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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why Do We Need Mosques?

The mosque is the place of gathering of those who believe that the ONE unique and infinite creator of the universe exists within the substance of each and every one of us.
According to Islamic decree, that which is referred to by the name of "Allah", the creator of the universe, and that which exists completely and with all its splendor in each speck of existence (according to Holographic reality and Sufism), is present in the essence of man, within the depths of his mind and soul.
Islamic worship is a culmination of efforts geared towards finding the potential that is nestled within each one of us with the belief that the mind harbors all of the powers of the creator of the Universe.
The mosque is a place where those of the common belief that frequencies emitted during prayer from each individual mind amplify the power of the effort for each individual to reach the ONE Unique and Infinite Creator so named as Allah.
The true meaning of Islam is the message that Allah is indiscriminately part of the minds and souls of each one of us. Thus Islam can never invoke any acts of violence or terrorism!
Rashid Hanfi

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