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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Only 3-4 days had passed that Allah sent fat ants to our house which were bigger than ordinary ants and these ants ate all the bed bugs (khatmal) from each and every corner of my house and did not bother us even a bit.

I and my wife regularly read magazine “Ubqari”. My wife wrote a letter to you and got holy verses from you for our problem for which I and my wife are sincerely thankful. May Allah bless you and all those people who assist you in this pious work, May Allah be pleased from all of you.Barkat in life due to Darood Sharif: I and my wife have been recitingDarood Sharif every day for the past two years. We feel affection towards Darood Sharif. I have convinced all my sisters to do the same. Two years back, I got your booklet “2 AnmolKhazana” in which there was a short but beautiful Darood Sharif [SPACE FOR ARABIC TEXT]. We started reciting it and got many blessings in our life which was not present before. It became easy for us to lead our lives as per Sunnah (acts of holy Prophet Muhammad SAW). This led to more blessings.Respected Hakeem Sb, I live in a middle class locality of Karachi in a rented house with my wife and three kids. This house consists of four stories and there are only tenants in this house. I reside on top floor since the past two years. There are a lot of bed-bugs in this building. It is understood that there are a lot of bed bugs in our living area also which is a big problem(only those people can understand who go through the same). We were quite upset as only Allah could get rid of these bugs, as I had small children and could not risk the use of pesticides.The other tenants told me that they are fed up of using various pesticides etc. but these bugs don’t go away as they are present here since long. Suddenly, Allah put a thought in my heart that I should do ablution, apply perfume and with respect should recite Darood Sharif 313 times and prayed to Allah to help her get rid of this problem. Then I did dum on water. Then I recited the “Manzil” (a combination of holy verses) and then did dumon the water. I started spraying this water everywhere in the house. Only 3-4 days had passed that Allah sent heavy ants into our house which were much bigger than ordinary ants and these ants ate all the bed-bugs from every corner of the house.Where the Divine help came from and where did it go: These ants did not bother us a bit. We all sit and sleep on floor and with Allah’s blessings not even one bug was left. Thank God bugs vanished from our house and at the same time the army of ants also disappeared. Only Allah knows where this creation came from for our divine help and where it did go. The Darood Sharif which I had recited is as below:-

۔اَللّٰھُمَّ صَلِّ عَلٰی مُحَمَّدٍ وَّاَنْزِلْہُ الْمَقْعَدَ الْمُقَّرَبَ عِنْدَکَ یَوْمَ الْقَیَامَۃَAllahummaSalli 'alaa Muhammad-inWaanzilhu'lmaq'adalmuqarraba 'indakayauma'lqiyamah

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