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Sunday, April 14, 2013

What a Wonderful Thing is Spiritual Powder

I had hepatitis B/C, pain in the body, legs, heels, & a lot of weakness. Someone gave me spiritual powder as a gift. & told me to mix honey in it & make small balls & use them. I used them for a short while. Now my health is much better than before. My wife had leukorrhea. I bought spiritual phakki worth of 10 rupees. My wife used it without honey. Now she is completely fine. May Allah bless the people who prepared this medicine; we had absolutely given up on the doctors. (Allah DittaKaram Din, Gujrat).

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You Will Get Whatever You Will Ask For
Muhammad Farhan, Lahore

Write the word Allah according to the size of the utensil & sprinkle its water on the person who is under a spell. The devil that is appointed on him burns off.

The person who will recite Ya-Allah 100 times daily will get rid of all the doubts from his/her heart. & he/she will have the power of dedication & belief. A person who has an incurable disease & his/her relatives have given up should recite Ya-Allah frequently. & after this he/she should pray for health. He/she would regain health provided that his/her time of death has not impended.
On the day of Friday, before Friday prayers, by becoming clean & pure & reciting Ya-Allah-o in solitude makes accomplishments of desires easy, no matter how difficult it (or they) is.
The person who recites this 100 times after every prayer becomes an esoteric & an apocalyptic. By writing it 66 times & washing it & making a patient drink it restores health to the patient by the grace of Allah Almighty; even if he/she is under an evil spell.
For a person who is under an evil spell, write the name Allah in a utensil according to its size & sprinkle its water on the spellbound - the devil who is appointed on him/her burns. A person who will do zikr of this in love of Allah Almighty & would not have doubt, he/she will be among the believers.
The person who keep on reciting 7 times after every prayers, his/her faith would not be snatched. & he/she will remain safe from the devil.
The person who will recite یَااَللہُ یَاھُوَ 1,000 times, faith & forgiveness will be strengthened in his/her heart. The person who will say Asr prayers on Friday & will keep on reciting ھُوَاللّٰہُ الرَّحِیْمُ , till the maghrib prayers will get from Allah Almighty whatever he/she would desire or ask for. 

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A Tested Wazifa for Memory

A deed that a computer operator working in my office has given to me, I want to give it to the whole ummah through Ubqari. The deed is: Recite verses 20–29 of surah Al-Takweer 41 times with Durood-Shareef for an odd number of times. Make dum on a person who has lost his/her memory. By the will of Allah mental health will be restored. & memory will become better than before. We have tested this wazifa on many people. Allah has given health to all. (Muhammad IrfanGhafoor)

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Get rid of Winter Illnesses With Orange
AmbreenShahid, Jhelum

Blend of extracts of orange, rose & glycerin is a famous prescription for removing pimples of the face & roughness of the hands. The smell of orange is good & its taste is exhilarating & improves the temperament. Smell of the peel is wonderful, taste of the pulp is good & its seed is an antidote of poison

Prophet of Allah (may Allah’s peace be upon him) has declared it as a wonderful fruit from the point of view of its smell. & now the state of its smell’s popularity is such that people consider it is a scent. Hazrat Musa Ashari said that Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace be upon him said);”The example of a believer who recites Quran, his example is that of an orange whose smell is also wonderful & whose taste is also subtle & delicious.” - meaning that orange has many benefits in it. Because it reduces the severity of cardiac arrest & strengthens the heart.
Benefits of Orange & its Peel: An orange is composed of four things. The peel, pulp, juice & seeds. & all of these four have unique benefits. Rather, there is nothing useless among these. Orange strengthens the heart & the digestive system & quenches the thirst, removes the negative effects of narcotics. Making a tea of its peel & blending it with asafetida & drinking it, kill the stomach worms. To reduce the severity of thirst, the extract of orange is heated & mixed with honey & served. An orange has Oxalic acid in a small quantity in it. The people who have kidney problems or feel burning while urinating should eat oranges in large quantities. This is a reality that eating oranges improves the immune system against infectious diseases. The oil of its peels & leaves is antiseptic. Orange cleans the blood & increases appetite. Its extract is exhilarating & very beneficial in cough, phlegm, diabetes, & ailments of liver & heart. It removes bile. The children who frequently suffer from weakness & dysentery should be given the extract of orange by mixing it in an equal amount of water. A spoonful should be given after every three hours. This is very beneficial. Drying the peel of orange & giving a teaspoon of it stops nausea & kills stomach worms. Rubbing on the pimples of the face has benefits. Flowers of orange are useful medicines for hysteria, anxiety & nervous problems. Patients of gout can benefit from the dried peels. Indigestion improves by using ground peels & stomach burn reduces. A mixture of orange & olive oils is beneficial for the brain. & a massage of its oil is very beneficial in arthritis. To remove the effects of poisons such as sulphuric acid, castor oil, & others of these types drinking of orange extract is extremely beneficial. Rubbing in the hair removes dandruff. A blend of equal amounts of orange & rose extracts & glycerin is a famous prescription to remove pimples of the face & roughness of the hands. The smell of orange is subtle & its taste is exhilarating & restores the temperament.

Seeing of Orange is a Source of Exhilaration: The smell of the peel is wonderful, the taste of the pulp is good & its seeds are antidote for poison. If we concentrate on its benefits again, it looks like the image of the hadith according to which the believer who recites Quran-e-hakeem has characteristics like an orange. & seeing it is also a source of exhilaration. If a blend is made with ground peels of orange & honey, it removes the illness of colic. Other than this it improves appetite, releases stomach gases & removes depression & weakness. & especially it is beneficial for head ache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting. Its usage is also beneficial for neurological pains especially severe pains due to cancer. The peel of orange boiled in water is beneficial for intestines. If for some reason, bile is not producing its fluid, tea of its peel increases production by giving movement to it.

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