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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Digipals

The Digipals
Dani and Zebi although have been living in the cyber café for all of their lives but they are not enjoying there any longer. Every day a more anguishing event occurs while youngsters browse the net and Dani and Zebi are very disturbed by this. They are very anxious to leave but where can they go?
Dani: "Assalam-o-Alaikum! How has your life been going? Mine has not been very pleasant recently and I don't approve of the ambience in the café.
Zebi: "Waalikum-us-Salam Brother Dani! I strongly support you in your opinion about the café. It's just so sad to see that Muslim children are wasting their precious time as well as money in such futile activities. I, sometimes feel like crying over this deplorable situation."
Dani: "I don't say children should not browse or do activities on the Internet. They are not availing the opportunity which the electronic media provides to use it for the promotion of Islam."
Zebi: "You know Dani there are children who are making such commendable efforts for the sake of their religion. They are making new web sites to create awareness of Islam to link Muslims all over the world."
Dani: "Ah! Don't you wish we were PCs of such noble children. Even we would have adventures, creating new web pages. Wow! Just imagine, we could be a source of benefit to the mankind. And then Allah (Subhanhu Watala) would be so pleased with us."
Zebi: "Oh! That's my biggest dream ever! But do you think it will ever come true? With all this around us. No good people come here. How will we ever get out of this place?"
Dani: "Oh! Zebi! Don't lose hope, Inshallah somebody will help us and that help will be from Allah (Subhanhu Watala)."
Zebi: "You are right! Nobody can answer our prayers except for Allah (Subhanhu Watala). If He wants, we will be able to leave this place against all the odds. But if He does not will, we can never go, no matter how favourable the circumstances."
Dani: "The basic idea is to be humble servants of Allah (Subhanhu Watala) and spend our lives to please Him. Remember dear friends, life's not worth wile, if it is not spent by the will of Almighty Allah."
Zebi: "Dani, you and I will pray to Allah to help us free from the difficulty on our hands. And our precious readers, you also pray to Allah that we are owned by great people like your own selves."
Dani: "Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alaihe Wassalam) preached that a Muslim should help another in pain and agony. And so did the Sahaba and, therefore, such a strong Muslim community evolved in whole of Arabia."
Zebi: If we start from our own siblings by carrying for them while they are ill, giving a helping hand with their chores. If you are older helping out with the homework would be a good way of expressing your kindness and love."
Dani: "Concern for your fellows, arouses fondness in their hearts for your and they will be there for you in the time of need. When you love someone for Allah (Subhanhu Watala), there are no chances of betrayal in friend ship."
Zebi: "So lets vow from today, that whenever we pray, we will remember our kids and kin from the core of our heart. And lets hope that Allah (Subhanhu Watala) grants our prayers."
Dani: "Inshallah Zebi, don't you worry about that. Allah loves us more than anyone and He can never leave His beings at the time of need."

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