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Monday, June 3, 2013

The responsibility of NWFP’s Ulama

The responsibility of NWFP’s Ulama

Some people called it Frontier, some named Pukhtoonistan and Pathanistan but finally it got the name of Frontier. It is said that in the year of 1901, the Viceroy of Hindustan, Lord Corzon created a new province by joining all Pukhtoon dominated districts of the then Punjab and named it North-West Frontier Province (NWFP). The Britons could have named this province as Pathanistan or Pukhtoonistan but the problem was that it was Afghanistan on the other side of the border and the two sides did not have good relations.

Afghanistan was so close to Russia at that time and Afghan Pukhtoons had soft corner and attraction for the Pukhtoons in today’s NWFP. The Pukhtoon and Pathan population of Afghanistan would have taken it as a pride had its name been kept after them while on the other side the prejudiced and narrow-minded Britons never wanted to give this pleasure to them. But, it is said that there is nothing important in name, the real lust lies in its natural beauty, its historical background, its lakes, waterfalls and healthy points. Nathiagali, Abubia, Murree, Kaghan Valley, Lake Saif-ul-Mulook, Swat, Kafiristan, Hindukush and White mountains are full of natural beauty admired all over the world. All these places are located in the North-West Frontier Province.

As far as the history and the oldest human culture is concerned, this province is considered as the center of such historical wealth. During the period of Syedna `Usman ibn Affan (radhi Allahu `anhu), in Hijra 66, Mujahideen - led by Hazrat Sanan bin Salmah (radhi Allahu `anhu) - enkindled the candle of Islam and spread the religion in this part of the world. In the following days the light of this candle spread a thousand-fold and no other culture could put this candle off. How come this candle could be put off which was enlightened with the precious blood of Sahaba-e-Karam and their followers. It is said that those Shuhada-e-Islam were buried in Chagharmati area in Peshawar city’s Dawoodzai vicinity. General public calls this place as ‘Mazar Mubarak Ashaab Baba’ (Shrine of Sahaba-e-Karam). The reality is known only to the Allah Almighty but despite frequent geographic changes the inhabitants of this area are still the symbol of courage, honor, kindness and sacrifice. These qualities give a clear message that justice and truth had prevailed in this region.

Turban and beard are the part of culture and regional values. Despite all-out efforts by the Western powers, their most attractive civilization could not change the thinking of people here. Also, despite aggression by the allied forces of the West, the Mulla could not be traced in this region. The reality is that Mulla still enjoys the superb reputation and decisive position in this area. On account of its best location, strong association with the religion and unconquerable religious zeal, the Frontier province has always been the center of the Ulama's activities. Syed Badshah Rahimahullah also chose this province for waging Jihad in 13th Hijra.

He had a plan to expel the Britons from the country in the following days and establish a Shari`ah government on the basis of Qur’aan and Sunnah. We can imagine today that had the plan of Syed Badshah Noorullah Marqadahu succeeded, the position of Hindustan would have been certainly different. There would have been Caliphate rule, Qur’aan would have been the supreme law, Sunnah would prevail all over, justice would be knocking at every door, Shari`ah would have been implemented and on top of everything a model Islamic government would have been established as per the desires of all oppressed people around the globe. The Britons would be compelled to lick dust, timid Hindus would become helpless and Sikhs would have forgotten their fun.

But, unfortunately it could not happen. Syed Sahib (rahimahullah) practically established an Islamic government in and around Peshawar where true Islamic economic system was implemented. However, this government and Islamic system could not continue more than a few months. In disintegrating the Islamic rule, our own people played stronger role than the non-Muslim elements did. As a result, true Muslim Mujahideen were martyred in the month of Ziqa’ad, 1246 Hijrah.

Today once again the province is echoing with the plans of implementing Islamic laws. With the blessings of Allah Almighty a group of religious people have come to the power who claim that ‘power is not their aim, it is a source to reach the destination’. Millions of people who love Islam have attached high hopes with these people. But the situation is that it is not only the people who are making efforts to implement Islamic laws and supporting them, there are other people also who are against the Islamic system and have focused their attention on the North-West Frontier Province. They are waiting for an opportunity or mistake by the religious people in power to show the world the consequence of voting the religious people to power.

They are waiting to prove that religious people neither could get the religion nor they could do any good for the people. They want to prove that in the struggle for getting more, the religious people lost what they already had in their possession and that the people came to power as a ray of hope for the protection of Islam have indulged in self-centered activities. Those who make tall claims of acting as watchman, lost in the crowd and parted their ways with the common people.

In order to avoid such comments of opponents, it is advisable for the ruling Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal team to adopt measures, which would bring a healthy change and people would admire the constructive steps. The measures, which have been taken so far, are commendable but there is still a lot more to do.

Initially, if measures are taken to rid people of injustices and oppression meted out to them by the police, Sardars, Waderas and other influential people, it would be a great service, which would definitely create a soft corner for Muttahida among masses. Curbing corruption like openly demanding illegal gratification on highways, in the courtrooms and in the police stations, is inevitable.
Under the prevailing situation, intelligent drivers keep a certain amount of money for beggars and cops when they put their vehicle on the road because they know without doing so they would not be able to drive peacefully.

In order to shut the mouth of opponents and to make the Islamic system successful, Ulama of Frontier are liable to play their constructive role. They must create awareness among masses to adopt the true Islamic system. It is a fact that lack of proper Islamic education and non-existence of Islamic government since long have created a number of immoral traditions, non-Islamic behaviour and other social weaknesses in the society. And this situation needs constant efforts and strong strategy. Most of the people among us want to see the prevalence of Islamic laws but they are unable to implement the Islamic law on themselves and their families. Supremacy of Shari`ah laws at the government level, besides implementing Shari`ah laws in bazaars, shops, factories, marriage halls and in the houses of common citizens would produce long lasting and fruitful results. If Ulama-e-Karam ignored the lower level and continued focusing the government level for implementation of Islamic laws then they would not be able to cultivate the desired results.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that no strong and true Islamic group of rulers came to power after Syed Badshah (rahimahullah) since the thirteenth century. However, if a second example of this group can be given then that is the group of Taliban. But one thing is found common in both the rules that they could not bring remarkable change at the level of general public despite establishing the Islamic government. As a result, the group of opponents took advantage and kept on making the Jihad movement unsuccessful. These efforts were not made only by opponents but certain Ulama also acted against the Islamic system for their personal gains. There were some Ulama who issued Fatwa of killing Hazrat Syed Sahib and his companions.

A statement was also sent to the Ulama of NWFP by the said Ulama in which they had said: “A man Syed Ahmad, after gathering a group of Ulama-e-Hind has entered your province. With a very little majority he is raising a slogan of ‘Jihad Fi Sabilillah' and this claim is nothing else but a jugglery and bundle of lies. He is against your and our religion and has created a new religion. He doesn’t follow any saint. You people should be very careful and don’t listen to what he and his followers tell you. You people should not give him and his followers any space. You must adopt strategy to destroy them and do not let them into your ranks. If you make any further delay then you will be sorry as you will achieve nothing.”

The role that certain Ulama played against the mission of Taliban is no more a hidden fact. Keeping in view the past and present the MMA Ulama-e-Karam must keep an eye on such destructive Ulama. On the other hand they must teach Islamic system and norm to the general public. If Ulama-e-Karam consider preaching Islam only among ministers and cabinet members, there is fear that they might get tired before reaching their destination. May Allah help us.

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