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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Qari Haneef Multani

Aag-Aur-Namaz 1of2 Download NEW!!
Aag-Aur-Namaz 2of2 Download NEW!!
Aalam-e-Arwaah-Ki-Sardari Download
Aap-Ki-Tashreef-Avari Download
Abu Bakr-Umar-Usman-(RAD)-Ke-Teen-Pasund 1of2 Download
Abu Bakr-Umar-Usman-(RAD)-Ke-Teen-Pasund 2of2 Download
Ajar-Quran 1of2 Download
Ajar-Quran 2of2 Download
Akhirat-Aur-Maut-Ke-Tayaree 1of2 Download
Akhirat-Aur-Maut-Ke-Tayaree 2of2 Download
Alim-Arva-Ki-Sardari 1of2 Download
Alim-Arva-Ki-Sardari 2of2 Download
Alim-Arva-Mein-Anbiya-se-Wada 1of2 Download
Alim-Arva-Mein-Anbiya-se-Wada 2of2 Download
Aqeeday-Ki-Islah 1of2 Download
Aqeeday-Ki-Islah 2of2 Download
Arsh-Azeem 1of2 Download
Arsh-Azeem 2of2 Download
Aswa-Hasna 1of2 Download
Aswa-Hasna 2of2 Download
Azaab-aur-Namaz 1of2 Download
Azaab-aur-Namaz 2of2 Download
Azmat-i-Nabi-Kareem-SAAW 1of2 Download
Azmat-i-Nabi-Kareem-SAAW 2of2 Download
Bay-Namazi-Ka-Anjam 1of2 Download
Bay-Namazi-Ka-Anjam 2of2 Download
Bibi-Fatima-(RAD) 1of2 Download NEW!!
Bibi-Fatima-(RAD) 2of2 Download NEW!!
Bibi-Zainab-(RAD) 1of2 Download NEW!!
Bibi-Zainab-(RAD) 2of2 Download NEW!!
Bida'h-Wa-Shirk 1of2 Download NEW!!
Bida'h-Wa-Shirk 2of2 Download NEW!!
DarseTauheed-Shirk-Wa-Bidat 1of2 Download
DarseTauheed-Shirk-Wa-Bidat 2of2 Download
Deeni-Dars-Ghah-Khairul-Madaris 1of2 Download NEW!!
Deeni-Dars-Ghah-Khairul-Madaris 2of2 Download NEW!!
Deen-Kamil-Aur-Maqamal 1of2 Download
Deen-Kamil-Aur-Maqamal 2of2 Download
Deoband-Ka-Shandaar-Maazi 1of2 Download
Deoband-Ka-Shandaar-Maazi 2of2 Download
Dolat-Ki-Ars Download
dor-i-yateem-ki-seerat- 1of3 Download NEW!!
dor-i-yateem-ki-seerat- 2of3 Download NEW!!
dor-i-yateem-ki-seerat- 3of3 Download NEW!!
Duniya-Ki-Haqeeqat 1of2 Download
Farman-e-Ilahi 1of2 Download
Farman-e-Ilahi 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Baitul-Muqadis 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Baitul-Muqadis 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hadhrat-Moavai-(RAD) 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hadhrat-Moavai-(RAD) 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hajj 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hajj 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ayub 1of4 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ayub 2of4 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ayub 3of4 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ayub 4of4 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Bilal-(RAD) Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-e-Nooh-(AS) 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-e-Nooh-(AS) 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-e-Yusuf-(AS) 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-e-Yusuf-(AS) 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Hansa-(RAD) 1of2 Download NEW!!
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Hansa-(RAD) 2of2 Download NEW!!
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Hussain-(RAD) 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Hussain-(RAD) 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ismail-(AS) 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ismail-(AS) 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ruqaia-(RAD) 1of2 Download NEW!!
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Ruqaia-(RAD) 2of2 Download NEW!!
