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Monday, April 8, 2013


As a Muslim we follow our Beloved Prophet صلي الله عليه وسلم. We have read in the previous episodes about how exemplary his behavior was especially to Non-Muslims. Now let’s read something about his followers’ nice behavior.

Tolerance and best treatment of enemies: The Sufis have always adopted courteous and soft behaviour to all the creatures of Almighty. This kind behaviour also affected the society at large. Once Hadhrat Malik Bin Dinar رحمة الله عليه rented a house in the neighbourhood of a Jew. His room was adjacent to the main entrance of the Jew’s house. So because of hatred and enmity, the Jew fitted his drain pipe to Hadhrat Malik’s side and his filth would make his prayer place filthy and dirty but he never complained against that. One day the Jew himself asked him if he had any trouble due to his drain pipe. He replied it had become his routine to wipe away the filth every day so he didn’t have any trouble due to that. That reply stunned the Jew and he asked if despite of that daily trouble, why he never turned angry? Indeed your religion is the best and true. (TazkiratulAuliya p27)
Once HadhratNizam-ud-Din Auliyaرحمة الله عليه was asked that some bad people and non-believers abused him that infuriated them. Upon that he said, ‘I have forgiven them all, you should also forgive them too and don’t argue with them.’
Solace and Cherishment: For Sufis, there is nothing better than gaining the heart of others and caring for them along with bringing peace and comfort to others. So HadhratJunaid Baghdadi رحمة الله عليه once brought some money to a man and asked him to accept that. He refused to take that and said that he didn’t need that. He said,’’ I know you don’t need but I am a Muslim so please take it for my pleasure, which he accepted. (KitabulLulma p 263).

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