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Friday, May 31, 2013



Truth cannot be denied. Truth should not be denied either whether it is as unpalatable as brackish water or as deadly as poison. It does not become a sane and sensible Muslim to do so. He has not been taught to believe that a mirage is a river, dark night is dawn. The fall of the Islamic Emirate was a bitter truth and now the ruin of Baghdad is a poisonous but living reality too. All that happened was contrary to the wishes and desires of a lot of people. Our eyes could not see what they had wanted to see, our ears could not hear what they had wanted to hear.

An analysis has been offered. There’s no harm in giving it some serious thought. It has been said that through a well-planned conspiracy, through propaganda and self-created news, we Muslims are usually placed upon a high peak of possibilities and charming suppositions. Then when we are pushed from this imaginary height into the depths of reality, our hopelessness intensifies, our inner world becomes a victim of chaos and confusion, our trust dies a violent death, our castle of hope comes crashing down, the future becomes more bleak and the clouds of unseen fears create a threatening darkness around us. This is exactly what our enemy wants. He wants to see us beaten outwardly as well as the victims of inner disintegration too, for this is the real defeat. A person or nation that is broken up from the inside cannot be expected to do something great. His hands, feet, heart and mind, all cease to function.

Creating turmoil and utter confusion in the minds and hearts of people is not such a difficult task either in these days, when the entire print and electronic media is in the hands of the enemy. Armed with the latest weapons of war, our enemy drops bombs upon our cities and our people, blowing them up into pieces and then through the media gains control over our thoughts and mind. The whole world listens to what our enemy wants them to listen to, looks at what it wants them to see and thinks what it wants them to think. In this media war, our enemy is not all alone but is assisted by countless organizations. The organizations we think of as our own are not our own either, those we think of as impartial are not impartial too. Some of us sing praises of ‘Jiyo’, some have pinned their hopes on Al-Jazeera, some have blind faith in BBC while others believe that Channel Abu Dhabi is the epitome of truth and facts. This thinking of ours is nothing but simplicity raised to the height of exaggeration. Just think for yourself. When not only a people’s politics, economy and defense but their ground, air and sea bases are also under the control of the enemy, how can their media be free of its control? Is it not a fact that the headquarters of the American Central Command is in Doha, Qatar? That the Al-Jazeera network is in Doha too? And to top it all, the entire management of the Al-Jazeera network is in the hands of the same people who allowed America to set up military bases on their land!

Is it not a fact that before the Iraq war started, Pentagon had itself selected the journalists who were to cover the war? Nearly all of these newsmen belonged to America. The few who did not were nothing but America’s paid servants and drum-beaters. Is it not true that now journalists and those who command the media are more in demand than politicians? That their rates are very, very high now-a-days?

Is it not a fact that the Zionists are highly experienced, more than any others, in buying the pen, tongue and conscience of people? That they exercise total control of this market? Is it not true that in the present times, the media war has far more importance than a war of weapons? And that the Muslims are no more than imitators and beggars in this field? Let alone Al-jazeera or BBC, even if Voice of Makkah and Sada-i-Madina were to report and comment upon the present political situation too, we would have to think whether it is untampered-with reporting or not.

We have suffered enough, conducted an experiment too many, seen many a castle of hopes come tumbling down. We should now face the fact that there is a vast difference, a difference as of the East from the West, between the world of reality and our fruitless imaginings.

If we look up to the Heavens for Divine Help then He too looks down upon us to see whether we deserve His help or not. No change in our inner or outer self, no facet of our individual or collective life, no change in the angle of our outlook, in our way of thinking, no contradiction between our words and deeds is hidden from Him. He knows everything. We can deceive everyone but we cannot deceive Him. The order He had given us of arming ourselves with weapons and emaan against the enemy, we did not carry it out. We want to win the war only on the dint of emotional slogans, pleasurable hopes, tales of our forefathers and charms and incantations.

But this is what our enemies used to do. Muslims had always been practical, down-to-earth and realistic. They had been the ones to destroy wild imaginings, futile hopes and superstitious beliefs by their very roots. It was not they who had said to their Prophet (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam):

These were the words and way of thinking of the most accursed, damned people of the earth. The subjected people of yesterday are becoming the rulers of today, those who were respected and honoured are humiliated and disgraced to-day —— the reason? The most apparent reason seems to be that the ruling group of yesterday has adopted the same path of couragelessness, superstition, indolence, division and dispersion, mutual jealousy, malice and hero worship which used to be the distinguishing mark of the accursed group of the past; and the subjected people of yesterday have adopted hard work, punctuality, discovering the universe, love of work, faithfulness to their own people, and preparation of the latest weapons of war, which was the distinctive characteristic of the Muslims of yesterday.

What can be more surprising than the fact that the nomads of Arabia are living in air-conditioned luxury villas, sleeping the sleep of the dead, and the young men of Europe, used only to the cold weather of home are carrying out military exercises in burning deserts? Filth-eating crows have made their nests on lofty mountain-peaks while the falcons are lying dead drunk in bars. Let alone ruling the deserts, the

Arab lions by their very helplessness, seem as if suffering from an inborn disease. The owls are watching everything in the darkness but the falcons cannot see anything even in the light of day. Our subjugation, our backwardness in the economic, political and military fields has become an old story now and autumn seems to be taking hold of the spiritual garden of our emaan and faith too. We seem to be becoming helpless in tending to this garden of ours. Some helplessness is this!! We were not only deprived of this world but have lost Aakhirah too.

It is possible, no, very probable that some smashers of wine-cups, some eager, insatiable ones may rise from the idol temples of India and the bars of Europe to take over the reins of Arabia. History is a witness that when the Guardians of the Haram become negligent of their responsibilities, Allah Ta`ala either places tyrants upon their heads in order to shake them awake or replaces them with the sons of people like Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab and Ghenghis Khan to guard the Haram. His Quran, His Deen, His Haraam need no one and neither has He selected any particular race or family for the distinguished honour of being guardians or rulers of a country. Allah Ta`ala blesses him only who possesses, true, real emaan. He gives honour to him only who adopts the measures given by Him for acquiring honour and victory.

He shall raise the flame of the lamp which has some spirit, some strength in it only. Now when the Anti-Christ winds have begun to blow so frighteningly, when the advent of the storm has created such an atmosphere of dread, when the Abu Lahab’s of this world have launched an attack upon the followers of Hazrat Mustafa (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam), when the designs of the enemies of Islam have become crystal clear to everyone, when all preparations have been made to repeat the story of Kabul and Baghdad in each country, in each city of ours, wishing for the moon, building castles in the air, looking through rose-tinted glasses won’t work. Neither will imaginary planning, tales of our glorious ancestors, raising action-empty slogans, customary protest rallies and processions, spirited speeches, fiery articles, and superstitions beliefs have any effect. Work and only hard work is what is needed. Now if someone wants to keep his eyes and ears closed against the knocking, thundering winds of storm, wants to live in a fool’s paradise, we cannot stop him from doing so. Otherwise the signs of the times are:

Ab hawain hi karein gi raushni ka faislah
Jis diyay mein jaan ho gi woh diya reh jayay ga

The winds only shall now decide the fate of light,
The lamp that has some life shall only keep on burning.

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The birthday of Holy Prophet: a celebration or a message

The birthday of Holy Prophet: a celebration or a message

It was the end of sixth century when paganism prevailed all around and non-civilized state was touching its peaks. All big religions of that time had failed to ameliorate the situation and they did not have any remedy to the menace of debauchery and irregularity. Religions had met high distortion and amendments that it was difficult to find their real shapes.

Mostly unimportant traditions were considered as religions and worshiping. Weaker people were subjected to terrible atrocities and excesses. Disobedience had become a tradition. It was not only a society, city or country which was experiencing such a terrible situation but riots, lawlessness and anti-social activities had gripped the entire world. It was felt as the human beings had vowed to end their lives and no one was willing to live anymore. The world had plunged into darkness that no one was able to recognize the other. However, some incidences took place, which informed the world that the long era of atrocities and debauchery was going to meet its end. Some symptoms appeared which gave a message that downpour of Allah’s blessings was going to start which was long awaited by the inhabitants of the earth.

This blessing was a long-awaited desire of those orphans who were deprived of their rights by their relatives and who did not have anyone who could console them in their hard times. Women had no other stigma but that of widowhood. But, anti-social elements had considered this scar a worst state and deprived the widows of their all rights, which they should have enjoyed in any society. These blessings were a long-awaited desire of those innocent minor girls who were buried alive under a tradition of that time. The oppressed people, discarded by the society on one pretext or the other, were waiting for Allah’s blessings. The labourers, oppressed, poor and weaker people were waiting for a rescuer who could pull them out of serious crisis. At last in the year of 570, the time came when they did not have to wait for the peaceful moments any longer. It was the time when Hazrat Amna (RA) gave birth to a child who proved to be the rescuer of humanity from all evils. Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) was born on Rabiul Awwal 12. This day is called the blessings of Rabi. According to Imam Shafa’ee (RA), three Rabi gathered in this holy month.