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Sulimaan-(AS) 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Sulimaan-(AS) 2of2 Download
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Umme-Umara-(RAD) 1of2 Download NEW!!
Fazail-e-Hazrat-Umme-Umara-(RAD) 2of2 Download NEW!!
Fazail-e-Umme-Kalsoom 1of2 Download
Fazail-e-Umme-Kalsoom 2of2 Download
Fiqar-i-Akhiat-aur-Akabar--Ke-Waqiat-Bamaqam 1of2 Download
Fiqar-i-Akhiat-aur-Akabar--Ke-Waqiat-Bamaqam 2of2 Download
Gair-Muqallideen-Ki-Haqeeqat 1of2 Download
Gair-Muqallideen-Ki-Haqeeqat 2of2 Download
Ghumrah-Qoam 1of2 Download
Ghumrah-Qoam 2of2 Download
Hazoor-Ikram-SAAW-Ka-Khutbah-of-Hajj-ul-wida 1of2 Download
Hazoor-Ikram-SAAW-Ka-Khutbah-of-Hajj-ul-wida 2of2 Download
Hazrat Abu Jundal-(RAD) 1of2 Download NEW!!
Hazrat Abu Jundal-(RAD) 2of2 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Adam-Ka-Tazkara 1of2 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Adam-Ka-Tazkara 2of2 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Ayub-(AS)-Ke-Sabr 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Ayub-(AS)-Ke-Sabr 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Ibraheem-(AS) 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Ibraheem-(AS) 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Isa-(AS) 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Isa-(AS) 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Isa-(AS)-Ka-Waqiah 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Isa-(AS)-Ka-Waqiah 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Loot-(AS) 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Loot-(AS) 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Marym-(AS)-Ka-Tazkara 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Marym-(AS)-Ka-Tazkara 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Maryum-Ka-Tazkara 1of2 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Maryum-Ka-Tazkara 2of2 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Musa-(AS) 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Musa-(AS) 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Musa-(AS-Aur-Tazkara-e-Jadoo-Gha 1of3 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Musa-(AS-Aur-Tazkara-e-Jadoo-Gha 2of3 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Musa-(AS-Aur-Tazkara-e-Jadoo-Gha 3of3 Download NEW!!
Hazrat-Suliman-(AS)-Ke-Hooqumat 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Suliman-(AS)-Ke-Hooqumat 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Younas-(AS)-Ke-Tawbah 1of2 Download
Hazrat-Younas-(AS)-Ke-Tawbah 2of2 Download
Hazrat-Zakaria-(AS) Download
Ijtmai-Ghana-Ijtanai-Azaab 1of2 Download NEW!!
Ijtmai-Ghana-Ijtanai-Azaab 2of2 Download NEW!!
Ikhlaq-e-Hasna 1of2 Download
Ikhlaq-e-Hasna 2of2 Download
Inssan-Ki-Paidaash 1of2 Download
Inssan-Ki-Paidaash 2of2 Download
Islah-Maasharah 1of2 Download
Islah-Maasharah 2of2 Download
Islami-Taleemaat 1of2 Download
Islami-Taleemaat 2of2 Download
Islam-Ka-Tasawar-Tauheed 1of2 Download
Islam-Ka-Tasawar-Tauheed 2of2 Download
Islam-Mein-Shabaraat 1of2 Download
Islam-Mein-Shabaraat 2of2 Download
Ittaat-e-Rasool 1of2 Download
Ittaat-e-Rasool 2of2 Download
Kabar-Mein-Munkir-Nakeer-Ke-Sawal Download
Kareem-Muhammed-(SAAW)-Ka-Safar-Akhirat 1of2 Download NEW!!
Kareem-Muhammed-(SAAW)-Ka-Safar-Akhirat 2of2 Download NEW!!
Khandan-Ahle-Bait 1of3 Download
Khandan-Ahle-Bait 2of3 Download
Khandan-Ahle-Bait 3of3 Download
khoff-ilahi 1of2 Download NEW!!
khoff-ilahi 2of2 Download NEW!!
Khulafa-i-Rashideen-Ki-Pasand 1of2 Download
