet birds and slaves. They are free to flap in the cage, peck at grain, fight one another, lay and hatch eggs but not allowed to fly in free atmosphere. Whenever some crazy bird try to get out of the international cage, his wings are flicked, legs are broken and some times even freed his body from the weight of his head.

They were not detained in the cage from beginning; they were eagles that perched on the peaks of mountains, ruled over lands and seas. But they did not like eagle’s life anymore and in pursuance of their carnal desires and lust for luxuries they adopted the life of vulture. They themselves picked and provided the straws for their cages. But still these cages can break and their sticks can spread. They can get independence if they flap their wings together. Their joint struggle can turn the flow, change the world politics and demolish Dajjal’s civilization and propaganda.

It can make slaves masters, and masters slaves. But what to do with the fact that the so-called splendor of the rotten western civilization, their wine has deprived their hearts of the warmth of belief. They have forgotten their identification and considered the golden-string cage their home. Expecting a great deed from a nation or individual who do not remember his reality and identification, and whose heart is empty from soft feelings of trust is like expecting acacia to produce rose.

It was yaqeen, the trust that gave the man brought up in Pharaoh’s palace the courage to crush the cage of slavery under his feet. It was the trust in God that enabled Hazrat Ibraheem Khalilullah to talk enthusiastically in the court of Namrud and sacrifice his beloved son. When the whole Arab was thirsty for the blood of the holy prophet, it was the trust that made the prophet say: ‘Uncle! By God, if they put the sun on my right hand and the moon on left and want me to stop this work, I will never give up until Allah dominate it or I perish in this cause”.

For those who trust in Allah , sea dries up and gives way, sticks turn into snakes, fire cools down. They want to get slaughtered but are saved. Only those die who run away from death. Only those lack warmth and vigor of life, who lack trust in Allah and those who lack trust are moving corpse. They are dead. Such society is not a society but lifeless skeleton, it is not ummah but a herd of sheep. Perhaps today we have only become a herd of sheep that is without shepherd and every individual of which fears his turn to be the feast of a wolf.

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Is every entertainment permissible?

Is every entertainment permissible?

