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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Infallibility of the Imams

The Shia consider the Imams to be completely infallible, do not make even the slightest error. Hence following these Imams, according to Shia's creed, is obligatory on all true Shia Muslims until the Day of Judgment. In fact, reverence for these Imams is so great amongst the Shia that the Imams are believed to be on a level above even the Prophets or the highest ranking angels; A level wherein even the particles of the universe are subservient to them.

Khomeini asserts in his book, Al-Hukumah Al-Islamiyyah:

"Certainly the Imam has a dignified station, a lofty rank, a creational caliphate, and a sovereignty and mastery over all the atoms of creation. It is definitely a basic belief in our school of thought, that our Imams occupy a rank unattainable by either an angel or a major Prophet. And, according to our narrations of Hadith, before the creation of the universe, the greatest Prophet SAWS, and the Imams - peace be upon them - were in the form of light which Allah made orbit His throne and gave them rank and proximity known only to Him. As was narrated in the hadith on Miraaj, Angel Gabriel said, 'If I were to have come an inch closer, I would have been burnt up.' - that is, by the intensity of the Imam's light. It has also been narrated by them (the Imams) - may peace be on them - that, 'We have certain states in relation to Allah not allowed to an angel or a great Prophet.' A similar status is accorded to Fatima Al-Zahra (Prophet Mohammad's daughter) - may peace be on her..."

In the same book, Khomeini also states regarding the Imams:

"...because we cannot imagine the Imams being forgetful or negligent, and we believe that they perceive all things which could benefit Muslims..." and "The Imam's teachings are like the Qur'an...they must be implemented and followed."

This last statement finds its support in a chapter of Al-Kafi entitled: "Surely people have no Truth except what came from the Imams and everything which did not come from them (the Imams) is false."

The Shia believe that the Imams have absolute and infinite knowledge. This contradicts what Allah says in the Quran; "Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone). It is He who sends down rain, and it is he that knows what is in the wombs. Nor does anyone know what it is that he will earn tomorrow, nor does anyone know in what land he is to die. Verily with Allah is full knowledge and He is acquainted (with all things)" (Quran 31:34)

Characteristics of the Imams

Below are some of the lies that the Shia tell about their 12 Imams, as some of you might have already known that the Shia's beliefs differ significantly in many aspects from Islam:

1. "All the Imams are infallible just like the prophets. The Shia derive their religion from their immaculate (infallible) Imams" (Usool al Kafi, p. 22) Well this is a clear statement of kufr from the Shia, as you can see they admit that they derive their religion from their Imams, well this means that if a Shia Imam declares something as forbidden that in the Qur'an is permissible, the Shia would follow their Imams... by this statement the Shia have taken themselves outside Islam.

2. "By listening to the voice of a person, the Imams can tell if the person was destined to go to hell or to heaven; they would thus answer his questions accordingly" (Usool al Kafi, p.185) As you can see the Shia make their Imams out to be some God-like being, can't they see that this is Shirk (worshipping other than Allah, or associating partners with him).

3. "The Imams possess all the knowledge granted to angels, prophets and messengers" (Al-Kulaini, Al-Kaafi, p.255.) Well here is more shirk from the Shia... How can an Imam, who is just a human, know the Unseen??? Only Allah knows the Unseen, and think about this. The Imams were not even alive at the time of all of the prophets so here is a major contradiction in the Shia faith!

4. "The Imams know when they will die, and they do not die except by their own choice" (Ibid, p: 258) Now, this is a clear statement of blasphemy. Only Allah knows when a man will die! And these Shia say that their Imams have control over the timing of their death. This is major blasphemy and "shirk" (polytheism) for any one to believe in all the things that the Shia say about their Imams!

5. "The Imams have knowledge of whatever occurred in the past and whatever will happen in the future, and nothing is concealed from them" (Ibid, p. 260.) Only Allah knows the future for any person to say that these Imams know the Unseen is committing "Shirk" (polytheism) and takes himself outside Islam.

6. "The Imams have knowledge of all the revealed books, regardless of the languages in which they were revealed" (Ibid, p. 227) As you can see these Shia have elevated their Imams to a God-like level, and the Shia say that there is nothing wrong with this!!!

7. "No one compiled the Qur'an completely except the Imams, and they encompass all of its knowledge' (Ibid, p. 228) So since the Qur'an was not compiled by the Imams then does that mean that the Quran is fabricated??? These Shia want to even destroy Islam... look at what they say, they even insult the Qur'an!! And it is a well known fact that the Shia have their own Qur'an

8. "Signs of the prophets are possessed by the Imams" (Ibid, p. 231) The Shia have once again elevated their Imams to a very high level. The Imams they refer too are only human! So why do the Shia worship them.

9. "When the Imams' time comes, they will rule in accordance with the laws of prophet David and his dynasty. These Imams will not need to ask for presentation of evidence before passing their judgments" (Ibid,p. 397) The Shia even believe that their Imams can do what ever they want!! Here they say that their Imams can just pass judgment on anybody! And they say that their Imams will not rule according to the Qur'an, but will rule by the laws of David!! (All Muslims must rule by the Qur'an and Sunnah). This is a proof that the awaited Imam of the Shia is not the one that Muslims believe in, but he is indeed the Anti-Christ (Al-Dajjal). The one that all Jews are waiting for him to be their leader.