Khulafa-i-Rashideen-Ki-Pasand 2of2 Download
Laylatul-Qadr-The-Most-Blessed-Night 1of3 Download NEW!!
Laylatul-Qadr-The-Most-Blessed-Night 2of3 Download NEW!!
Laylatul-Qadr-The-Most-Blessed-Night 3of3 Download NEW!!
Life-Of-Nabi-(SAAW) 1of2 Download
Life-Of-Nabi-(SAAW) 2of2 Download
Milad-Mojoob-Qainat 1of2 Download
Milad-Mojoob-Qainat 2of2 Download
Moat-Ka-Akhari-Waqt 1of2 Download
Moat-Ka-Akhari-Waqt 2of2 Download
Mojazaat-e-Rasool-(SAAW) 1of2 Download NEW!!
Mojazaat-e-Rasool-(SAAW) 2of2 Download NEW!!
Moth-Ka-Manzer 1of2 Download
Moth-Ka-Manzer 2of2 Download
Muhabaat-e-Rasool-(SAAW) 1of2 Download
Muhabaat-e-Rasool-(SAAW) 2of2 Download
Muhabat-e-Rasool-(SAAW) 1of3 Download NEW!!
Muhabat-e-Rasool-(SAAW) 2of3 Download NEW!!
Muhabat-e-Rasool-(SAAW) 3of3 Download NEW!!
Munafiq-Ka-Janaza 1of2 Download
Munafiq-Ka-Janaza 2of2 Download
Muqam-e-Sahabah-(RAD) 1of2 Download
Muqam-e-Sahabah-(RAD) 2of2 Download
Naaikoon-Ki-Barbadi 1of2 Download
Naaikoon-Ki-Barbadi 2of2 Download
Nikah-Ka-Bayan 1of2 Download
Nikah-Ka-Bayan 2of2 Download
Niyat-aur-Amal 1of2 Download
Niyat-aur-Amal 2of2 Download
Pardah-Ke-Haqkekat 1of2 Download
Pardah-Ke-Haqkekat 2of2 Download
Paydaish-e-Musa-(AS) 1of2 Download
Paydaish-e-Musa-(AS) 2of2 Download
Qabar-Ka-Khouf 1of2 Download
Qabar-Ka-Khouf 2of2 Download
Qari Haneef Multani -Duniya-Ki-Haqeeqat 2of2 Download
Qayamat-Ka-Din 1of2 Download
Qayamat-Ka-Din 2of2 Download
Qoamoan-Ki-Tabai-Aulia-Allah-Ka-Tazkara-And-Aurat-Ka-Maqaam-(Batley-England) 1of3 Download NEW!!
Qoamoan-Ki-Tabai-Aulia-Allah-Ka-Tazkara-And-Aurat-Ka-Maqaam-(Batley-England) 2of3 Download NEW!!
Qoamoan-Ki-Tabai-Aulia-Allah-Ka-Tazkara-And-Aurat-Ka-Maqaam-(Batley-England) 3of3 Download NEW!!
Rehmatillalameen 1of2 Download
Rehmatillalameen 2of2 Download
Saadqah 1of2 Download
Saadqah 2of2 Download
Seerah-e-Paak-Nabi-(SAAW) 1of2 Download
Seerah-e-Paak-Nabi-(SAAW) 2of2 Download
Seerat-Un-Nabi 1of2 Download
Seerat-Un-Nabi 2of2 Download
Shaan-Ameer-Humza-(RAD) 1of2 Download
Shaan-Ameer-Humza-(RAD) 2of2 Download
Shaan-Aulia 1of2 Download
Shaan-Aulia 2of2 Download
Shaan-e-Abu-Bakr (RAD) Download
Shahdat-Farooq-Azam-(RAD) 1of2 Download
Shahdat-Farooq-Azam-(RAD) 2of2 Download
Shirk-Kye-Hai 1of2 Download NEW!!
Shirk-Kye-Hai 2of2 Download NEW!!
Shirk-Wa-Bida'h 1of2 Download
Shirk-Wa-Bida'h 2of2 Download
Shuhadah-Islaam 1of2 Download
Shuhadah-Islaam 2of2 Download
South African Tour Biyaan 1of2 Download NEW
South African Tour Biyaan 2of2 Download NEW
Surat-Zaitoon Download
Tableeqi-Jamat-Ke-Bani-Mufti-Zakariya-Ka-Tazkara 1of2 Download
Tableeqi-Jamat-Ke-Bani-Mufti-Zakariya-Ka-Tazkara 2of2 Download
Tafseer-e-Ayat-Ul-Kursi 1of2 Download
Tafseer-e-Ayat-Ul-Kursi 2of2 Download
Tajdaar-e-Khatme-Nabuwwat-Seerah-e-Tayaba-Bayan-Chiniot-Pakistan 1of3 Download NEW!!
Tajdaar-e-Khatme-Nabuwwat-Seerah-e-Tayaba-Bayan-Chiniot-Pakistan 2of3 Download NEW!!
Tajdaar-e-Khatme-Nabuwwat-Seerah-e-Tayaba-Bayan-Chiniot-Pakistan 3of3 Download NEW!!
Tauheed-Aur-Sunnah 1of2 Download
Tauheed-Aur-Sunnah 2of2 Download
Tenn-Sahabhi-(RAD) 1of2 Download
Tenn-Sahabhi-(RAD) 2of2 Download
Toofan-e-Nooh-(AS) 1of2 Download
Toofan-e-Nooh-(AS) 2of2 Download
Wali-Allah-Ki-Shaan 1of3 Download NEW!!
Wali-Allah-Ki-Shaan 2of3 Download NEW!!
Wali-Allah-Ki-Shaan 3of3 Download NEW!!
Waqia-Karbala 1of2 Download
Waqia-Karbala 2of2 Download
Waqia-Miraaj-un-Nabi-(SAAW) 1of2 Download
Waqia-Miraaj-un-Nabi-(SAAW) 2of2 Download
Zina-Azeem-Jurm-Hein 1of2 Download
Zina-Azeem-Jurm-Hein 2of2 Download


