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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Reason for no interest: Our soul panics when it comes to attending religious gatherings. Satan creates hurdles because he knows that when one attends such gatherings and words crosses one’s ears, the person might act on it; be it 1%, 10% or 20%. So, Satan stops people from attending such gatherings. Besides stopping, it also creates doubt, delusion, prejudice, and odd questions in one’s heart.Worry of our soul: One day I visited a man who got hurt in an accident. He said, ‘my condition was such that I dint attended your dars. I used to get ready; come in the end and even then I just felt like running away. If I kept listening, I felt like standing up and saying that whatever you are saying is wrong. On this my heart prodded that no! He is saying the right thing. Why do I have a feeling that I negate you and there is an inner-force present which is nudging me that No! He is right. He is not the only one.’ Many other people have shared the same views. They also said that it feels as if there is a power which stops us that do not go there. Our soul panics from the life of act (amal).Say! Who will we support? One is the power of Rahman and on the other side we have the satanic delusion. Now both these forces are with the humans; Allah has kept them with us. Now we have to see that who we support. Allah sees that who we accompany. The feelings that I am talking about is present in every human-being; either little or more.Remember! If this does not happen then how will we be examined? If there is no examination then how will we be promoted? This feeling is present with everyone and it will be. Now we have to take care of our heart; we have to look after it. While attending the dars, hurdles will come in your way and hurdles do come. I keep hearing this that I was coming but could not come, some do not come intentionally, sometimes some task comes up while coming and thus it is a hurdle, sometimes some confusion is created, or any other problem happens etc.Pray for aafiyat: Once a person said, “I asked Allah for his link (taa’luq) while at Umrah. I prayed for His link, His Love; His attention. O Allah! Grant me guardianship (wilaayat). A strange thing happened as soon as I returned from Umrah; I got stuck in a huge problem. I told him, “It’s perfectly fine as this all could not cure by a normal operation and required a major surgery.” After that, his attention increased towards Allah. I told him, “This is what my Rab wanted. You should have prayed for his link along-with barkat and aafiyat and without any trial. You prayed to Him but you made an incomplete prayer. You should have said that I am not capable of your test.Two precious words of a letter: Many years back, a person wrote a letter to me. I still remember two words of the letter; they are memorized in my mind. He had written a strange letter. 1) He wrote one word that pray: ‘May Allah grant me guidance without humiliation and abasement’.  Isn’t it an excellent word? Yes! This is not a normal word; it is very precious. O Allah! Grant me guidance without humiliation and shame. 2) O Allah! Grant me the manner to modify my life without humiliation and defame.The weight of amaal of our souls & Satan:1) One of my father’s friends, Zar Muhammad, was an old acquaintance. We had a great connection. He said that I have decided a penalty for all those instances when my eyes do any sin i.e. I offer 2 nafils. I have decided that whenever I will make such a mistake, I will offer this many nafils.2) A person was a visionist (saahab-e-kashf). Allah showed him; someone abused the Satan on which he blossomed. The person told the abuser that you made the Satan so healthy. The abuser asked for its treatment. The devout said that weigh him down with amaals. Give him the scouring of amaaland then see.Oldies, please consider!A class-fellow of my father came to me to take medicine. I had started my clinic recently. I said to my uncle to take the medicine and also offer 2 nafils.  He laughed at this. My father was also sitting there. “He said that your father sitting here was my class-fellow. We used to study together. He used to go home whereas I was from a different city; we had rented out a house. A sin was executed by us (which he shared with me). We locked our doors. A friend of mine was present. He said that O Allah! Save us now and I will offer this many nafils. He asked me to do the same. Son, I did not do it then. Now I am old and you are asking me to pray now.” The attention towards Allah in old age is also an instruction by Allah and not by oneself. If you recourse towards Allah even in old age, then it’s a huge blessing. Do not consider it your marvel!! (To be continued)

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