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Sunday, December 16, 2012


1 Allah The name of Allah
2 Ar-Rahmaan The Compassionate
3 Ar-Raheem Most Merciful
4 Al-Malik The Sovereign
5 Al-Quddus The Holy one and one who is free from all Blemishes
6 As-Salaam The giver of peace or one who is immuned from all distresses
7 Al-Mu'min Giver of peace
8 Al-Muhaymin The giver of protection
9 Al-A'zeez The Mighty
10 Al-Jabbaar The overpowering lord
11 Al-Mutakabbir The self glorious
12 Al-Khaaliq The Creator
13 Al-Baari One who gives life
14 Al-Musawwir Fashioner of Shapes
15 Al-Ghaffaar Exceedingly Forgiving
16 Al-Qahhaar One who has control over all things
17 Al-Wahhaab The giver of all things
18 Al-Razzaaq The sustainer and provider
19 Al-Fattaah Remover of difficulties and giver of decisions
20 Al-A'leem The all knowing
21 Al-Qaabid The Straightener of Sustenance
22 Al-Baasit The Extender of Rizq
23 Al-Khaafid He is the Abaser the one who humbles and lowers
24 Al-Raafi' The Exalter
25 Al-Mu'iz The giver of honour
26 Al-Muzil The giver of Dishonour
27 As-Sami' The all hearing
28 Al-Baseer The Seer or one who sees all things
29 Al-Hakam Maker of Immutable Judgements
30 Al-A'dl The Just
31 Al-Lateef Most Affectionate or Knower of Innermost Secret
32 Al-Khabeer All Knowing
33 Al-Haleem The Clement
34 Al-A'zeem The Great
35 Al-Ghafoor Forgiving
36 Ash-Shakoor Highly Grateful
37 Al-A'li Most High
38 Al-Kabeer Most Great or Infinite
39 Al-Hafeez The Protector
40 Al-Muqeet The giver of Sustenance and Strength
41 Al-Haseeb The Reckoner or one who Suffices for Everyone and Everything
42 Al-Jaleel Glorious or one with an Exalted position
43 Al-Kareem Benevolent
44 Al-Raqeeb The Caretaker
45 Al-Mujeeb The answerer of Duaas
46 Al-Waasi' The Lenient
47 Al-Hakeem The Wise
48 Al-Wadud Most Loving
49 Al-Majeed Most Venerable
50 Al-Baai's The Resurrector of the Dead
51 Ash-Shaheed Omnipresent
52 Al-Haq The Truth
53 Al-Wakeel The Provident
54 Al-Qawi Almighty
55 Al-Mateen The Invincible
56 Al-Wali The Patron
57 Al-Hameed The PraiseWorthy
58 Al-Muhsi The Keeper of Counts
59 Al-Mubdi The Originator
60 Al-Mu'eed One who has the power to create again
61 Al-Muhyi The giver of life
62 Al-Mumeet The giver of Death
63 Al-Haiy The EverLasting
64 Al-Qayyum The Sustainer of life
65 Al-Waajid The All-Perfect
66 Al-Maajid The All-Excellent and the one with Veneration
67 Al-Waahid The One
68 As-Samad Free From Want
69 Al-Qaadir The All-Powerful
70 Al-Muqtadir Powerful
71 Al-Muqaddim One who causes Advancement
72 Al-Muakhkhir Onw who causes Retardation
73 Al-Awwal The First
74 Al-Aakhir The Last
75 Az-Zaahir The Obvious
76 Al-Baatin The Latent
77 Al-Waali One who exercises Responsibility over all things
78 Al-Muta'ali Far above the attributes of the entire creation
79 Al-Bar The Good
80 At-Tawwaaab The Oft-Returning
81 Al-Muntaqim One who takes Retribution
82 Al-A'fuw One who Pardons
83 Ar-Rauf The Kind
84 Maalik-ul-Mulk Possessor of Sovereignity
85 Zul-Jalaal-e wal-Ikraam Majestic and Benevolent
86 Al-Muqsit The Just
87 Al-Jaami' The Assembler
88 Al-Ghani Free from Need
89 Al-Mughni Supplier of needs to others
90 Al-Maani' The Hinderer
91 Ad-Daar One who can cause loss
92 An-Naafi' One who Confers Benefits
93 An-Nur The Light
94 Al-Haadi One who gives Guidance
95 Al-Badi' The Deviser
96 Al-Baaqi The Eternal
97 Al-Waaris The supporter of all or one who remains alive even after everyone or everything dies
98 Ar-Rasheed One who guides along the path of virtue or one who loves virtue and piety
99 As-Sabur Most Forebearing

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