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Sunday, April 14, 2013


You Will Get Whatever You Will Ask For
Muhammad Farhan, Lahore

Write the word Allah according to the size of the utensil & sprinkle its water on the person who is under a spell. The devil that is appointed on him burns off.

The person who will recite Ya-Allah 100 times daily will get rid of all the doubts from his/her heart. & he/she will have the power of dedication & belief. A person who has an incurable disease & his/her relatives have given up should recite Ya-Allah frequently. & after this he/she should pray for health. He/she would regain health provided that his/her time of death has not impended.
On the day of Friday, before Friday prayers, by becoming clean & pure & reciting Ya-Allah-o in solitude makes accomplishments of desires easy, no matter how difficult it (or they) is.
The person who recites this 100 times after every prayer becomes an esoteric & an apocalyptic. By writing it 66 times & washing it & making a patient drink it restores health to the patient by the grace of Allah Almighty; even if he/she is under an evil spell.
For a person who is under an evil spell, write the name Allah in a utensil according to its size & sprinkle its water on the spellbound - the devil who is appointed on him/her burns. A person who will do zikr of this in love of Allah Almighty & would not have doubt, he/she will be among the believers.
The person who keep on reciting 7 times after every prayers, his/her faith would not be snatched. & he/she will remain safe from the devil.
The person who will recite یَااَللہُ یَاھُوَ 1,000 times, faith & forgiveness will be strengthened in his/her heart. The person who will say Asr prayers on Friday & will keep on reciting ھُوَاللّٰہُ الرَّحِیْمُ , till the maghrib prayers will get from Allah Almighty whatever he/she would desire or ask for. 

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