The name of the month was Rabi, the season was of Rabi and Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) himself was the blessing of Allah Almighty for the mankind. It was a simple birth of Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam). His actual birth took place after 40 years at Ghar-e-Hira in the month of Ramadhan when Hazrat Gabriel (AS) brought the first message of Allah Almighty and turn Muhammad bin `Abdullah into Muhammad Rasoolullah (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam). As Muhammad bin `Abdullah, he was known in Mecca only but when he was turned into a Holy Prophet, his recognition spread all over the world. When he was born in the house of Hazrat Amna, he had no opponent. But when he took the second birth then except a few followers, all turned enemies. Take the example of Abu Talib. He was the one who celebrated the birth of Muhammad bin Abdullah. But when he was declared Holy Prophet of Allah Almighty, Abu Talib turned his diehard enemy.

At Ghar-e-Hira, Allah Almighty assigned him with the hardest task. Initially he was worried of this responsibility. He was not assigned to ameliorate the lots of people in just one city but he was the whole world. Moreover, his job was not only to teach a few customs and social activities, but he was assigned to preach Islam in its true shape and tell the people about moral and social values. He was assigned to rebuild all sections of society. He was given to reproduce a new world, create a new mankind and destroy the false faith and belief of worshiping the idols. He was told to build a new monument on the basis of justice and order. It was all because of Almighty Allah’s divine order that those who never knew to say yes to any good thing, now had turned into stricter Muslim and used to stand up to pay respect to Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) on his arrival.

For three years Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) preached Islam by remaining in hiding from the enemies but later when another divine order of Almighty Allah descended in which it was said, “O’ Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam), convey Allah’s message openly to people and never care for the atheists.” In order to convey Allah’s message to the people, he climbed the Saffah Hill and raised a slogan absolutely in Arab style. Most Arabs knew the meaning of this slogan that it was raised only at a time of high danger. When the entire tribe of Quraish, after hearing the slogan, gathered near the Saffah Hill, he addressed the people and asked: “O’people! If I tell you that a big army has gathered on the other side of this hill who is ready to launched an attack on you, would you believe?” The gathering replied, “Muhammad! We have never noticed you speaking lies. So, we would not be reluctant in believing you.”

When Quraish expressed their trust in Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) then he said, “O’people! I am the prophet of Allah Almighty and I have come to pull you out of wrong doings to save you from Allah’s wrath.” Listening these words, it was complete silence all around. But, his uncle, Abu Talib came up with his comments, “O’ Muhammad, we wasted our day for you. Had you called us here to say only these things?”

With the first message Allah, conveyed to the people, and taking initiative to preach Islam openly, there began another hair-raising era of oppression and atrocities. A committee was set up to carry out collective atrocities and this committee was headed by Abu Talib, while at least 25 Sardars of different tribes of Mecca were the member of this committee. This committee had taken a shape of that era’s United Nations. The objective of this committee was to refrain spread of Islam. In this process of strong opposition to the spread of Islam, Muslims were subjected to severe torture. Many Muslims were made to lie on burning sand, some were ejected from their houses, and many were forcibly thrown into fire. Many were subjected to severe torture by giving deep incision into their body. Anti-Islam forces opted for social boycott of Islam for three years. But such tactics could not change the belief of Muslims. Such sort of atrocities continued for about 13 years and then Allah Almighty granted Muslims with a permission to migrate from Mecca.

In Mecca it was an order to endure all atrocities and oppression but never raise a voice and never react. Sahaba-e-Karam were the most obedient people. They endured all sorts of oppression but never reacted. Later when they were granted permission to raise their swords in their defence, Muslims stepped into the battlefield putting their lives on stake and there began a series of Ghazwat (battles in which Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) also took part). The objective of these Ghazwaat was not to show the strength of Muslims, or to widen the area of rule or to loot the valuables. But, the objective was to put the mankind on right track and make them understand what social values are. The objective was to make people follow the only religion of the world that teaches brotherhood and leave worshiping idols. The objective of these Ghazwaat was to pull the people out of serious crisis, which were the outcome of sheer paganism. The objective was to eliminate hatred which had developed on the basis of caste, creed, colour and religion. The objective was to do away with different anti-social groups and establish a society which would make people to respect each other. At last the sacrifices of Muslims bore fruit.

In the beginning it seemed that humanity was asleep since centuries and now it has awaken and walking on the right track. The glare of Islam enlightened the world. Everything was changed. Despite clear differences of caste, creed, colour all Sahaba-e-Karam observed brotherhood. Oppression and atrocities cane to an end. Orphans, widows and poor had a sigh of relief. They knew that there was someone who would come forward for their help at times of their need.

Now the situation has worsened once again. Lust for power, wealth and other worldly commodities has gripped the religious belief. Blood of Muslims from Afghanistan to Iraq is being shed. This is all because of love with Jews, Hindus and Nazarenes and hatred with the Muslims. It was a time when Muslims, particularly the Sahaba-e-Karam had eyed only the message of Milad and not the celebration of Milad. They had not forgotten this message for a single moment and this was the main source of their success and rule over the world.

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Are they all ‘Non-Issues’?

Are they all ‘Non-Issues’?

Longer spell of slavery has deprived us of our right of independence. Clad in three-piece suit with beautiful necktie hanging from the collar, posing in absolute English style, speaking English language in Western accent, unattractive reforms, statements coming in such a way that could be contradicted easily, and which could neither be considered true nor false, ideology which could be given any shape, sense which could perceive the thrust of storm before it hits the power lobby, conscience which could be sold in the share market, formal association with religion which could protect against being called atheist or fundamentalist, criticism on steadfast people and greater efforts to declare oneself ultra-modern and broad-minded.

These are the qualities, which make it mandatory to become a politician. There were politicians of similar qualities who gave fascism on the name of politics, dictatorship on the name democracy, and cheat, vulgarity and loitering on the name of well-being. People have become sick and tired of such jugglery of politicians and now they are left with nothing to lose any further at the hand of these cheats. Whenever the history of fascism, dictatorship and loot and plunder will be written by impartial people, many well known and prominent figures and writers will top the list to startle the readers. There are many bigwigs in the field of journalism who presented the cheats, dictators, fascists, and anti-state elements in the guise of angels and saints. Who were unaware of their responsibilities of protecting the national boundaries.

Who had loot, plunder of national wealth, working for personal gains and spending life beyond their means, only aim of their life. Their lifestyle reminded the days and nights of Rangeelay Shah who never lived without vulgarity. Their palaces narrate the saga of broken pianos. How cum such people could run the national affairs who were unable even to take care of themselves. It is understood that when one is unable to stand, walk, see, listen and talk properly, he cannot look after the national interest and it is his time to take complete rest leaving the affairs for others to take care. After experiencing decline, they are informed about their past. Newspapers, magazines and other publications carry their right or wrong doings with greater prominence. When it happens? When the powerful chair, as usual, says good bye. As long as the sun or power remains above the head, the writers and intellectuals remained bowed before them. On one hand they left no stone unturned in proving the ruler the most pious and extra wise person, while on the other hand as soon as the power is snatched, the same sincere, patriotic and people-friendly ruler, are turned anti-state elements and agents of enemies. They are declared incapable, incompetent and unaware of facts. This reminded a situation when a man with beautiful nose entered a village where people had cut noses and whole town echoed with slogans of ‘Naku, Naku’ (a man with full nose).

Similar situation was witnessed in North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) when Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal swept the general election and formed its government in the province. Majlis has been in power since many months but certain quarters are still unable to digest this reality. Whenever Majlis takes step to eliminate vulgarity and promote simplicity as per its promises it had made at the time of election, or whenever it opts to legislate some law, those who are close to the kings (ruling party), term the steps ‘non-issues’ and make efforts to prove the measures of lesser importance. At this stage they forget that those who played no role in making the Majlis successful in the general election, who prefer Western culture, jerk at the Western music, like obscenity and vulgarity, never care of religion and culture, and who give no importance to Halal and Haram in their lives and who dislike Islam and believers of Islam, but they are serving their purpose by opposing Majlis and its reforms. The opponents of Majlis must better understand that the believers of Islam want to see proper implementation of Islamic laws all over the world, they never like vulgarity and love the humanity. It is alarming that if Majlis remained unsuccessful in keeping its promise, then it would have very tough time in the next general election and it might not win the support of those who voted it to power in the past election.

So called broad-minded people term certain realities ‘non-issues’ which are real issues in the sight of followers of Islam. If the performance of NWFP government is viewed impartially, it would be revealed that this government (the government of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal) is not only making efforts promote religion, but it is also making efforts for the promotion of education, health sectors and also adopting measures to provide more and more job opportunities to the unemployed people at the earliest. And this is all happening at a time when the Majlis government has limited resources. There are a number of elements, including various ministers in the Centre, who are creating hurdles in the way of Majlis.

Under the prevailing circumstances, making education up to metric level free, declaring education up to middle ‘a must’, providing books and uniforms to students free of cost, establishment of women colleges, beginning of postgraduate classes, announcement of establishing separate university and medical colleges for female students, provision of quality medical facilities to the poor and middle class people in the government-run hospitals, construction of small dams for irrigation purposes, construction of roads while maintaining international standards and providing better tourism facilities to the tourists in the province are the hallmark of Majlis-e-Amal’s performance. This performance has no precedence during the past 55 years. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, minorities, women and all other classes of the society have been given equal rights. Women members of the provincial assembly on the minority seats are given equal rights in the house. They are provided equal share in the development funds. Moreover, the Majlis has also taken up the case of share of province in the profit of electricity at the Centre. Can all these steps be called ‘Non-Issues’?

