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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ubqari Hazrat Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai

Hazrat Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai

Hazrat Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoobi Chughtai (db) is an Editor of Monthly Magazine (Ubqari), that is being published in print and online as well, he is an author and research writer of more than 130 books, a Phd from USA in Herbal Health and was awarded presidential gold medal for his research in the field of method of treatment, a Spiritual Mentor to millions by drawing them closer to Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah and the peaceful life through Sunnah of AnHazoor (SAW), a husband and a father to three children, he runs a pharmaceutical firm (Ubqari Laboratories Regd.) for medicines sold across Pakistan that are known for their authenticity. Ubqari Trust (Regd.) was initiated for distribution of Zakat, Khairat and Sadqa to the deserving according to the Shariah guidelines of AnHazoor (SAW).
He meets over a hundred physical & spiritual visitors from Monday to Thursday by prior appointment. Hazrat (db) charge neither expects any fees or Hadaya from spiritual visitors. At the same time he delivers a Talk on Peace and Spirituality every Thursday night from Salat-ul-Maghrib (prayer) till Salat-ul-Isha (prayer) followed by Zikr and Dua at the Tasbeeh Khana for reviving the Islamic spirit in the hearts of Ummah. The talk is aimed to draw the Ummah closer to Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah and to provide the Ummah with a solution to their world and hereafter through Quran, Sunnah and practices of the faithful. Hazrat (db) provides guidance to those who seek Tasawuuf and Love of Allah Subhan O WA Tallah. Hazrat (db) delivers special commentary on the book "Kashif ul Mahjoob" by Hazrat Ali Hajveri (RA), held once a month on Sundays from Maghrib till Isha. Anyone seeking Tasawuuf shall attend these classes. Their schedule is available online and announced in the Thursday night talk as well.
Hazrat (db) is continuously working on several books in the field of Sunnah, Amaal e Nabwi, and drawing closer to Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah. Hazrat (db) visits far cities of Pakistan to deliver Daras e Hidayat as a share of his Fikr E Rasool (SAW) i.e. to make an effort for the benefit of Ummah for their world and hereafter as well.
Appointments for visitors were started to provide visitors from far places of Pakistan an equal opportunity to meet Hazrat (db) and discuss their physical and spiritual matters without waiting for long hours. Unlike before the visitors from Lahore, Pakistan used to take all appointments on arrival and visitors from far cities had to wait for long hours for their turn. Hazrat (db) acknowledge the scarcity of time deeply, yet this distribution of his time for all the necessary aspects of his life is needed to provide a fair share of his guidance and presence to all of us.
We all pray for his well being as he has drawn us closer to Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah and AnHazoor (SAW), guided us through thick and thin, prayed for our success in spiritual and worldly matters, made an effort in holding onto us with his love and affection when we lost hope and most important gave us the Fikr e Akhrat.
May Allah Kareem bless us all with His love and a peaceful life of Sunnah of AnHazoor (SAW).


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