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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Al-Ikhlas (Sura tul-fa-laq)

In The name of Allah , The beneficent , The merciful .

qul hu-wallahu a-had , allahus sa-mad , lam ya-lid , wa lam yu-lad , wa-lam-ya-kul-la-hu- ku-fu-wan a-had. (112, The Purity , or Sincerity).

Say : He is Allah, the One! Allah the Eternally * Besought of all!, He begetteth not nor was begotten. And there is none comparable unto Him.

* Eternal - living for ever , without beginning or end.

Tauheed (the Oneness of Allah):-

Q. What is meant by the word Allah ?

A. Allah is the name of the Being Who is Wajibul Wajud , and is the embodiment of all Sifat-e-Kamalia.

Q. What is meant by Wajibul Wajud ?

A. Wajibul Wajud is the Eternal being whose presence is necessary and whose absence is impossible. Wajibul wajud is from all times and will remain for ever. There is no beginning for Him nor an end. He is self-existent , as anything which comes into being or is present due to others's creation cannot be Wajibul wajud. Thus according to the teachings of islam. Allah is Wajibul Wajud. he alone and no other being in the universe in wajibul wajud.

Q. What is meant by Sifat-e-Kamalia ?

A. As Allah is wajibul wajud and wajibul wajud should be perfect , the perfect qualities or qualifications which are essential for wajibul wajud are proved to be in Him. These qualities are called Sifat-e-kamalia.

Q. What is the being called which has been from all times and will remain for ever ?

A . Such a being is called Qadim.

Q. What beings other than Allah are Qadim ?

A. Only Allah and His qualities are Qadim and nothing else is Qadim.

Q. When nothing except Allah existed from all times , how did Allah create heaven , earth and all other things ?

A. The whole universe was created by the order of Allah and His power. He did not need anything to create the earth and heaven. Had he stood in need, how could he be wajibul wajud ? remember Allah is wajibul Wajud and He never requires anything for His work of any help from others.

Q. What are the Sifat-e-kamalia or perfect qualities of Allah ?

A. Wahdat , Qidam, or wajub-e-Wajud, Hayat , Qudrat , 'Ilm , 'Irada, Sam'a , Basar, Kalam , Khulq , Takwin , etc.

Q. What is Sifat-e-wahdat ?

A. Wahdat means oneness . It is a quality of Allah , that is , He is unique in His person and also in His qualities. Tauheed means believing in the oneness of Allah and having faith in Him and accepting Him as one.

Q. What is Sifat-e-Qidam and what is meant by wajub-e-Wajud ?

A. Qidam is to be qadim , which means to be from all times and for all times. wajub-e-Qajud is to be Wajibul wajud.

Q. What is meant by azali and Abzdi ?

A. That which has no beginning is called Azali and which has no end and remains for ever is Abadi. so Allah is both Azali and Abadi and that is , what is meant Qadim.

Q. What is Hayat ?

A. Hayat means life , i.e., Allah is alive , to be alive is one of His proven qualities.

Q. what is meant by Sifat-e-Qudrat ?

A. Qudrat means power. Allah is Omnific and has the power of creating , maintaining and destroying the universe and then again bringing it into existence.

Q. What is meant by Sifat-e-'Ilm ?

A. 'Ilm means to know , i.e., allah knows everything about everything. Nothing big or small is out of His knowledge. He knows about every particle and he knows about everything before its being and after its extinction. he hears and sees fully well even the movement of an ant in the darkness of night. The ideas that creep in human beings' heart are all known to allah. Ilm-e-Ghaib (knowledge of all secrets) is a quality of Allah.

Q. What is meant by Irada ?

A. Irada is to do something by one's own power and will. Allah can create anything he likes by His power , and destroy in the same way . All things in the word happen by His power and Irada. Nothing in the universe is beyond His power. he is never helpless and can ever do what He likes.

Q. What is meant by Sifat-e-sam'a and Sifat-e-Basar ?

A. Sam'a means to hear and Basar means to see. Allah sees and hears everything. But He has no ears nor eyes , nor any organs like other creatures. he hears the lightest sound and sees the smallest of the things. Distance or nearness , darkness or light makes no difference for Him.

Q. What is meant by Sifat-e-kalam ?

A. Kalam means speaking . Speaking is Allah's proven quality , but He requires no tongue like His creatures.

Q. How does allah talk when He has no tongue ?

A. Allah's creatures cannot talk without tongue, they depend on organs and provisions, but Allah does not depend upon anything . he does not need a tongue to speak. Had He stood in need , He could not have been Wajibul Wajud.

Q. What is meant by Sifat-e-Khalq and Takwin ?

A. Khalq is to create. Takwin is to bring into existence. The qualities of Allah are that he is Khaliq (creator), and Mukauwin (has power to bring into existence) of the whole universe.

Q. Besides these qualiies , are there any more qualities of Allah ?

A. Yes , there are many more qualities of Allah , as to deprive one of life , to bring into life , to sustain, to bring honour or disgrace , etc, All the qualities of Allah are Azali , Abadi and Qadim in which no alteration, additions or reduction can be made.

Q: What is the Muslim's belief about Allah?

A: His belief is that :

1. Allah is one.

2. None is worthy of worship but Allah.

3.He has no partner.

4.He knows everything and nothing is hidden from him.

5.He is the Fountainhead of all strength and power.

6.He has created the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, angels, human beings, jinns, and in fact created teh whole universe out of nothingness. He is the Master of all.

7.He creates and destroys. Everything in creation is born or brought to an end by his orders.

8.He feeds all his creation.

9.He neither eats, nor drinks nor sleeps.

10.He himself exists from eternity and will exist to eternity.

11.Nobody gave birth to him.

12.He has no father, no son, no daughter, nor has He any relations. He is free from all these relations.

13.Everybody depends on Him. He does not depend upon anyone. Nor is He in need of anything.

14.He is peerless. Nothing is like Him, nothing resembles him.

15.He is above all weeknesses and free from all defects and shortcomings.

16.He has no hands, feet, nose, ears or face like human beings.

17.He has made angels to look after certain affairs of the world.

18.He sent prophets for the guidance of His creatures. They taught them the true religion, instructed them in what is good, anied to keep them away from evil.

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