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Monday, April 8, 2013



Be it a General Physician or Spiritual; do not be proud, arrogant and bad-intentional. Seek forgiveness from your sins, perform Salah regularly. Pray to Allah Almighty for His blessings & to grant shifa in your hand. Give sadqa, charity and help the poor

Treatment for physical weakness
Sometimes, health keeps deteriorating and the body feels weak, ill etc. The following deed is home-thrust for this weakness and different diseases. Due to the barkat of this amal, health shall be restored and all kinds of weakness shall overcome. The amal is:
Recite Surah Yaseen and recite Surah Fatiha 7 times, each time when reaching on each “MUBEEN”. Fill water in a bottle and blow (dum) on it. Drink a sip of this water first thing in the morning as well as last thing at night.
If the patient does not feel recovery, he should repeat this deed and drink the water for further 21 days. Insha’Allah on completion of 42 days, he will feel complete relief from weakness & fatigue. His body will be active & sturdy.
Treatment for Leanness
Sometimes a person is emaciated and asthenic due to which people laugh at him. This deed is very effective to wade off physical weakness. Insha’Allah, the weak body will turn to fat & chubby. Lankness shall finish & he will become active. یَاقَوِیُّ
Cure in the hands of Hakeem, Doctors, Physician, and Aamil
Sometime a Hakeem, Doctor, Hindu Physician, or Islamic Spiritual Healer etc. are expert in their field but they do have shifain their hands. When some other therapist does the same treatment to the same patient, he becomes healthy. This amal is very effective to gain shifa in hand. Make sure not to be proud, arrogant and bad intentional. Seek forgiveness from his sins, perform Salah regularly. Pray to Allah Almighty for His blessings & to grant shifain his hand. Give sadqa, charity and help the poor. Release 03 birds (sparrows, parrots etc) every month. Insha Allah, practicing this for few months shall bestow shifain his hands and people will start approaching him from everywhere. Thus, he shall gain fame in his practice.
Treatment for lost-interest towards studies
Some students, young or old, become fed up from studies. They do not study irrespective of being hit, or punished. Rather, they start running away from home. In such situation, the below deed is very effective. Perform ablution. Recite DuroodShareef11 times in the start & end. Recite complete Tasmia (Bis’Millah) 313 times بِسْمِ اللہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیْم . After completing this deed, blow over a bottle of water. Give 3 sips of water to the student for 41 days continuously; prior to sleep.Insha Allah on completion of 41 days, the student shall start studying and shall stay away from bad habits.
Freeing home from Jinnaat
At times, jinaat confiscate an unoccupied house and when some human-being start residing in such a house, they start teasing them through different ways. Frequently people shift in such house and take leave after few days. A permanent remedy of such problem is to gather 40 Huffaz-e-Quran. Seat them scattered all over the house and ask them to recite Surah Baqarah; aloud in different rooms. Wash a new matka&paak it; fill it with water and ask them to make dam (blow) over the water. Spray that water everywhere in the house; corners of all bedrooms, lounges, and kitchen except wash room / bath & toilet, 4 times daily. Practice this deed for 41 days, continuously. No day should be missed. Insha’Allah with the blessing of this deed, jinaat shall leave the home. If it is difficult to arrange 40 Huffaz-e-Quran, the only one Hafiz-e-Quran or one who may recite Quran by seeing, may also recite Surah Baqarah daily; at the same particular time conditionally. Afterward, he should make dam (blow) over the water contained in the matka. Take out that water and spray everywhere in the house, four times a day. It is better if a family member recites it.
Timings for the spraying are: 8:00 am; 12:00 pm; afternamaz-e-Asar; afternamaz-e-Isha
For sharp memory & success in exams
Sometime students who are brilliant and eager to study become suffer from weak-memory which affects their success & studies badly. It also hinders to meet their desired standards and attainment of desired destinations. This amal is very effective to ward off the mental weakness. Amal is:Perform ablution. Recite DuroodShareef 11 times in the beginning & end. Recite complete Surah Alam-Nash’Rah300 times الم نَشْرَحْ . Blow over water. Ask affected one to drink 3 sips of this water for 41 days, prior to sleep at night 3 sips
Dam the water once & that is sufficient for 41 days. Give roasted grams (bhunaychane) to eat, first thing in the morning, regularly. Insha Allah, memory will sharpen and you shall recall whatever you will study. Start inculcating YA-HASEE’BO یَاحَسِیْبُ few days before commencement of exams daily. Also remain inculcating this Allah’s virtual name even in the examination hall / room but stop when starting to solve paper. Insha Allah, you will pass with flying colors due to the benevolence of this amal.
Note: It is a misconception and wrong belief to expect success by doing Wazifa ONLY. Firstly, do your best efforts in studies and prepare well for exams and then do this wazeefa. Insha Allah, you will pass by flying colors. Firstly, adopt the cause as this world is the mean of resources. Then, trust Allah Almighty completely and do the zikr through which to seek help from Allah.
Boil 1 tolaBanafsha in a glass of water. When the water decreases to ½ cup, add a big table spoon of desi Ghee and 1 table spoon of honey and boil it. Then strain it and keep it aside. Give it to the baby, luke-warm, and twice a day. Insha Allah, it will grant speedy cure. [GhazalaSher Ali; SharqPur]

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