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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Junaid Jhamshaid

Junaid Shamshaid - Ex-Famous singer and dancer well known in Pakistan. Spent time with the Islahi (Reformation) Jamaah under the supervision of Maulana Tariq Jameel Saab and became a practising Muslim soon after. Left singing and dancing to fully committ his life to travelling the world to inspire fellow Muslims to become practising Muslims.


Junaid Jamshed - Shj-Markaz (10-04-08) Download NEW
Junaid Jamshed - Islahi (Reformation) Biyaan 1of2 Download
Junaid Jamshed - Islahi (Reformation) Biyaan 2of2 Download
Junaid Jamshed - Mai-Kaisay-Badla 1of2 Download
Junaid Jamshed - Mai-Kaisay-Badla 2of2 Download
Junaid-Jamshaid - Fazail-e-Kalimah-Tayyabah Download
Junaid-Jamshaid - Quran-Ke-Azmat ( 2004) Download

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