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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunnah Method of Salah (Namaz)

Sunnah Method of Salah (Namaz) Posts Below:
  1. Compulsory (Faraidh) Acts of Salah
  2. Sunnah Method of Ablution (Wudhu)
  3. Sunnah Method of Using Miswaak
  4. Sunnahs of Azaan and Iqaamah
  5. Sunnahs of Qiyaam
  6. Sunnahs of Qaadah
  7. Sunnahs of Azaan and Iqaamah
  8. Differences in Salah(Namaz) of Women
  9. Sunnahs of Qiyaam
  10. Etiquettes of Salah (Men and Women)
  11. Sunnahs of Qiraat
  12. Sunnahs of Jumuah


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