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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Patients selected Diet Chart

Diet#1: Pumpkin, zucchini, round gourd, barley porridge, wheat porridge, sabudana, khichri, bun, rusk, bread, cucumber, cucumber curry, thin curry of green gram, bread of non-sieved flour, mutton curry, desi chicken with curry, saag of kharfa, sweet yogurt, bran bread, salad, guava, sugar cane slices, pomegranate, water melon, cantaloupe, sarda, kharbooza (melons), halwakadu, papaya, banana, ispaghol husk, jam of aamla, jam of hareer, jam of carrots, halwa of paitha, khameeragaaozabaan, extract of gaaozabaan, extract of fennel seeds, extract of mint, milk soda, peach, grapes, honey water, sugar, spinach, petha,  goat milk.Diet# 2: Mutton, plain chapatti, meat of desi chicken, vegetables of all types, desi eggs, omelet, meat of birds, hareesa,nihari, paaye, green gram, choori of desi ghee, milk or dairy products, fresh dates, chohaare, olive extract, figs, honey, baked chickpeas, kebab, onion salad, coconut shell (naariyalmanqi), olive oil paratha, almonds, pistachio, pine nuts, cashew, fish, halva of carrots, halwa of paitha, halva of lentil, clove oil, onions seeds,dry apricot, jams of all types, sattu of barley, camel meat, raisins, grapes, mango, rose-petal jam mixed in milk.Diet# 3:Porridge of barley, porridge of wheat, sabudaana, khichri, honey water, cake-rusk with tea, bread, bun, bran bread banana shake, carrot juice, fresh juice of sugar cane, boiled water, boiled rice, salted porridge, stock of desi chicken, pomegranate, grapes, sweet lime, meetha, lychee, guava, cucumber, chach pumpkin, coconut water.For Patients of Diabetes: Zucchini, pumpkin, round gourd, lamb meat, karailay, green gram, meat of desi chicken, meat of birds, bread of non-sieved flour, barley porridge, sabudana, hareesa, khichri, extract of fennel seeds, extract of mint, small quantity of fig, bread, bran bread, rusk, fenugreek, saag of kharfa, paaye, nihaari, omelet, Peshawari tea, onion seeds, dry apricot in small quantity, dry fruit, un-sweetened milk, roasted chick peas, olives, desiegg’s yolk, mutton brain.

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