If it is taken for granted that some people consider binding of prayers, simplicity in dressing, playing vulgar music in transport vehicles, obscene presentation of women in television and print media advertisements, lavish spending of national wealth, and adopting Urdu as national language, as ‘Non-Issues’, then there are a number of people who made the Majlis successful in the general election on the condition of eliminating such evils which are termed ‘Non-Issues’ by certain quarters. May Allah bless our journalists with a sense and courage to write truth only and expose the real evils of the society.

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Seek Allah protection against despair, miseries

Seek Allah protection against despair, miseries

Allah Almighty’s decisions are so strange and wonderful that a human being, already engaged in matters relating to materiality, are amazed. It is beyond human being’s approach to reach the depth of Allah’s creative decisions while he does not find a way out of the circle of apparent reasons and circumstances. Atheists consider reasons equivalent to their gods, while in most cases they worship the reasons. But, there are many who claim to have stronger belief and possess ability to see beyond the reasons. The glittering and antichrist civilization of the Europe has turned people of better vision into blind, and Unitarians to go against the reasons.

Allah Almighty has very clearly distinguished the ‘tussle between belief and materiality’ in Surah-e-Kahaf. In this Surah Allah has described four stories one of which is of that farmer who was provided with all material facilities of prosperity. He owned two farms of grapes. Palm and date trees had surrounded the grape farm. In the center there was a cultivation land. Besides these two farms he was also provided a lot of other facilities to spend luxurious life. As it happens in such circumstances, he forgot the realities behind all such facilities and blessings and thought that whatever he possessed, it was all because of his education and wisdom and he would never see a decline in it. But, when a calamity hit his properties and storms swept through his farms making them plain fields then he thought gathering the pain of the entire world in his voice, “Had I not been such an atheist who indulged into polytheism, I would not have faced such a fate today.”

The scholar of Islam, Hazrat Maulana `Ali Mian Noorullah says, “This farmer was not such a polytheist like others. He, at least, believed in Allah. As far as the polytheism is concerned, it was all under the circumstances. He had thought that all his wealth and properties were the real reasons of his success and prosperity. Under these circumstances he ignored the Divine Power and focused on the existence. This is the polytheism from which the present day materialistic civilization is suffering. The existing civilization has given the status of god to the materialistic reasons. This is a new sort of idolism and polytheism, which is badly decaying the humanity. The Holy Qur’an has defined every sort of centuries old as well as present day polytheism. The Holy Book has clearly negated the polytheism on the basis of reasons. The Qur’an says that whatever happens in this universe, this is all on the orders of Allah Almighty Who is the only Divine Power Who controls all worlds. He is the creator of all reasons. His all decisions and judgements carry deep strategy. He can change any situation any moment. He can produce peace from the cruelty and He can generate spring from autumn.”

It is a fact that under the prevailing circumstances Muslims find no good news for themselves. Blood of Muslims from Afghanistan to Iraq and from Kashmir to Gujarat is making an unremoveable line on the earth. We know that the believers of Islam do not have a leadership who could pull the Muslims out of crisis. All apparent and hidden resources of Muslims are controlled by the aliens. Alas! The strangers and non-Muslim forces, while control their own resources, also enjoy hold of all natural resources, seas, air space and sensitive installations and bigwigs of Ummah. It is ridiculous that Muslim leaders, high ups and resources are being used for the benefit of foreigners and not for the Ummah. But, despite all these circumstances, no Muslim who has strong belief in Allah and Islam, is happy. Everyone is worried and concerned over the prevailing circumstances.

The strong belief in the religion protects the Muslim against all sorts of desperations. We must not forget that the actual damage or development is the internal damage or development of an individual or the nation. A person who loses his prestige in his own eyes can never be praised in the world. Such a person can never enjoy an honour in the society. Anyone who faces defeat in the hidden life, does not get any support from the victory of apparent success and happiness. Apparent designs continue to change. Materialistic monuments sometime present enthralling view of high-rise and sometime implode. Villages and cities are built and razed. Their construction and devastation is not so important as compared to the development and honour of a person or nation.

Present day’s problem of Muslims is neither the fall of Afghanistan or Iraq nor the bloodshed of Muslims in Gujarat. The biggest issue is to save the Muslims from internal damages. If they succeeded in protecting themselves against the prevailing polytheism, and if they succeeded in keeping the lamp of religious belief on, if they never give up patience during their continued struggle to protect their religion and Ummah, they would soon see a day of success. Muslims must not forget that they have been sent to make other nations to follow them and not for the purpose that they should follow other polytheist nations, culture and civilization. Muslims are to lead the world. The rise and decline of the world is highly attached to the Ummah.

As long as Muslims ruled the world they enjoyed control over worldwide trade, economy and all societies. But as soon as they faced decline, every sector went out of their hand and met devastation. We should struggle hard to avert our decline. We should not only make efforts to protect ourselves against the spurt of storms but we should also try to protect others as well.

We should pray for the blessings of Allah Almighty against the sense of deprivation and inferiority complex. A person who falls into his own sight never enjoys respect in the society. Stay away from the sense of despair. We must not forget that it is not Muslim’s honor to become disappointed. Reasons should never be taken as everything but we must look into the realities behind the reasons. It is our belief that everything is from Allah and nothing can happen without His order. We must keep in view that every move of the nature is full of strategy. If it is gust of winds, it might be to awaken those who are unaware of their surroundings. The present day situation is that many have now waken up but a number of other who woke up have closed their eyes again, waiting another Kabul-like fall.

If by the blessing of Allah Almighty you are up from the profound sleep then it is your duty to wake up those who are still asleep around you. Enlighten the lamp of hope into their hearts and prepare them for the future. Tell them that the religion of Islam has not been sent to the earth to be eliminated, but this religion has been sent to eliminate all other religions. Muslims Ummah are not to become oppressed but they are to rule all other nations.

The prevailing circumstances, which are absolutely against Muslims, are all because of our own weaknesses and wrongdoings. If today we are confronting defeat and decline, this situation is not permanent. We can swear a thousand times on Allah Almighty that ultimate victory is of Muslims. But, they will be other type of Muslims who would eye behind the reasons and not the reason only, who would be afraid of the Creator of all worlds and not of the material human beings. They would have strong belief in Allah and His religion.

Don’t give up and never be afraid if you really are true Muslim. Ultimate victory is yours. (Al-e-Imran)

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NWFP government passing through critical phase

NWFP  Pakistan government passing through critical phase

The North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) is passing through a crucial phase. All eyes of the masses across the country are on this situation. However, under the prevailing situation there are a few simple and god-fearing people in the province who follow true Islamic norms, which is not acceptable to anti-Islam forces as a result of which all foes and friends, innocent and mischievous have come into action against them. It is not the end that reports are being lodged against them in police stations, the entire police set up has come into action, station house officers are restless in adopting strategies against these true Muslims. Every possible tactic, which is considered cheap and anti-humanity and against the civilization, is being adopted to apprehend them and bring them to book. But, in our homeland, this system is adopted considering it ‘need of the hour’. Democracy and fascism, consultation and dictatorship, selfishness and hypocrisy, independence and slavery, and logistic support to the anti-Islam powers have been mixed up in a way that makes it difficult to understand where one begins and where the other ends.

The topic under discussion was of those people who in present day’s scenario when all bigwigs, affluent, elite, business tycoons and other high ups are busy calling ‘America, America’ they have rosary in their hands and repeatedly reciting nothing else but ‘Allah, Allah’. “They are unable to understand that the present era is not to make world follow them but to mould themselves in the way the world wants. It is not right time to change the direction of air but to join the race of present world. This is not the time to take decisions independently but only to celebrate Independence Day. This is not the time to follow the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) but to celebrate the Eid-e-Milad (the birthday of the Holy Prophet). It is not the time to make the Jews and Hindus annoyed but to keep them happy by any means.”

These are actually the people of primitive thoughts. They are unaware of modern demands of the world. They are illiterate to understand what does ‘need of the hour’ mean. They only know that come what may, they have to keep the Allah Almighty happy. They have vow to expand the circle of supremacy of Qur’an and Sunnah, which they consider above all laws on the earth. Their desire is to take the teachings of Qur’an from the mosque and Madrasah (religious institutions) to the business place, workplace and to the assemblies. They do not think that Azaan (call for prayer) and prayer is the religion only but they take society, economy, government and politics as part of Shari`ah. They do not only consider the ‘Imamat-e-Sughra’ their destination, but they eye the ‘Imamat-e-Kubra’. They know that human being has been created to rule and the demand of this responsibility varies. They do not only see the verses of Holy Qur’an, which stress for strict adherence to Namaaz and Roza (prayers and fasting), amelioration of lifestyle, maintaining decency, but they also follow the verses of the Holy Book which clearly point out the responsibilities towards the society, collective efforts, and role in the politics.

They know very well that giving or accepting bribe has been termed war against Allah Almighty and His Holy Prophet in the Holy Qur’an. They know that Qur’an declares gambling and use of liquor ‘satanic acts’. At some places in the Holy Qur’an the strictest punishment for theft has been the amputation and at some places the whipping has been advised as the only punishment for the rapists. At some places appropriate punishment is advised for the accusers. Not only this, those who do not make decisions according to the laws, defined in the Holy Qur’an, have been declared atheists. Every Muslim has been bound to follow the teachings of Holy Prophet from house to the market, from marriage to the divorce, from happiness to the sadness, from ailment to the recovery of health, and during the travel. And those who ignore these instruction and Divine Orders are warned of strictest punishment.

