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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mobilink HAJJ Roaming Offer - Mobilink - Har Dil. Har Din.

Mobilink HAJJ Roaming Offer


All the Mobilink customers travelling to Saudi Arabia for HAJJ, now have a chance to share their spiritual experience with their friends and family via an amazing HAJJ Roaming Offer. To facilitate our customers visiting Saudi Arabia, Mobilink offers up to 70% discount on international roaming on Mobily Network in Saudi Arabia. This amazing offer includes:
  • 25 paisa / sec incoming call rate
  • Lowest outgoing SMS rates
  • Best GPRS roaming rates
  • Free incoming SMS
  • No subscription/daily charges
  • No security deposit (for Postpaid customers)1
1 Requires Direct Debit agreement
Balance Recharge for Mobilink Prepaid Roamers
Mobilink Load, Mobilink Share, Balance Inquiry (*111#) and Balance Charging through USSD (*123*14DigitCode# and press SEND) all work while on roaming. Although not mandatory, Mobilink Prepaid roamers are advised to carry sufficient balance in order to enjoy unmatched convenience (recommended balance is Rs. 1,500).
Mobilink Prepaid roamers can also recharge balance via International Mobilink Load available at EZETOP outlets in Saudi Arabia or via credit card by visiting EZETOP website ( While on roaming in Saudi Arabia, for customer support on International Mobilink Load please call 0550412342 or 0599656650 or email at
Customer Support for Mobilink Prepaid and Postpaid Roamers
While abroad, Mobilink Prepaid and Postpaid roamers can contact our International Roaming Helpline on +92-300-847 0112 or +92-300-20001002 2.
2 Call to Pak charges apply.
Subscribing to Mobilink’s HAJJ Roaming Offer
Customers can have international roaming activated by visiting their nearest Mobilink Customer Care Centre, Franchise or simply calling 111.
Once international roaming is active, Mobilink’s HAJJ Roaming Offer is pre-activated for all customers.


Please find following IR tariffs for details:

Postpaid Roaming
Incoming Call
Outgoing Call
Call to Pak
Saudi Arabia (Only for Mobily Network)
Note: Calls are billed in 1 second increments
Prepaid Roaming
Incoming Call
Outgoing Call
Call to Pak
Saudi Arabia
Rs 0.25
Rs 1.25
Rs 1.25
Rs 8.50
Rs 25
Rs 30
Note: Calls are billed in 1 second increments.
Postpaid GPRS Roaming
Network Code
Rate per KB
Initial Interval
Subsequent Intervals
Local helpline from mobile
Saudi Arabia
Not Toll Free

Q1) Is “Mobilink’s HAJJ Roaming offer” available at all Saudi mobile networks? Ans) No. This offer is only available at Mobily Network, Saudi Arabia.
Q2) How can I know that currently, I am connected to Mobily network?
Ans) One of below network names will appear on your handset screen if you are connected to Mobily network.
1. Mobily SA
2. KSA 03
3. 42003
4. Etisalat
Other Details
  • Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Available on all Mobilink packages
  • Available from 00:00 HRS September 16th , 2013
  • Valid till 23:59 HRS November 30th , 2013
  • Once international roaming is active, Mobilink’s HAJJ Roaming Offer is pre-activated for all customers.
  • Government taxes apply on all call rates as listed in above table.
  • For Mobilink prepaid customers 5% Service Fee and 5% Operational Fee shall apply on balance recharge
  • 19.5% FED shall apply on service usage
  • 15% Govt. Taxes shall apply on balance recharge

Warid Telecom Hajj Offer

Hajj Offer

On the prestigious occasion of Hajj, Warid yet again brings amazing offers to keep you connected to your loved ones.

International Calling Offer:

Warid prepaid and postpaid subscribers can now call their friends and relatives in Saudi Arabia at extremely affordable rates:

Call on landline numbers for just Rs. 8.99/min and on mobile numbers for Rs. 11/min!
Saudi Arabia Landline (Rs./min) 8.99   Saudi Arabia Mobile (Rs./min)11.00

International Roaming Offer:

Not only this, but all those customers visiting Saudi Arabia can take their Postpaid or Prepaid SIMs along, choose Mobily (Etisalat) as their preferred roaming partner and receive incoming calls from all around the world at an amazing rate of Rs. 15/min.
No subscription is required to avail these offers.

Terms & Conditions
  • These offers are valid for both Warid Postpaid & Prepaid customers
  • To avail the International Roaming offer, both Warid Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers visiting Saudi Arabia will have to opt for Mobily (Etisalat) as their preferred roaming operator
  • To get detailed Postpaid roaming rates on your mobile phone before you fly abroad, SMS PostpaidCountry's name and send it to 4747. Rs.2+tax/SMS apply
  • To get detailed Prepaid roaming rates on your mobile phone before you fly off abroad, SMS PrepaidCountry's name and send it to 4747. Rs.2+tax/SMS apply
  • For more details, call 100 or visit
  • All above mentioned rates exclude government taxes and levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty
  • Each recharge done through scratch cards and Warid Load includes 15% withholding tax
  • Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

International Roaming Hajj Offer

International Roaming Hajj Offer by Ufone..
Ufone pays our religious traditions and customs the highest respect possible. That’s why we strive to inject diversity into our offers by shaping them according to situations and occasions. Ufone is launching an International Roaming Offer, specifically for patrons who intend to perform Hajj this year.
With the Ufone International Roaming Hajj Offer, prepaid, roamers on Saudi Arabia’s Mobily network will be charged at the minimal rate of Rs. 0.30/second (inclusive of tax) for outgoing calls from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. Incoming calls from anywhere in the world will be charged at the rate of Rs. 0.48 per second (inclusive of tax).This offer is automatically activated on all Ufone prepaid numbers without any activation charges or hidden charges. Now, with Ufone’s lowest call rates on International roaming there is no need to buy a local Saudi Arabian SIM anymore. Make your pilgrimage that much more special by staying in touch with your loved ones through the IR Hajj Offer from Ufone.
Make this Hajj that much more special by staying in touch with your loved ones through the International Roaming Hajj Offer from Ufone.
Terms & Conditions:
This offer is for prepaid customers only; Offer is not valid for Post-paid Subscribers;
No subscription will be required to avail this promo; this offer will be provisioned by default on all Ufone Prepaid numbers for international roaming.
Per second charging can only be applicable when subscriber is latched to Mobily Saudi Arabia.
Per second charging is only applicable for outgoing calls to Saudi Arabia & Pakistan only for other destinations standard IR tariff will be charged Per second charging is also applicable for incoming calls from anywhere around the world.
Charges for other services will be charged as per standard IR tariff
There are no hidden daily/monthly charges on this offer.
Standard published rates and charging shall apply on roaming to other networks in these selected destinations
Ufone keeps the right to change or terminate this offer
Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing your SIM to be used by others is a crime – PTA
Ufone GSM is a registered trade mark brand name of Pak Telecom Mobile Limited

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