10. "There is not a single truth possessed by people, save that which originated with the Imams. Everything which did not originate from the Imams is false" (Ibid, p.277)

Let us examine what the Shia's main reference books say about their Imams:

1. Imam Ali is God. (Jila-ul-A'yoon, Vol. 2, p. 66, pub. in Pakistan)

2. There is no difference between Ali & Allah (meaning they are the same person/ entity). (Jila-ul-A'yoon, Vol. 2, p. 85)

3. Wherever the Quran mentions "Rab" (meaning Lord/God), according to this Shia book, that word should be substituted with Imam Ali's name. (Jila-ul-A'yoon, Vol. 2, p. 66)

4. Imam Ali & his descendants are omni-present (everywhere & anytime) and omni-scient (have unlimited knowledge) and these attributes are theirs alone, and therefore are not attributes of Allah. (Jila-ul-A'yoon, Vol. 2, p. 85)

5. Imam Ali & his descendent Imams know everything that:

(a) happened in the past,

(b) is happening now, and

(c) will happen in the future.

(Usool Kaafi, Vol 1, p260 & Vol. 2, p. 10)

6. It is a fundamental principle of faith that our (Shia) Imams have ranks higher than the ranks of angels & God's prophets. (Khomeini's book, Hukuma Islamiya, p. 52)

7. The Imam possesses more attributes than a Prophet. (Usool Kaafi, Vol.1, p. 388)

8. All Imams are equal in rank and status to Prophet Muhammad (s.a. w). (Usool Kaafi, Vol. 1, p. 270)

9. Shia must follow the Imam when he is under the state of Taqiya (lying about his true faith). (Usool Kaafi, Vol. 1, p. 40)

10. Imams receive divine revelations. (Usool Kaafi, Vol. 1, p. 176 & p. 329-330)

11. The Imams are the eyes of the God in his creatures and the final authority in the affairs of all human beings. (Usool Kaafi, Vol. 1, p. 145)

12. The Hujjat ( Ultimate proof ) of God can not be established without an Imam. (Usool Kaafi, Vol. 1, p. 177)

13. "The acceptance of Ali's Wilaya is as important as the acceptance of the prophethood of the prophets". (Usool Kaafi, Vol. 1, p. 197)

14. Every year, in the Night of Power (Lailat ul Qadr, which occurs in Ramadan), God sends commandments (revelations) to the Imams. (Usool Kaafi, Vol. 1, p.248)

15. An Angel provides divine revelations to the Imams in the Night of Power. (Shab-e-Qadar, p.569)

16. An Imam knows his hour of death and his death is under his control. (Usool Kaafi, Vol.1, p. 258)

17. To hide a secret and to weep for the sake of an Imam is considered as Jihad. (Usool Kaafi, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 226)

18. Imam Hussain said "By God, Muawiyah is better than the Shia: they have tried to killed me". (Al-Ehtijaj, Vol. 2, p. 290)

19. Imam Mahdi recited the Sura-e-Qadar before his birth. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. 2, p. 475)

20. When Imam Mahdi comes, he will be naked in daylight. The first disciple to take a pledge of allegiance to him will be prophet Mohammad. (Haqqul Yaqeen, Vol. 2, p. 337)

21. Imam Mahdi will kill all the Sunni Scholars. (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, p. 527)

22. Imam Mahdi will bring new Sharia (divine law) and commandments. (Behar-ul-Anwaar, Vol. 10, p. 597)

23. Imam Mahdi will declare himself to be a prophet. (Behar-ul-Anwaar, Vol. 10, p. 550)

24. Imam Mahdi will take revenge against all the sins since Adam (a.s). (Basair-ud-Darajat, p. 83)

25. The Sun will rise from the West at the time of Imam Mahdi's appearance. (Chawdah Sitaray, p. 585)

26. Imam Mahdi will appear when only forty two believing Shia will be left on the face of the Earth. (Chawdah Sitaray, p. 571)

27. All angels will swear allegiance to Imam Mahdi. (Chawdah Sitaray, p. 594)

28. An Imam talks before being born. (Ahsan-ul-Muqaal, Vol. 1, p. 327)

29. The Imams are NOT born like ordinary human beings from their mothers' wombs. (Jila-ul-A'yoon, Vol 2, p.474)

30. An Imam is born from his mother's thigh (not from his mother's womb). (Ahsan-ul-Muqaal, Vol. 1, p. 325)

31. Yazeed Bin Muawiyah was the real uncle of Imam Ali Akbar bin Hussain (r.a). (Zabhan Azeem, p. 261)

32. Yazeed was the name of Imam Hussain's son. (Tareekh-ul-Ayema, p. 83)

33. There was no horse named Zuljinah in Karbala. (Zabhan Azeem, p. 223)

34. Imams possess authority to declare any thing lawful or unlawful. (Khilaqat-e-Norania, p. 155)

35. Imamate is a divine rank like Prophethood. An Imam is infallible and every creature in the universe is subject to his command and must obey him. (Tohfa Namaz-e-Jaffria, p. 28)

36. Imamate is equal to Prophethood. (Tohfa-tul-Awaam, p. 7)

37. All Prophets had to recognize and accept the Wilayat of Ali (meaning that Ali is Wali of Allah) before they were appointed as prophets. (Tareekh-e-Shia, p. 18)

38. Imam Ali ( R.A. ) was the creation of angel Jibreel (Gabriel). (Al-Majalis Al-Fakhra, p. 128)

39. Imam Ali did Miraaj (made a journey to Heaven during his lifetime) before Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w). (Dewan-e-Jil Ehzan, p. 38)

40. The rank of Ali's Wilayat is higher than prophethood. (Hazaar Tumhari Das Hamari, p. 52)

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