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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toilets of Satan

In a Masjid of France, a Shaikh turned to see only a few people who were present for Fajr Salah. Then he gave a short talk to remind them to be dutiful to their Lord. When talking about the current condition of the Muslim Ummah, he broke into tears and said the following words: The Muslims have become the toilets of Satan. Someone from the gathering asked the Shaikh to explain what he has just said. Then the Shaikh narrated the following hadith from Bukhari that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked about a man who sleeps until the morning comes, that is, after the time of the dawn prayer. He said, "That is a man whom Satan has urinated into his two ears."

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Story of an idolator

Abdul Wahid b. Zaid (mercy be upon him) who belonged to a lineage of saints said, "We were once sailing in a boat. A gush of wind blew away our boat to an island where we saw a man busy adoring an idol. We asked him what he was worshipping. He pointed towards the idol. We said to him that this idol was made with his own hands. How could he worship it? The God whom we worship creates all such things Himself, and so deserves to be worshipped, alone." He then asked us, who do you worship? We told him, "We worship the Great God (Allah) who lives in the highest heaven. He alone controls the heavens and the earth. All other creatures whether human or animal depend on Him for their sustenance." He further asked how we came to know about this Glorious God. We replied, "He sent His final Messenger (Peace be Upon him) to the whole of mankind to teach them about His Greatness." He proceeded to enquire "Let me know of the place where this Prophet of God is?" We replied, "After the Prophet had completed his mission by conveying the message of God he died and returned to his Lord". He continued to ask, "Did this Messenger of God leave behind a thing for your guidance?" We explained, "Yes, he left behind a Book (the Qur'an), which was revealed by God. He asked to see the book. We offered him the Holy Qur'an. He told us he was unable to read and so we recited a few verses for him instead. During the course of its recital he repeatedly wept until we stopped. He finally asserted, "This can only be from Allah, the Most High", and immediately confirmed his Faith in Allah and His Messenger. We informed him about the duties of Islam and also explained some verses of the Holy Qur'an.

After the late night prayer we went to bed and the man continued to ask questions. "Does Allah sleep at night? he wondered aloud as we lay comfortably in our beds. "Our Exalted God is Everliving and Everlasting. He does not sleep or rest!" we exclaimed. On hearing this he cried, "What disobedient slaves you are! Your Lord keeps awake, whereas you sleep!" We were dumbstruck by his remark.

When we were about to return from this island, he begged us to take him with us to allow him to learn more. We agreed. On reaching the city of 'Aabadan, says Abdul Wahid, I said to my companions, "This man is our brother, therefore we should provide him with some livelihood". Some dirhams were offered to him but he refused to accept them and exclaimed, "What is this?" We replied, "These are some dirhams for your expenditure." He said, "It is enough that you have shown me the right path. I was upon error and Allah guided me. I did not even worship him yet He neither destroyed nor killed me. I am so grateful to Him and you.

After a few days, we were told that he was about to breathe his last. We went to see him and asked him if there was any need of his to be satisfied. He said no and that he was happy with all that he had gained from Allah. Abdul Wahid said, "I was all of a sudden, overcome by sleep and hence slept there. While sleeping, I saw a very fertile garden wherein was a very fine vault; a throne occupied by a very beautiful girl, a beauty that I had never seen before. She said to me, 'By Allah, I returned him to His Lord quickly', By seeing her in such a state I became very anxious. He added, ''When I woke up, the man had passed away. We managed to bury him immediately.'' Again at night, said Abdul Wahid; ''I witnessed the same garden, the same vault and the same girl sitting besides the man who had died. She was reciting the following Qur'anic verse, the translation of which is ''And the Angels visit them from each door and send them their compliments, glad tidings for peace and safety against each kind of misfortune. All this is the fruit of your contentment (and steadfastness for the religion of Islam). There is therefore a good reward for you in the Hereafter.''
This story of the idolator shows the Greatness of Allah and His Mercy towards the man who previously worshipped idols. He sent the people to the island as a means to guide the idolator and thus rewarded him a magnificent reward in the hereafter.

''O Master of the world ! Whom Thou giveth to, nobody can withhold and whom Thou giveth not, no one can confer upon him.''

Source: from the book Rawdur-Ryyahen Fee Hikaayaat as-Saliheen

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Who goes first?

Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah:

The Prophet collected every two martyrs of Uhud (in one grave) and then he would ask, "Which of them knew the Quran more?" And if one of them was pointed out for him as having more knowledge, he would put him first in the Lahd. The Prophet said, "I will be a witness on these on the Day of Resurrection." Then he ordered them to be buried with their blood on their bodies and he did not have them washed.

Source: Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Book 23, Number 436.

At the time of Rasulullah (SAW), people were honoured according to the knowledge of Islam but sadly today, people are honoured according to the knowledge of this material world.

May Allah give us the ability to appreciate those who excel in the knowledge of Islam.

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Busy or Not

A brother was asked to give advice to some people in a gathering. He said the following things about being punctual in offering Salah (prayer). He asked us if any day passed by when we were so busy with work that we couldn't attend the call of nature (urinate, excrete etc). All of us replied to the negative because we all had to relieve ourselves no matter how busy we were. So, he said that in the same manner, no day should pass by where we couldn't offer salah because of being busy. Indeed, salah is more necessary for us than relieving ourselves. May Allah give all of us the ability to offer salah in all conditions. Ameen.

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The clear truth

Once Bayazid Bustami (a renowned pious individual) was going on a journey when a Christian accompanied him along. When it was time for mid-day meal, Bayazid suggested to his companion that he should go to the village at hand and have food. The Christian said, "No, Bayazid you are a godly person. Pray to God that He may furnish the food here."

Bayazid offered two units of Nawafil in prayer and begged of Allah, "My Lord! This man wants to test my religion. Please, protect its good name so that I may not be put to shame. Kindly arrange for our food." He had hardly finished his prayer when a person appeared with four loaves of bread and some curry. Both of them ate to their fill and resumed their journey.

In the evening the Christian companion said that he would arrange for the supper. He also reaised his hands in prayers and at once appeared a man with eight loaves of bread and double quantity of curry. Bayazid was wonder-struck and asked him what he had prayed for. The Christian replied that first he should be converted to Islam and then he would disclose the detail of the prayer. At this, Bayazid converted him to Islam.

The companion related that he had prayed like this: "O Lord! If Islam is a true religion and you are kind to Bayazid, provide us with the double quantity of food that we had at midday. So the response to my prayer is obvious."

Source: Extracted from the book "From Darkness to Light" written by Prof. Gazi Ahmed who was converted to Islam from Hinduism by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) through several dreams.

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