The question arose with full intensity. It arose in such circles too where this sort of questions are never considered to bring forward. Some decent people raised this question out of their tender, refined feelings, as they cannot bear loss to the nation’s capital, loss of lives, imitation of the foes of Islam and contempt of Islamic injunctions. They apprehended the fact by observing the flow that if they do not block the flood of immorality it would envelope the whole nation causing deterioration of society. Then not only eager participants would drown but also spectators on the coast could not escape. Although there was an air of adversity yet some good people have lit candle of hope in the dark night. They argued the point, accomplished the condition so that whoever lives or dies must be aware of the fulfillment of the condition, accomplishment of reasoning and argument. They raised the voice of truth from the high platforms of mosques, journalism and print media. They shook the dead-hearted people by proving with the historical and credible references that what they were doing in the name of ‘Jashn-e-Baharan’ (spring celebration) was profligacy and dissolution and it was also resemblance to the blasphemer of the holy Prophet. It is abhorrent ridicule with a nation gripped in the claws of poverty and heavy foreign debt. The voice has an effect on the audience as it rose from hearts having no intention to get fame or any benefit. Some people inspired and some foreheads glistened with sweat, the pearls of repentance. Some mum tongues broke silence and asked those who hide the filth of basant under lovely covering of entertainment that whether every sort of entertainment was permissible. But this question can only be put up to those whose conscience is alive; who did not part them from Islamic teachings despite being entangled with their routine work and worldly problems; who first of all consult the holy book of Allah and tradition of His messenger sallallahu `alaihe wasallam before stepping down in any field whether it concerns economy, society, culture or games. But this question has no value in the eyes of those who pursue only their desires and term it shari`ah, who are not ready to differentiate between culture and vulgar, pure and impure, entertainment and dissoluteness. In their opinion the question of permissible and impermissible is awkward, outmoded, conservative and mullaiyat, and whatever Mulla says is wrong, narrow-mindedness. To cross limits of morality in the name of entertainment, letting out loud guffaws whether it is on a corpse rolling in blood, molestation of a chaste woman or cries of a child who is robbed of his kite is broad –mindedness in their view. When a man crosses all limits and his heart turns into a wolf’s heart then human rights, religious traditions and moral values no longer remain important in his eyes. What is important and valuable to him are his unlimited corporal desires. Look in ‘ Tarikh-e- Ikhlaq-e-Europe’ a history book that depicts that the most popular sport in Byzantine was ‘siafi’ in which man was forced to fight with beasts. A large crowd of ardent people, some times up to 80 thousand would gather in the stadium to watch it. The most delightful and ecstatic scene for the spectators was that when the defeated one writhed in pain and took his last breath. Then 80 thousand tongues unanimously applauded and praised and the sound resounded throughout the town and its suburbs. The cheerful spectators of Roma used to get so eager to see the pleasant scene that they rushed forward and trod many in stampede failing all the attempts of police to control the situation. When this sort of cruel, bloody entertainments became unlimited orders were issued to stop it but all the attempts ended in smoke as the lovers of this practice did not consider it a cruel act but a mere entertainment. On no account they agreed to abandon this fun. Not to speak of Byzantine people our ‘Patang baz’ kite-flyer Muslim brothers are surpassing everyone to get fun. They were advised in one way or the other that kite flying is not a single sin but combination of many sins. It is a reflection of the Hindus’ religious festival. Its strings coincide with the blasphemers of Rasoolullah sallallahu `alaihe wasallam. It takes a lot of precious human lives. Hundreds of thousands rupees are wasted. It has all kinds of evils as plundering, theft, singing, dancing, violation of veil, mix gathering of men and women, extravagance, purposeless firing, teasing and creating troubles for others, gambling and drinking. The Muslims’ social and economic conditions also do not allow such entertainments. Kite flying is one of those games that play prominent role in spoiling the new generation. But our basant-lover brothers pay no heed to any advice. They say one thing over and over that basant is an entertainment and Islam allows enjoyment. Indeed Islam permits entertainment because it is a religion of nature and does not suppress or prevent the demands of nature but determine its limits. To play, have fun and amusement is man’s nature, thus Islam allows it. Hazoor –e-Akram sallallahu alaihe wasllam, despite being anxious for the hereafter all the time and pain for humanity in his heart, used to spare time for sahaba keram, azwaj-e-mutaharat and innocent children for amusement. He took part in wrestling, horse riding and lance throwing. Once at the event of Eid some Negroes were playing with lances and shields. They felt hesitation to see Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasalam arriving there but the holy prophet encouraged them saying, “O Childeren! Carry on play so that Jews and Christians know our religion has vastness.”
Similarly some girl children were playing on Eid day. Hazrat Abu Bakar wanted to forbid them but the holy prophet asked to let them play as it was the day of Eid and Jews should know that Islam has vastness in it.
In short requirements of nature are nor suppressed in the religion of nature but encouraged within the proper limits. Such sport or entertainment that is good for health, that gives strength to body, delight to soul and expertise in the war field is not only permissible but a requirement in shariah. That is why the holy prophet used to encourage swimming, horse race, swordplay and archery. The prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam said ‘whoever learnt archery and then gave up do not belong to us.’ But such sports and amusements that comprise haram (impermissible) acts or that make a man negligent of its religious obligations and human rights or that cause inconvenience to other people or that are useless and played only to pass time are not allowed by shariah. More over if jihadi sports that are encouraged in Islam are infested with evils then then they too are not permissible. For example in horse race if people gamble on horses, or do not care to cover their satar (the part of body from naval to down the knees) or so much engrossed in the game and missed prayer then it would not be permissible for them. Now in perspective of above mentioned points consider how great loss of money, time and religious obligations we are incurring upon ourselves for the sake of games like kite flying, cricket, pigeon petting and video games that are being popularized among the people by media. But all this is important for those whose conscience is alive and who distinguish between jaiz (permissible) and najaiz (impermissible).

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Prays of people in distress

Prays of people in distress

O’ Lord! Where should we go? Why the vast earth has been narrowed on us? Why the life is restless and miserable? The wound of Afghanistan had not yet healed that operation against Iraq began. The worst ever butchers and vultures of the world have gathered in Iraq. They are clawing off the flash of bodies of innocent Iraqi Muslims who have been killed in fierce bombing by the US-led forces. World media is relaying news reports of each moment but people have no courage to listen to the horrible saga of Muslims. Every picture and every report is horrible and adding more and more to the miseries. Western media particularly giving details of war as they are relaying the running commentary of any first class match.

