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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Companion of Holy Prophet of Allah.

The companions of the Holy Prophet of God are spread all over the firmament of Islam like the brilliant stars on the sky. They were the persons who readily responded to the call of Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him when he came out with the message of the Oneness of God. They did not embrace Islam with any selfish motive or securing anything . It is not difficult to understand from a study of the circumstances prevailing at the advent of Islam that it was a very critical period for the Muslims.
To embrace Islam in those days meant to invite trouble and misery of oneself. Despite this, those scared souls, the companions of the prophets, known as Sahaba, accepted Islam without any fear of trouble and atrocities. No one could succeed in attaining such sublime state in Faith and Knowledge as these few fortunate ones. By enduring all sorts of humiliation and unbearable atrocities in the way and love for the Devine Message and devotion to Righteous path, they sent examples which will serve as a beacon light for the seekers of Truth and Righteousness.

They served and save the faith with their deeds and practices characters and conduct. Besides the slaves the other converts to Islam who belonged to various respectable tribes of Arabia, enjoy no better status than slaves, after accepting Islam. A that time, the larger number of Muslim converts were poor, helpless and weak, even powerless to defend themselves from the atrocious assaults of persecutors.
It is a sign of true faith that when a man accept it, believing to be righteous, he holds to it with rock-like firmness, under all forms of calamity, hardship and trial, and so did the Companion of the Prophet peace be upon him. They endured all kinds of hardship and put little values of their own lives in defense of their belief. They embrace Islam in perfect sincerity and with true heart, so they endured all the hardships and afflictions for the sake of God and His Massager with poise, dignity and smiling faces.
They listened to what the Prophet said. They acted as they instructed. They practiced what he showed to them. No Prophet or Messenger had ever been able to get such devoted, faithful, loyal and sincere companions as those Last Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They expressed their deep devotion and love for him. They could not bear either in a war or peace, the slightest discomfort of their Master. Neither adversity nor danger could separate them from him.
It is the fact that every Companion of the Prophet was in his place in sign of God. We are to follow their footprints if we want to succeed in our lives. There is no lota of doubt of this matter that, after the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Holy Prophet, the lives and examples of the Sahaba are burning torches of light for us. We cannot do without this light. May God grant us the guidance and strength to follow the footsteps of those Sacred Souls.
Rashid Hanfi

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