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an: “They cannot be true Muslims unless they herald the Divine Order at the time of their internal rift.” These simple Muslims have strong Islamic belief in their hearts and souls. When they read these Divine Orders and warnings, they start shivering with high fear of stronger punishment in the life and thereafter. They await a time when it will be Allah’s laws everywhere even from the police station to the courtroom. When no innocent would be heard screaming due to brutal treatment at jails and when no one with bad reputation would be put to rule. Law and justice would prevails all around and everyone would get justice without any discrimination. A number of generations have met their end while waiting for such a time. However, after centuries, we are witnessing a ray of hope in our neighbourhood where religious norms were confined to the Madaris only. With the inception of Islamic laws, interest-based business was banned. Liquor shops and bars looked deserted. Those who had singing and thrilling as their profession became jobless.

Thieves were amputated. Rapists were awarded punishments according to the Islamic laws. Military men and policemen started offering prayers five times a day. Ministers and advisors were answerable to people. The upper and lower houses echoed with the recitation of Holy Qur’an. All seemed in identical dresses and all dined at one table. Glittering metals and precious stones did not attract the simple and god-fearing people. But alas! Today this seems as a dread. However, those fortunate who witnessed this era when Islam really prevailed all around, when tell the stories of their time, no one stays without paying tributes to them.

Pakistanis living in the border areas have also seen the glimpses of these scenes and have felt the charm of this system. How come it is possible that the fragrance of rose and jasmine is in the air and no one would feel it. This type of fragrance amused and attracted the honourable Pukhtoons of NWFP. They warmly took part in the general election and eliminated the worldly culture in which the poor people were considered animals. The laws which were fabricated on the basis of wealth and influence were changed. Those who were confined to Madaris and mosques only got an access to the assemblies. Now under this situation, how come these people would have ignored the stricter implementation of Islamic laws. It was not possible that while sitting in the assemblies they would not come up to the expectations of people who voted them to power.

Now when the NWFP Assembly has accepted Shari`ah Bill with greater majority to declare the Shari`ah the Supreme Law, the upper house is witnessing uproar on the issue. Instead of praising the efforts of NWFP Assembly, instead of hailing their efforts for the supremacy of Islam, pro-West high ups started mourning. In order to make the NWFP government failure, cheap tactics are being adopted. A pressure has been mounted on the bureaucracy to turn down provincial government’s proposals. Journalists on the payroll of rulers have been using their skill in condemning the NWFP government’s efforts. Their only mission seems to promote the pro-West rulers and nothing else. This proves that the first and the only provincial government that introduced true Islamic system of justice is being subjected to state victimization for its efforts to implement Islamic laws and Shari`ah.

The height of opposition is that an advisor in the Federal Shari`ah Court has challenged the proposed Shari`ah Bill in the Supreme Court and requested the honourable court to bar the NWFP governor from approving any such bill in the assembly. People must not forget that since the NWFP assembly has passed this bill with greater majority, no body has any right to oppose this bill. The gesture of the advisor who has challenged the NWFP’s Shari`ah Bill in the Supreme Court seems that the sacrifices our forefathers have rendered to keep up the garden would go waste and under this situation we never know what is the fate of that flower garden which we inherited from our ancestors. How come a garden can bloom when its gardener himself is bent upon ruining it. Somebody please make such people understand that Pakistan is our garden which came into existence on the name of Islam. The foundation of our country is Islam and if this foundation is damaged then how the building can stand?

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Islam is the only lamp that illuminates the universe

Islam is the only lamp that illuminates the universe

You are right, they depend on mosques and Madaris (religious institutions). They are no celestial creatures. They feel hunger. They have their families and take good care of them. They serve the mosques and Madaris from where they get three time food and boarding facilities. They are not angels, they make mistakes. They are not above human beings, they commit sins. They have internal differences. They are divided into different sects. They are not alike. There are good as well as bad among them. There are some who never hesitate in giving any sacrifice on the name of religion while there are others who never care for the religion rather compromise on religious norms and second atheists in their anti-Islam activities against those who strictly follow the religion of Allah and His Prophet, Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam).

Those who always say ‘yes’ to the rulers for their every ‘good and bad’, who say night to the day if rulers say so, who look at the rulers to know the truth about Jihad and riots, and differentiate between Halal and Haram, are considered trustworthy. Such courtiers who always depended on the alms from the higher authorities were rewarded in different manners for their extra-ordinary and unjust support to the rulers. They also get packets of cash and grants for building their personal houses. They take foreign tours on the State expenses. But on the other hand those who stick to the religion, depend on the only salary they draw from the mosques and religious institutions have always been sore of the eye. However, there has always been a special blessing of Allah in the bread such religious people earn by serving mosques and religions institutions. They can never become anti-religion, they never compromise on their religion. They can get beheaded but can never bow before the atheists.

They are always sincere to the religion of Islam. These were the people who preferred to sit on the mat in mosques and Madaris and eliminated anti-Islam forces at a time when it was being apprehended that days of Islam had been numbered in Hindustan, and shortly the Islamic civilization will be converted into Hindu civilization. Moreover, when the plan to convert Hindustan into Christianity which was backed by the West, it were only Muslim clerics who came forward, endured hardship, faced imprisonment, remained in exile, lost their properties and loved ones, some died in jails and skins of some were peeled off their bodies, but they eliminated the anti-Islam plan of the West and proved on the anti-Islam forces that as long as people who love mosques and Madaris are alive, neither anti-Islam forces can succeed in their nefarious designs nor they can herald non-Islamic religion successfully.

The loyalty of these Muslim clerics is beyond any doubt. They have crystal clear past and they are never accused of doing against the Constitution of the country. But, whenever the country faced hard time, they came forward and extended all out help to the State and the administration. Either it was 1965 war or 1971 tragedy, none of these religious people remained in the back line of the fighters. Some joined volunteer services, some encourages masses in their orations from mosques, some prayed to Allah Almighty with tears in their eyes and some took out protest processions in every nook and corner to unite the nation and bring them at one platform.

These servants of Madaris neither expressed disliking and hatred to the present day education nor they gave a Fatwa on learning the foreign language. Neither they looked at the college students with disliking nor they spoke rubbish against the foreign education.

When Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind, Maulana Mehmood Hussain (rahimahullah) was on the deathbed and could not walk without any support, he proceeded to Aligarh. With the support and help of two persons he went to the ground and addressed a large gathering. Excerpts of his historic speech are as follows:

“My children, when I noticed that our youth are more concentrating on the schools and colleges than the religious institutions and education at mosques, I, in association with a few of my close friends and well-wishers came to Aligarh and established a strong relation between Deoband and Aligarh at two places. The research workers know that neither me nor my predecessors and forefathers ever opposed learning of alien language and never gave any Fatwa against it. However, I said only this much that opting for English education infests our own culture, civilization and religion and Nazarenism overwhelms the religious faith. If this is so then I would prefer to be illiterate than becoming educated in foreign faculties.”

The apprehension of Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind is cent per cent true. What he apprehended the present day Muslims are witnessing the same. Most of those who opted for foreign education have joined hands with anti-Islam forces and making fun of religious people. In some cases the punishment under Islamic laws are termed ‘brutality’ and in some cases observing purdah by the Muslim women is declared hindrance in the way of progress and prosperity. In some cases Jihad is called ‘terrorism’. Those, in the power lobby do not even hesitate calling `Ulama-e-Keram uneducated and people of primitive thoughts. On top of everything, efforts are being made to declare the religious people disqualified from contesting for the assembly seats. This shows that plan is underway to call `Ulama-e-Keram ‘uneducated’ and illiterate ‘intellectuals’.

Rights of legislation are being given into the hands of those people who cannot even recite the Holy Qur’an. While on the other hand those who are enlightened with the religious education and who are the only source to spread the religion of Islam are being discouraged at every level. They are not being considered capable of running administrative affairs. There is a lobby who wants to keep the `Ulama-e-Keram isolated, confined to mosques and Madaris only. Moreover, there are people who do not even like Ulama-e-Keram imparting religious education in mosques and Madaris. Such anti-Islam elements want to eliminate Ulama-e-Keram from the motherland. It seems that they have not yet received any dictation from their Western Lords otherwise they would never waste a single moment in sending each and every religious man to Cuba.

Such anti-Islam people must not forget that in case `Ulama-e-Keram are confined to the mosques and Madaris only and their voice is crushed then there would be a big revolt but there would be no Mujaddid-e-Alif Sani (revivalist of the second millennium). There might be preachers of Christianity like Funder but there would be Rahmatullah Kiranvi. There might be heralders of Qadiyaniat but there would be no Binnori of Mufti Mehmood. There might be many who would largely depend on the taxes collected from the general masses but there would be no one called mosque people. There might be a number of people who would darken the world with anti-Islam activities but there would be no body to spread the education of Qur’an and Sunnah. If (God forbid) such a situation arises, then it would be justified to say: “Those who were considered of no importance were actually the only source of light in the world.”

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This is Cruelty !

This is Cruelty !

