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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dr. Khalid Mehmood Soomro.

Position: Senator
Party Affiliation: JUI-FCategory:Senate Member -->
Gender: Male
Home Phone: 051-9204144, 074-4059477, 4040542, 4056350
Mobile Phone: 0300-3411651, 0300-32242521
Fax: 074-4056350
Province: SindhCurrent status:Active -->
Address: i. J-001, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad.ii. Dodaiy Road, Siddiqui Colony U.C. (6) Larkana.


  1. may allah give him long live, because he is working for the spread of islam, his whole life is on sunnat,
    geo dr sahb

  2. Dr khalid mahmoond was speech at sukkur al - madina colony...

    INSHALLAH I will upload the video ON

    Dated: 08 May 2011


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