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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Respected Hakeem Sahab.Assalam-0-alaikum. Since I have started attending the Thursday dars, I have benefitted a lot; such benefits which cannot be achieved from any physician, medicine or aamil. Earlier I suffered from such an indefinable disease in which death seemed better than life. I am not exaggerating at all. I practiced wazaif from the book of wazaif, consumed cold things to get rid of the disease. I visited aamils; underwent treatments, did some treatment myself. I used a medicine my paternal uncle made for me. All these treatments and medicines affected for 3-4 days and maximum for 5 days. When the pain increased, I writhed. My shoulders and head left working due to weakness; I saw no hope. After all this, when I attended your dars, I realized that I do not feel like leaving. This time I did not even feel any anxiousness and my disease improved like never before. Earlier, whenever I read about people suffering similar to me, I did not believe in it and negative questions arose in my mind doubting its authenticity. But now when I tried it myself, I agree that this place aids healing. (M. Shahzad; Lahore)

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