Sa’saa’ bin Najiya radhiallahu ta’ala ‘anh was a Companion of Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam). He was a famous poet and the grandfather of the renowned apprentice of Hazrat ‘Ali (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu), “Farzdaq”. He recounted to Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) that while in the days of Ignorance he had had the privilege of saving the lives of 360 girls. When ever he got news that some man had had a baby daughter whom he wanted to bury alive, he would save the child by giving him two fertile she-camels and a male camel in return for her life. He then asked Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) whether such conduct (done as a non-believer) was of any use to him.

Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) replied, “Sa’saa’ is it not enough that Allah caused you to accept Islam?” Is it little return for your goodness that you were given the light of Imaan to brighten your breast?

There was another servant of Nabi-e-Rahmat sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam, Qays bin ‘Asim Tamimi (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu). Most of his life was spent as a mushrik and he only had the honor of becoming the Companion of Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) in his later years. Once in the presence of Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) he was forced to confess, “I have strangled eight baby girls with my own hands.” Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) ordered him, “Free eight slaves in expiation for each girl.” He said that he did not have slaves but he did possess camels. Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) ordered to give eight camels away as compensation.

Kabirah bint Abu Sufyan was a mother…….a mother who buried alive her four daughters. Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) ordered her to free four slaves.

Not only Kabirah bint Abu Sufyan but other mothers too were guilty of this heart rending sin. Hazrat Ibn-e-’Abbas (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu) narrates, “In the says of Ignorance, whenever a mother was about to give birth, she used to sit beside a hole (in the ground). If the newborn was a girl she was buried in it there and then.”

The Quran describes the scene in a strange and compelling way…. When they were informed of receiving a daughter their faces grew black with the thought of their ill-luck and misfortune, their hearts burst with sorrow, they tried to avoid people for the shame they had gained by becoming the fathers of daughters. At that moment they would plan ways to bury alive the small, innocent little baby girls. The Quran underlines the cruelty extended to daughters in the days of Ignorance,

“And when the girl buried alive will be asked which sin was the reason of her murder?”

Had she been a nuisance to someone? Had she been the cause of misery? Had she murdered someone? What crime had she been guilty of that she was thus disposed of? This question will not only be asked of those callous, idol-worshipping, hard-hearted parents of the days of Ignorance, but this question will be asked too of the innocent sisters and daughters, who are crucified on the cross of “Karo kari” by heartless and cruel brothers, fathers, and husbands of these days of “Enlightenment”.

Some of our readers might possibly find these words a bit strong for they have it in their minds that “karo kari” means the adulterer and the adulteress who justify being stoned to death. All our readers are not aware of the secret atrocities that take place under cover of “karo kari’ in rural and tribal communities……it may be personal revenge, usurping inheritances, blackmailing for the hand of innocent daughters or sisters.

It is to foil such foul designs that Islam has not allowed the execution of Islamic Law on an individual basis, either by a person or group, even though they are highly respectable and honorable. An Islamic government of an Islamic state holds the right to mete out Islamic Laws and then only after thorough investigation of the case and looking into the social and moral character of the witnesses. If there is any doubt at any point, the Islamic ruling will not be implemented.

In our country the opposite is true. A single person makes himself the claimant, the judge, the jury, and the executer all rolled in one. No witnesses, no investigation, no questioning or cross-examination, no probabilities, no waiting. The Islamic Law annuls the punishment due to scarcity of evidence or any doubt; here, it becomes obligatory to punish on a glimmer of doubt…………breaking the Shari`ah at every step, treading the Islamic Laws under their feet.

Consider: Hazrat Halal bin Umayyah is a Companion of Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam). He comes to him and says, “Ya Rasoolullah! I have seen my wife with another man with my own eyes.”

But what does Nabi-e-Kareem say? Not to go and cut the virtueless woman’s head off! What does he say but this, “O Halal! Either present four witnesses to your claim or you will be punished for slander.”

Halal bin Umayyah says, “I swear by Him who has sent you with right! I am true in what I say and I am hopeful that Allah Ta’ala will send some command that will absolve my back of the punishment”

This conversation is going on when Jibraeel Ameen descends with the verses of “Li’aan”. (The details of Li’aan can be seen in books of jurisprudence.) When the verses for Li’aan arrived, that stipulated four witnesses for the evidence of the crime, Sa’ad bin ‘Ubadah from the Helpers (Ansaar) exclaimed, “Ya Rasoolullah! I swear by Allah that if I see my wife with a man I will cut her head off instead of gathering four witnesses.” Hearing him Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam) turned to the rest of the Companions present and said, “Do you wonder at Sa’ad’s honor, when I am more honorable than him, and Allah more so than me.”

He sallallahu ‘alaihe wassallam meant that honor does not mean to take the law in your own hands, but honor means to bow your head to the commands of Allah Ta’ala for this will protect your honor. Without doubt none of His commands lack wisdom. If “Honor killing” had been allowed, God knows how many “dishonorable killings” there might have been, covered up as the former. This can be clearly illustrated in this custom of karo kari. The countless “honorables” who have illicit relationships with more than one whore at a time and whose drawing rooms are dance floors for mujras, keep their sisters and daughters unmarried for fear of dividing the inheritance.

Some “marry” them with the Quran, some are tied in the chains of “watto satta”, (marrying a brother and sister to another pair of siblings). The amazing thing is the very people who are the authors of cruelty in their villages and tribes are the very ones who give stirring speeches on women’s rights in cities, assemblies, and conferences and put the blame of oppression and repression of women at the door of Islam and the Islamic Laws. I am a personal witness of this hypocrisy and dual policy.

Many of my close relatives live in rural Sindh. I often visited them in my student days. Near their village was another village belonging to the famous “Shah Khandan” which my relatives frequented. They told me that the sisters of the Shah’s were getting past their prime with no future marriage prospects either. The reason being that marriages were traditionally done as “watto satta”, but their brothers had obtained foreign wives and so no one in the family was ready to take the sisters in marriage.

These silent middle aged sisters were now suffering from various illnesses but unable to communicate their distress to anyone. I know as a fact that even today there are representatives of the same family in the Sindh Assembly who is in the forefront of marketing women’s rights, but there is a thick veil of politics and status covering the cruelty being carried out in their own homes on their own sisters.

This is not the story of one family, no, there are hundreds of such families who are not what they seem to be. They are guilty of cruelty themselves while raging in their speeches against it, they give new blood to this custom of karo kari while proclaiming themselves the biggest challengers of such cruelty. There is no dearth either, of people who speak against karo kari but with it disparage Islamic Laws too and demand their termination or at least some “suitable” changes.

As if they think that the Islamic Laws are some man invented tribal tradition like karo kari that can be pressed into termination or changed according to whim. They should keep in mind, whatever the circumstances or desires; Islamic Laws can neither be annulled nor changed in the slightest degree. If insistence on institution and execution of outrageous tribal customs is cruelty, then demanding to change or invalidating Islamic Law is also cruelty……….a cruelty that is a cut above the rest!!

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Moderate Islam a concern for every Muslim

Moderate Islam a concern for every Muslim

A period of 40 years is quiet enough for any country or society to set its aims and objectives, targets, to set things right and to strengthen the basic ideology and thinking. However, anyone who behaves like child even after the passage of 40 years and who is deprived of maturity, needs brain tests and psychological analysis to find out where is the problem and what are the reasons behind this problem. It has also to be analyzed if there had been any lacking in the manner he was brought up that is hindering his normal growth. However, here is the case of not only 40-year-old person, but it is the case of 56 years. This is the time when youth departs, back is bent, hearing becomes defective, vision is blurred, senses do not cooperate with manoeuvres, and senility shrouds the entire body. This is the case of an individual. What would be the situation of a country, which was created by involving the efforts of great leaders, political experts, big brains and intellectuals.

What sort of country is this that has been unable even after the passage of youth hood to ascertain what is its objective. What is its destination and which appropriate route should it adopt to reach the destination? This is a long discussion, which has always been taken up by renowned scholars, intellectuals, economic experts, politicians and journalists utilizing all types of media. They discussed “What type of independent state was desired by those who dreamt of Pakistan? What sort of administrative system they wanted to implement in the country. If at a discussion, one participant quotes the speech of the founder of Pakistan then other one presents the write up of the Poet of the East. One journalist tries to prove through the wordings of Jinnah that he was secular so he liked secularism.

While the other journalist presents Jinnah as a true Mujahid who wanted to implement true Islamic system in the country but he could not do so because of anti-Islam elements who remained close to him all the time. But, many questions arise: “Does the future of our country depend on the whims of such anti-Islam elements? Do these elements enjoy all rights to set the lifestyle of people of the country? Do they enjoy the power to consider the sacrifices of millions of Muslims for the creation of an independent Muslim state and allow Islamic system to prosper or reject this system if they do not like it and continue with anti-Islam policies? Does a mother whose infant was martyred during the independence movement not have any right to contribute towards the legislation making setting the right direction of the country? Does a father whose young daughters were abused before his eyes, not have a right to present his opinion in the formation of a better country? Is there no importance of the sacrifices of that person who slaughtered the ladies of his own family just to protect their chastity? Do the feelings of that man carry no weight whose sister was forcibly taken away by the non-Muslim feudals to make her a bonded maid?