  1. this is a apreasable affort, and we need we must listen and play these in our houses instead of cable tv

  2. There is so much to learn about Islam but unfortunately we are not learning,we are only indulged in earning and learning about Duniya (World).We should lean deen as it will help us both in duniya and akhirat Insha Allah

  3. really a good site which has valuable speeches and talks. and also its work of sawab.

  4. tmam muslemno bhen bhaion ko bhut saam

  5. jazakumullah nice effort keep it up dear, may allah grant all your noble wishes - Mohd Ibrahim, Chennai, India

  6. Thanks A lot.. I am downloading all of them

  7. AOA

    Dear brother i found a website where you found more speeches of Qari Haneef Multani RA

  8. khuda bhala kari azeem agar he

  9. Assalamualaikum.....!
    This islamic websites the greatest websites in the world which is created for ummat's hidayat.

    This is what allah has said in the quran that
    " Kuntum khaira ummati uqrijat linnaas
    Taa' muroona bil maaroof wa tanhaona anil munkar
    wa tu' minoona billa"

    Allah says in this aayat
    "You are the best ummat.
    You are created for peoples profit.
    You call peoples towards good and stops toward bad"

  10. allah is kar e kher ma barkat dy.........

  11. Really Zakhira on internet for Akhira one word of each bayan is enough to change the person life and attitude...thanks

  12. Allahmdullilah Allah apko jazye kher ata frmaye.....

  13. ADiL~Prince

  14. Alhamdulillah a very nice site good jazyakhair

  15. bohat khoshi hoai bayan sun kar allah aap ko ajre azim day aameen

  16. Athar Kamal
    Mashallah Qari Haneef Sb ki taqareer ka nayab majmua hai . Allah Taala is ka behtarin badla enayat farmaye ! Amin

  17. Allhamdullilah I am trying to become a momeen

  18. AlhamduLILLAH ! Great effort by admin!



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