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Friday, November 30, 2012

Bukhari :: Book 1 :: Volume 4 :: Hadith 226

Ablutions (Wudu') 

Bukhari :: Book 1 :: Volume 4 :: Hadith 226
Narrated Abu Wail:
Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari used to lay great stress on the question of urination and he used to say, "If anyone from Bani Israel happened to soil his clothes with urine, he used to cut that portion away." Hearing that, Hudhaifa said to Abu Wail, "I wish he (Abu Musa) didn't (lay great stress on that matter)." Hudhaifa added, "Allah's Apostle went to the dumps of some people and urinated while standing."

The Index of Ablutions (Wudu')

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