Is there anyone who would keep in view the zest of those Muslims who never hesitated in extending all sorts of sacrifices on the slogan of ‘Lailaha Illallah’? O’k. It can be said that those who brought the idea of rendering sacrifices for an independent sate were the leaders and those who really rendered sacrifices were the workers. But, another question arises “What was that slogan that provoked Muslims to see all sacrifices as only way out and the limit?” Forget the opinion of those people who fought the anti-Islam forces, shed their blood, sacrificed their loved ones and remained stuck to the cause of an independent Muslim state. Do the people, who dominate the majority and play key role in setting the right direction of the country, not give any importance to the Divine Order and teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam)? Such elements must better understand that they are at fault and committing heinous crime by not obeying the orders of Allah and by denying the teachings of the Holy Prophet (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam).

Another discussion has been the source of controversy these days that “There should be Islamic system in the country but that Islam should be a ‘Moderate Islam’.

Moderate Islam is itself a puzzle that can neither be solved nor can be made others understand. The views of the flag-bearers of Moderate Islam show that this is a new model of Islam, which is so enormous and possesses unlimited opportunities and possibilities. Efforts are being made to present the existing Makki and Madani Islam as obsolete and introduce a new edition of Islam in which sensualism and obeying Allah Almighty go together. In the opinion of those people who are bent to present such a model of Islam, neither Allah Almighty gets annoyed on any matter nor the Satan is unhappy. In this system interest is termed integral part of the economy while singing and dancing is taken as part of culture and heritage. Non-observance of purdah is taken for granted and mixing of men and women together is termed the demand of modern traditions. Besides, there are more reservations and objection, which can be adopted as part of Islam in this new and proposed system.

The authors and creators of this new edition of Islam are so annoyed over ‘Mulla’ (religious scholar) who devotes his entire life in obeying the Divine Orders, who follows the true Islamic path that has been described in Holy Qur’an and preached by the Holy Prophet, and who never allows unauthorized and anti-Islam publication of the Holy Book and Sunnah. Anti-Islam people think that in the Islam of Mulla, emphasis is laid only on growing beard, wearing pajamas above ankles and covering women from head to toe with Burqa (veils).

It is so amazing to know the approach of such people who have such an opinion about the Islam of a Mulla. This exposes their intellect and limit of broad-mindedness. What a blame they have leveled on the Mulla. If they take Mulla’s Islam as growing beard, wearing pajamas above ankles and covering women from head to toe then they must better understand that such a Islam already exists in Hindustan, Europe and entire West. They must understand that Mulla does term ‘growing beard and Hijab (covering of face and body by women)’ part of Islam, but his Islam is not limited to following these things only. Also, Mulla does not give top priority to the implementation of Islamic system only, but he stresses for bringing complete changes in the lifestyle, economy, society, trade and business, and politics, as described in the Islam. This is the only vow of a Mulla that has been a source of discomfort for many pro-West people as well as rulers. Mulla requests the supporters of ‘Moderate Islam’ not to bind Islam to follow the Western styles in order to join the so called race of fast moving world. Otherwise in this race there will be only Moderate Islam and the real shape of Islam that has been described in the Holy Qur’an will exist no more.

By the time I was writing these paragraphs, I happened to go through a news item published in a section of the press. I would take privilege to inform valued readers about that news item to decide where the Moderate Islam would lead the Muslims in their lust to adopt Modern Islamic system. The man to whom the news item is linked is known as Farooq `Abdullah. He is the former chief minister of Kashmir while presently he enjoys position as Chairman, Auqaf, Kashmir. He says, he does not deny that he frequently visits temples, but these visits do not affect him as a Muslim or his religion. He says religion is every individual’s personal matter.

If Farooq Abdullah goes to temples, that is absolutely his personal issue. But while being a Muslim he cannot defend worshiping of idols. The issue of ‘personal matter’ is gaining fame among pro-Moderate Islam people. Followers of this system go for Haraam, enjoy liquor and maintain illicit relations.

The news item further says that Farooq Abdullah, while entering a temple, accepted to register himself as a Hindu. But, despite all these things and personal matters, he is a Muslim and also he is the chairman of Auqaf, Kashmir.

I humbly request the followers and supporters of Moderate Islam, don’t turn people that modern that they while indulging in dancing and singing activities they would flatly tell the Mulla that whatever they are doing that is their personal matter, which does not cast any negative impact on their being a Muslim.

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Censured group

Censured group

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (rahimahullahu ta`ala), sometimes wittily used to say 'Maulvi is a censured group’.

Why did Hazrat Mufti Sahib termed Maulvi a censured group, we shall later discuss the reasons. Let us know at first who was the founder of this Malaamti (censured) group? When did it come to existence? What were its distinctive teachings and why was it called censured or much criticized?

History shows that first of all Malaamti was a name given to Muslim Sufis born at Neeshapur in the second half of the 3rd century and beginning of the 4th century after Hijra. Two most notable names among them are Sheikh Abu Hafs Haddaad and Sheikh Hamdoon Qassaar. Before them there was not any organized group of Malaamtiya in Neeshapur. However similar beliefs were found about other sufies too.

Malaamtiya has been derived from the world ‘Malam’ or ‘Malamta’ that means to denounce, censure or reprehend’. But generally this word is used in a sense of self-denouncing or willing to be denounced by other people. This view might be taken from the verses in Surah Maida in which Allah Ta`ala described the signs of his particular people. Two of the signs are: "They wage jihad in the way of Allah and do not care for any criticism"

Reprehension or censure is the integral part of the teachings of this group. They consider ‘censure’ essential for their spiritual chastity. Three kinds of censure are described.

1) Those people who censure themselves.

2) Those who deliberately talk such things that other people censure them for.

3) Those who censure the world and people. But the third sense is against the aim and spirit of Malaamtiya group. Thus the first two meanings should be kept in mind.

A Malaamti considers ‘censure’ a good thing because:

1) It is an effective way to overcome one’s insurgent inner-self.

2) He wants that his real condition whether it is good or bad be hidden from people and known only to Allah, with Whom he wants to make real contact. A Malaamati person is claimant of nothing; Neither of knowledge and deeds, nor of piety, experience, observance and reactions. People malign him but he is happy in the heart of hearts that this scolding and censure is rectifying his actions, he is getting rid of conceit and pride thus gaining promixity to Allah. In the eyes of a Malaamity, the most important thing is Allah’s pleasure and wrath. He determines his destination or way of life not keeping in view the wishes of worldly people but Allah’s pleasure and wrath. When he hears about the annoyance of people and being condemned by them, he replies with great enthusiasm and passion.

Be all the world angry with me, I care not The approval of my Lord is all that I seek What to say about the people, they never become happy with anyone. Insane are those who determine their way of life and destination keeping in view the wishes and comments of people. These people are in a habit of finding faults with others and especially in the case of Maulvi they do not like to spare him on any account.

Hazrat Sayyed `Ataullah Shah Bukhari had cured one such lawyer. When he questioned Shah Sahib, “You, Maulvis are expert in trumping up elucidation. Tell me any interpretation that a man can eat and drink without causing harm to his saum (fast). The great orator of Asia replied, “It is quite easy. Ask anyone to strike your head with his shoe and then swallow your anger, it will not break your fast. (Note: For overcoming ones anger, the word we used idiomatically in Urdu is ‘peena’ which means ‘to drink’, as he said.

Hazrat Mufti Shafi had termed Maulvi a ‘censured group’ in the same sense that whatever a Maulvi does, people find out one or the other point of objection in their action. Thus Mufti Sahib’s spiritual successor and his son Maulana Taqi Usmani has explained the saying of his father: “If Maulvi is leading a secluded life, reciting ‘Allah’, ‘Allah’, delivering lessons of ‘Qaalallah and Qaal-ur-Rasool (what Allah and his Prophet said) then their objection is that this Maulvi is totally unaware of the world that has advanced quite a lot. What a progress the world has made in every field! The Americans have landed on moon! But the Maulvis do not bother to come out of their shell! The same out-moded talks, offer prayers! keep fast! keep your shalwar above your ankles, grow beards in size, do not watch TV, make your women observe hijab (viel)....on the other hand, they say, look at the prevailing conditions of the country. The poor are dying of starvation, common people are victims of oppression and injustices, the rulers have become dictators but despite all this Maulvi is sitting in his chamber.

On hearing such talks, if the Maulvi comes out of his closet, raise a voice of Haq (truth) before the rulers, endeavours to rectify political system, establishes a welfare organization for the impecunious Muslims, criticises USA and Russia for their overt hooliganism, then the same people raise objection, ‘What are these Maulvis up for? They ought not to do this. They should only lead prayers in mosques, teach in madaris or recite the name of Allah while sitting any secluded place. Why do they interfere in state affairs, national and international politics.

If the Maulvi is financially weak due to lack of resources and living hand to mouth than these people say, “What a hell of life it is! They have no proper house, no proper dress to wear, no vehicle even a motorcycle, no bank balance. These impecunious people can do nothing but maligning. They are living on our leftovers. That is why we do not make our children Maulvi. Where would they go after their graduating from madrasah? Where would they get bread to eat? Who would allow their daughters to marry the Maulvis?”