Tanks are crushing the populations, canons are firing firebombs, and airplanes are dropping huge bombs. This all is resulting into screams and sighs of small kids. Women and children are mourning over the bodies of their loved ones. Iraq is red. Human limbs are scattered all around. There are a few wounded who are about to take their last breath, are reciting the verses from the Holy Qur’aan. Those who were getting tired of walking in the Karbala field, hands which were swollen fighting enemies, are now looking for a Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi. People are waiting that Ummah will wake up but all such expectations proved just dreams.

The history of Muslim never experienced such a situation of callousness. O people! What a crisis is this. Pharaoh is roaming around without any fear. But there is no follower of Hazrat Kaleem. Namrood is claiming supremacy but the courage of Hazrat Khalilullah is not seen anywhere. Abu Jehl is feeling so proud of being the supreme on the earth. But, God forbid, there is nobody who would take care of the Sunnah. The atheists are more powerful and proud of their worldly wealth. Neither any Muslim has the honour what Hazrat Farooq (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu) showed nor the leadership of Hazrat Sa‘ad (radhiallahu ta‘ala ‘anhu) and Hazrat Khalid bin Arfatah (radhiallahu ta‘ala ‘anhu) is seen anywhere. Neither anybody shows the stability of Hazrat Huzaifa (radhiallahu ta‘ala ‘anhu) nor anybody seems to be stubborn like Hazrat Rabi bin Amir (radhiallahu ta‘ala ‘anhu).

No one is found having desire of Shahadah like Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (radhiallahu ta‘ala ‘anhu).
Where are those people today about whom the Nazarene kings and their envoys had said: “We have experienced a nation in which every single person prefers death on life. Those are the people who prefer simplicity on luxurious lifestyle. None of them desires for the glittering world. They prefer to sit on the floor and dine together. Their Emir is a common person and they do not have classes of big and small people. Most of the times it becomes difficult to distinguish who is the lord and who is slave? When it is prayer time, no one stays behind. They purge their body by ablution and offer prayers with full concentration.”

The Christian kings and rulers heard through their envoys: “They never give up even they face enemy a thousand time bigger than them.”

Alas! We have such a generals in our fate who give up even before the dummy crusaders. They die before the enemies opt to kill them. They desire for life over the martyrdom.
What a pity situation. People are dying of thirst along the Euphrates River. No one is there to give them a little water. People are crying of pains and wounds but no one is there to daub ointment. The Iraq of Hazrat Khalil (`Alayhissalaam), Baghdad of Imam Abu Hanifa (rahimahullah) and Imam Abu Yousuf (rahimahullah), and the land of Hazrat Ma’rufi Karkhi (rahimahullah), Hazrat Sari Saqi (rahimahullah), Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (rahimahullah) and Hazrat Salahuddin Ayyubi (rahimahullah) is in the grip of flames but there is no one who could put the flames off. People of Iraq are like the herd without the driver.

Although there are Muslim kings, princes, Shaikhs and affluent, their uncountable wealth is saved in Switzerland, Paris, London and New York banks. They are ‘so-called’ Muslims but do not have sympathies towards their Muslim brethren who are in serious crisis. They have full-blown youth but that is not to fight enemy but to dance with the Westerners in nightclubs. There are well-built people in different uniforms but not to challenge the enemies of Islam, but to protect the interests of Jews, Nazarenes and Hindus. They have military bases not to defend the homeland but to extend logistic support to the Americans and its allies. They have sea routes, not to protect their waters and boundaries but to give passage facilities to the stinking atheists. They have palaces to organize dance and music parties. They have talent and wisdom to make the revolutionary movements unsuccessful.

They have traditions to make fun of own Muslims and bury own countrymen. How many mothers are there who want to sacrifice their sons for the cause of Islam? How many sisters are there who want to say goodbye to their brothers departing to wage Jihad against non-believers? How many Muslims are there who want to give their lifetime earning to help their Muslim brethren in time of serious? Alas! Muslims do not find a leadership who would show the right path to their countrymen. O skies! See our state that is the outcome of our misdeeds and sins. It was a time when our shepherds were capable enough to lead a nation but today our leaders and rulers do not have such capabilities.
People in distress are praying to Allah Almighty to bless them with His mercy, change their state to betterment and pull them out of crisis. They are praying for a life with dignity or a death with honor.

O’ Lord, Who listens even to the insects, please bless us with a Salahuddin Ayyubi (rahimahullah) out of all our rulers, kings and princes. O’ Allah we seek your pardon and mercy. Take all the worldly luxuries from us and bless us with a respectable life. Aameen.

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