If Allah Almighty has blessed some Maulvi with prosperity, even then the same people do not spare him. They utter immediately, “What sort of these Maulvis are! Do they really deserve to be called Maulvi and to be respected while they move about in cars, wear precious clothes, live in splendid, luxurious houses. On the other hand the condition of the true lovers of Allah is that they eat meal of one time and look towards the door of mosque for the other time.”
Maulvis were subjected to criticism when they were away from schools and colleges, and now when they began establishing schools and colleges under their supervision, they are still maligned. If the Maulvi opposed drawing and publishing pictures and helplessly read newspapers containing pictures, they were ridiculed. Now when they have geared up to publish their own newspaper free of pictures of living beings, it is again unbearable for this sort of people........O fortunate members of censured, maligned group! When these western-minded people are on no account ready to spare you from poisonous spears of their tongues, then is it not appropriate to neglect them at all, becoming an example of the verse in Surah Maida.

"They wage jihad in the way of Allah and do not care for any criticism."

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Muslims today and Muslims in the past

Muslims today and Muslims in the past

The time is over when we used to make advancements compelling the world powers to retreat. Those precious moments have gone far away from us on account of our carelessness, love for the wealth and the world. It was a time when the entire world advertently or inadvertently was compelled to follow us. We had challenged the Greek civilization, we had called Azans in whole of Hindustan, we had offered prayers at each and every spot of the earth, we had eliminated the centuries-old culture of Egypt, defeated the enemy at all fronts, we had changed the environment of Rome and Iran through our slogans of Allah-o-Akbar and recitation of holy words, our sword had its impact on the entire world from the Arab to non-Arab world, our horses had entered the oceans of brutality to eliminate injustices from the earth, we had taught new tactics and styles of living with dignity to the world nations, we had set examples of bravery, and we had introduced new rules of war.

But today we are at the defensive side. We do celebrate the Defence Day, but we do not take initiative and so we do never observe any day around the year, which could be called the Day of Advancement. We had come forward as the rescuer of the humanity, but today we are waiting for others to come for our rescue. We are the one who were assigned to show right path to the humanity from east to west, but today we are loitering hapless waiting for foreign help. We are the one that our shepherds were even had ability to lead the community, but today we do not have our ‘Imams’ (leaders). Those who had crushed the ‘white paper’ under their feet, are now standing in front of the White House with begging bowls in their hands. Those who had a kind and soft heart for the oppressed are now looking for a kind-hearted person. Those who had all hopes on just one Allah, are now looking towards hundreds of thousands others for help. Those who were stronger than storms and calamities, are unable today to sustain even a small blow of the wind and close eyes seeing the danger. We have become so coward that we take the unwanted changes in the political and worldly development as our unnatural death. We are the one who eliminated slavery from the world are now becoming slaves of the super powers.

The world knows that Muslims used to fight without food and water a hundred times bigger and stronger enemies on foot and used to defeat them in all battlefields but now despite having all resources of the world we have become spiritless.

If we recall the Islamic History, we remember that there were only 313 Muslims during ‘Badr War’. And these fistful Muslims had only two horses, 70 camels, eight swords and six armour chains. While the battalion of the enemy in that war was bigger. Still the Muslims stood victorious. In ‘Ohd War’, the battalion of Muslims comprised only 700 warriors, while the battalion of the enemy comprised 3,000 fully armed men. But the Muslims made them run from the battlefield. In ‘Khandaq War’, there were only 3,000 Muslims while the forces of enemy comprised 24,000 warriors. But the Muslims had courage and won the battle. In ‘Khyber War’, Muslims were not more than 1600 troops, who fought 20,000 Jews and still the Muslims stood victorious and captured the Khyber. In ‘Qudsiya War’, Muslim troops were a little over 30,000, while there were more than 100,000 Iranian warriors against Muslims who ultimately had to retreat and Muslims stood victorious.

In ‘Yarmook War’, 32,000 Muslims defeated 200,000 Romans. (Some historians have written the figure of Romans as 700,000 out of which 500,000 were killed while 40,000 were captured). In ‘Spain War’, 12,000 Muslims, led by Tariq bin Ziyad, who was a small follower of Hazrat Moosa bin Naseer (rahmatullahi), fought an army of 100,000 troops of the enemy who were armed with latest war gadgets. Christians cannot deny the fact that Muslims, thousands of miles away from their homeland, fought a war with them and defeated them at all fronts. What was the reason that every single Muslim was heavier than a hundred troops of the enemy? What was the reason that Muslims had never thought that they were going to wage a war against a hundred times bigger enemy?
The governor of Egypt, during a war, had sought help from Hazrat `Omar bin Al-Aas (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu) and demanded 30,000 troops. In response to the Egypt governor’s request, Hazrat `Omar (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu) sent just three men and said initially accept these three thousand. Those three men were: Hazrat Kharja bin Hazafa (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu), Hazrat Zubair bin Awam (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu), and Hazrat Maqdad bin Aswad (radhiallahu ta`ala `anhu). These three Muslim warriors really proved heavier than 30,000 troops of the enemy.

The Muslims of yesteryears really had something beyond the courage that turned them heavier than a hundred times bigger army of the non-Muslims. But, today that courage and zeal is not found in the Muslims. We proved our mettle to the enemy at all battlefields and fronts. The enemy knew that fistful Muslims could never be defeated on account of war gadgets. Non-Muslims knew that Muslim forces never retreat, but they fight while closing all their ways of returning home. Muslims fight the enemy after burning their boats because they fight with a vow ‘win or embrace Shahadah (martyrdom)’. The enemy knew that Muslims know how to advance and make the enemy retreat. They only stop when oceans or rivers come in their ways. At this stage they used to pray to Allah Almighty, “Allah, had this ocean not come in our way, we would have continued with waging Jihad against the enemies of Islam and eliminated the non-believers from the earth.”

Nazarenes and Jews were so ashamed of their forefathers’ defeats at the hand of Muslims. But how long such stories and narrations would continue to make them feel ashamed? And how long we would have continued to survive on reminding them such events? At last we are exposed. Our enemies have come to know that Muslims are just hollow and they have no strength, no power. The non-Muslims know that the ancestors of Muslims were practical people while Muslims today depend on lip-serving only. Their ancestors were courageous enough who used to attack enemies like dangerous eagle while Muslims today look for the shelters to hide from the enemy. Those were the Muslims who loved martyrdom and preferred death over cowardice while Muslims today love worldly things. Muslims today do not have that courage that used to make the Muslims in the past heavier over hundreds of enemies.

The saying of Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) has come true: “The day is not far away when all non-Muslim nations would get united against Muslims and launch strike jointly.” When somebody questioned the Holy Prophet, “Will it happen because Muslims will be less in number against the enemies?” The Holy Prophet replied: “No, you will be more than the enemy but you will be like foam, which has nothing in it and has no power or strength. Allah Almighty, because of your cowardice, would remove your fear from the hearts of non-Muslim powers and would fill your hearts with cowardice.” Another Sahaba questioned, “Ya Rasoolullah: What would be that weakness?” He replied: “Your weakness would be love for the world.”

Today all of us, our borders, our ideologies, our interests, our generations and the entire Muslim world have become the target of enemies of Islam. We are left just one remedy to this situation that we should change our today with our yesterday. Our zeal and courage can change our fate and this way we can protect better our interests, our religious beliefs, our countries and our generations. No other thing can defend us.

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Sadqa and Riba

Sadqa and Riba

People who follow the orders and way of arrangements of the Holy Qur’an are well aware of the fact that most of the times the Qur’an joins together two different and opposite things, presenting a far-reaching effect and suitability between different verses. Discussing with comparison the heaven with hell, Muslims with Kuffar, monotheism with polytheism, darkness with divine light, guidance and directives with deviation from the right path is a unique order of Holy Qur’an. Those who study the Qur’an and other religious books witness these facts in the Holy book and also in their real life. The combination of these different and opposite things gives an eloquent description of facts. Moreover, the warnings do not create hopelessness, and promises of reward do not create inaction and false hopes.

In Surah-e-Baqra of the Quran discusses both Sadaqa (charity) and Riba (interest) one after the other under the same order of Qur’an. The first verses deal with the importance and supremacy of Sadqa. Immediately after are mentioned the collective and individual losses caused by Riba, vicious reasoning of usurers, their mental and psychological state and the announcement of war against them by Allah and His Messenger. It is clearly defined that Allah decreases the wealth of one who takes interest and increases the wealth of one who gives Sadaqah. One who receives interest thinks that interest increases his wealth while Sadqa decreases. Many people who see only the apparent state of interest-takers are caught in their trap but they don’t know that Allah Almighty says that wealth is increased by Sadqa and decreased by interest. This reality is far away from the approach of interest-takers because their wisdom. When one’s wisdom is crippled then how can he understand these realities? It may be noted here that there are two types of wisdom or insight: One that only sees the quick result of something. Two, that sees the end and ultimate result of something. We are discussing here the second type of wisdom which is not enjoyed by those who have a lust for rupees and dollars. Wherever the Holy Quran addresses the people of wisdom, it actually means the people having the second type of wisdom.

Decrease in the interest and increase in Sadqaat happen in various ways:
1) The bank balance and lockers of the interest-takers is full of wealth but as soon as he meets the end of life, he sees that his account for the life hereafter is empty. There is no good deed in his account but there is a pile of sins. On the other hand, those who believed in Sadaqah and Khairaat and followed the divine orders during their life would see that Allah has changed their little amount Sadaqah into huge volume of good deeds in their account. They earned millions of good deeds against what they gave in shape of Sadaqa and Khairaat. This increase and decrease would be visible on the Last Day.

2) The interest-taker has a lot of money and wealth but without any blessing. Such wealth gives him no peace of mind and comfort in the life, but brings about restlessness, sleepless nights, disobedient wife, stubborn children, mismanagement in the house and a number of incurable physical, mental and psychological problems. Since such a person is Allah’s detested person, other human beings also hate him in his life.

On the contrary, those who give away part of their earnings as Sadqaat and Khairaat enjoy Allah’s blessings and love from other human being. It is claimed and believed that those who extend Sadqaat and Khairaat are never found poor and they never experience hard time in their life. Giving in the way of Allah gives unending luxury and wealth. Such a person is dear to Allah and human being as well. Hundreds of thousands of poor people pray for his well-being and long life.

3) Though, there is always a possibility or fear of profit and loss in any business, there has never been an incident that could prove that a person who had his bread buttered on both sides yesterday, nose-dived and lost everything. However, it is evident that those who borrowed/lent money with un-Islamic conditions, lost their wealth forever and become beggars. Capital earned through interest appears to be increasing but there is no blessing of Allah in it. Hazrat Muammar (radhi Allahu ‘anhu) says: “Our ancestors used to say that interest-taker does not see forty years of his interest business and experiences losses.”

Actually Sadaqa and Riba are two opposite systems. There is no similarity in these systems as far as morality and Shari‘ah are concerned. Sadaqah is a show of kindness, purity and cooperation while interest is a show of selfishness, corruption and miserliness.
There is never a thought of taking back the thing given in Sadqa while under interest-based system, one always thinks of taking back the money along with additional charge.
A person who are in the practice of giving Sadqah and Khairaat feels for others and in most cases he gives away his own morsel to the other person. But an interest-taker waits for such a situation that someone would face hard time and he would take benefit of it. Countries, which extend loans to the developing or poor countries facing difficult time due to war or famine, never miss the opportunity of taking benefit of the plight of the poor countries. They extend loans with heavy charge of interest.

Such people are worse than animals. Such countries are never desirous of pulling the poor or under-developed countries out of financial crisis but they want to turn the poor into poorer in order to increase their capital. Such countries make policies that bring every citizen, man, woman, elderly person and child under the burden of heavy debt. Regret to mention, we are witnessing such a situation in our beloved country. Under the Islamic system of finance the borrower is given time to repay the loan and the lender never puts pressure on the borrower, so long as he is not in a position to repay the loan. Islam directs to write off the loan if the debtor is not in a position to repay, as long as his financial state is not changed.

According to Abu Harira (radhiallahu ta‘ala ‘anhu), Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alaihe wasallam) said that a Muslim who helps removes any other Muslim’s problem, Allah Almighty would remove any of his problem on the Last Day.”

Those who take/give interest would never understand such Ayaat and Hadiths because their hearts are sealed and they only see the lust of illegally earned wealth. They always wait for the bad time so that they could take benefit of people’s difficulties.

Today when almost the entire world is raising voice against the interest-based system of economy, it is the duty of our rulers and governments to come forward and help the oppressed come out of the curse of interest. The day the Muslims would implement the Riba-free system, they would get rid of hefty foreign debts which are a product of the interest system.

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Missionaries and their catastrophic tactics

Missionaries and their catastrophic tactics

Muslims are well aware of present day’s Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Christian Missionaries and wicked welfare organizations and so they are highly concerned about their activities. For this reason we have tried to highlight and expose the aims and objectives of these organizations and their ways of carrying out their activities through these columns. These efforts of ours are meant to protect the innocent Muslims and religious scholars from the influence of these so-called welfare organizations and also to educate people to keep themselves away from their wicked and nefarious designs. Before we start, we think it is a must to inform Muslims that news reports, which are published in the newspapers and magazines of Western world about Muslims converting to non-Muslim religions, are baseless, fictitious and exaggerated.

Such news reports are published to mislead people and governments, which are funding these wicked organizations so they can get more and more financial assistance. It is a fact that such preachers (non-Muslim) are found nowhere in the world who would spend money from their own resources but all of them serve their personal interest and work for their personal gains. The stories of their luxurious life and indulging into anti-social activities make the most corrupt ashamed. Actually such missionaries are supported and facilitated by Christian rulers, capitalists and artistes and on top of everyone ‘the Jews’. So, in order to gain more and more favour and financial assistance such missionaries present their activities in the world as extra-ordinary. Bloodvein, a missionary, working in an Arabian country, has claimed that he has converted many Muslims to Christians. On his claim the agency he was working for, sent a team to ascertain whether his claim was true. This team found none of the Muslims who changed his religion and embraced Christianity. Such propaganda is mostly done to mislead Muslims and attract the attention of more and more Muslims bring them into their fold.

This fact proves that such missionaries throw bait of glittering West to mould Muslims to change their religious belief. However, they fail in their nefarious designs. They know that Muslims, despite the fact they are living below poverty line, will never change their religious belief. For this purpose the missionaries adopt four tactics namely ‘lust, fear, pressure, and lies, to achieve their objective. It must be clear to all Muslims that Christianity is based on these four principles. If any news report about ‘Muslim converted to Christianity’ is heard from any part of the world that would definitely be based on these four or one of these four principles otherwise no sensible person would find any attraction in Christianity and leave Islam which is a complete, easy and most attractive religion in the world. No sensible person would prefer to fall into the filth leaving the true path of Islam. This is a reality that missionaries know very well. They know that despite using these four tactics they can never succeed in making a Muslim to change his or her religious belief. However, they succeed to certain extent that they make a Muslim to follow their traditions while remaining in the fold of Islam and this they consider at their biggest success against Muslims and Islam.

Dr Evening was the principal of Lahore Mission College. He was also the head of Hindustan Mission Church. He was once questioned: “What do you achieve by spending huge money on your missionary colleges and schools?” He replied: “It is true that we have never been successful in making Muslim students to come into the fold of Christianity, but our objective is not really to convert Muslims into Christians, our aim is to bring them under the influence of Christian culture and society. If they don’t come into the fold of Christianity then it is more than enough for us that they at least don’t remain complete Muslims. Our mission is not to leave Muslims to follow their religious path but they should be westernized. If this is done then mission is complete and we think the money we are spending on this mission is not going waste. The curriculum given by Lord Mikaley also teaches this that don’t leave Muslims on their religious path.”

There is one more confusion that should also be removed from the mind of Muslims and by doing so it would be easier to understand the aims and objectives of missionaries. If you look into the culture, activities, lifestyle and mental approach, you will know that these westerners believe in no religion. You will find them materialist. The entire world including America and Europe worships petrol, gold, and money. But it is startling to know that such materialists and capitalists have been supporting missionaries who claim that they are promoting religious welfare and spiritual life. America, France, Britain, Italy and Russia, who are known to be anti-religion within their own countries, are supporting the Christian preachers. Is not this the eight wonder of the world that those who do not believe in spiritual life, are working for this cause? The reason behind this being is actually they are the enemies of Islam and so they have gathered at one platform to do bad with the only true religion of the world. All of them, though have internal conflicts and do not accept each other’s supremacy, but as far as the mission against Islam and Muslims is concerned they are one. They hate Muslims and the religion of Islam and their hatred sometimes lead them to opt for crusades. Their mission is to damage Islam by hook or by crook.

Their way of committing a religious crime is that they take benefit of deteriorating condition of people by extending medical, financial and other sorts of help. Their belief is wherever you find human being you will find desperation, ailments and wherever there is ailment there would be a need of a doctor and wherever there is a need of a doctor, there would be better opportunities to carry out missionary work. By extending medial help the doctors get closer and closer to the patients and gradually try to change their thinking about the religion.

A Christian doctor, Dr Poly Horres writes on page 277 of his book, ‘Doctor in the Arabian countries’: “A missionary is never happy by establishing a hospital, although its earning is more than the total earning of Oman, but the main objective of a missionary is to convert Muslims into Christians.”

These missionaries never extend any medical aid to the ailing Muslim unless they are sure that he or she would follow their culture and traditions. For this purpose they make the Muslim patient believe that it is only Christ who would cure him or her (God forbid).
Missionaries adopted a noble way of preaching Christianity in the Valley of Nile. The formed a mobile clinic in River Nile. Their procedure was that they used to announce well before that the mobile clinic is reaching to such and such place. People used to bring their patients and wait for the mobile clinic. Before the clinic cold reach, a missionary used to preach Christianity.

Besides clinics and hospitals, missionaries use schools, colleges and other educational institutions to preach Christianity. According to renowned missionary, Henry Husp: “Imparting education in missionary schools is a mission to achieve certain objective and that objective is to bring the human being under the influence of Christianity.” The syllabus, the missionary schools introduce, is based on fictitious stories and lies. In these books Islam is presented as the most prejudiced religion of the world. These books describe Islam that promotes loot and plunder, corruption and all anti-social activities and Quraan is declared as notes of such guidance. Means, the religion of Islam is presented in these missionary books by distorting the facts and realities.

Most missionary schools are established in Muslim countries. Their apparent standards, basic facilities, style of imparting education and fluency of English language attract more to the people who opt for better education for their wards setting aside the religious education. Such people never think, what their children would obtain in these missionary schools. They are ignorant to the fact that the innocent mind of their children are accepting the slow poison against their own religion that is injecting by these missionaries.

It is obligatory for our religions organizations to make efforts to save the Muslims particularly the children and innocent Muslim adults from the clutches of these missionaries.

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