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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oneness and Multiplicity (Wahdat and Qasrat)

We have found ourselves within a system that came into being by the will and programming of the one known as “ALLAH”. In such a system, while we live in our cocoons of a limited perceptual capacity on one hand, we keep bringing judgments about life and the universe on the other hand, without knowing our limits and acting as if we are the kings of the universe!
Having been unaware of the religion that was proclaimed by the Rasul of Allah, who referred to the actual dimensions of the universe by telling that each seven heavens compared to the other remains nothing but like a ring in a desert in one of his explanations, we try to organize our lives in the year of 2000’s from within the viewpoint of a Badawi of 1400-years ago and upon an understanding of Muslimism blended with judgments brought by limited understandings based on the past conditions and also with specious reasoning that were dispersed in.
The mentality that considers Mohammed’s “Spiritual Ascension” known as Miraaj as a journey taken by either on a horse or a spaceship to reach the God up in the sky and meet with Him there to receive His commands and negotiate with Him to reach agreement, bring primitive and limited personal judgments about the one RELIGION at the sight of ALLAH and attempts to organize people’s lives in this world and the afterlife, and unfortunately we all accept these as if they are miracles!
When and how are we going to advance from this primitive understanding of Muslimism which was turned to almost a tribal belief to the understanding of the Deen of Islam that reveals the universal realities which will hold true till Doomsday?
Who is going to “STOP these ongoing misunderstandings?
Will there not be an intellectual who can shift our attention to the reality of Deen of Islam and save us from the hybridized Muslimism interwoven with illogical sophistry and misunderstandings?
There are many questions asked by the thinking brains, but unfortunately there is no one who is purified from specious reasoning and who can articulate (give voice to) the realities and the system in a logical integrity!
The ignorant does not know what he doesn’t know! So-called Intellectuals, who are lost in thousands of contradictory opinions, remain unaware of the fact that they are far beyond a systematical point of view in logical integrity and are strangers to the spirit of the matter!
Wisdom (ilm) has become like fairy-tales in the mouths of the imitators and it is treated as a toy among the imitators.
Show us mercy Rabbul Alemin!
Rasul of Allah Mohammed Mustafa (peace be upon him), who has never worshipped an idol or a god as one of the khanifs and has realized through total inspiration (wahy) the Origin that is the reality, the truth, the invisible and the visible sides of all beings, is yet beyond the limitations by all these conceptions, tried then to make people get rid of the concept of god in their minds fourteen hundreds years ago.
He has tried to explain that there is nothing to worship outside and yet every individual have the chance to reach from within his own essence and true self to the one named as Allah in a sense beyond space and form!
The path of Miraj is open to all the believers through the experience of “Salaat” from within their inner truth! There is never a god or a target that should be reached up in the sky. Hence, it is of no question to worship an entity outside you!
All the spiritual practices known as “ibadat” is for the person to actualize the potent wishes of his true self (haqiqat) as much as his native (inborn) capacity (fitra) allows for him which his Originator (Fatir) bestowed on him and facilitated.
Sufi masters have explained the journey in Sufism as “closing a circle by coming to the starting point”.
Mind travelers whose starting point are individualism and unity, step by step realize that everything is ONE by understanding the origin of each entity. In such a level, they realize with their foresight and consciousness that from the point of their origins there is no multiplicity (qasrat), there is only ONENESS (wahdat). In addition, they realize that neither themselves nor various dimensions and universes do exist! So with this thought the half circle is completed and the spiritual state of annihilation (fanafillah) has been realized. There is more than this realization but no use of voicing it here.
The ones for whom the second half circle is made easy, do not stay there and continue their mind travel in the need of their inborn nature (fitrat)… This time they observe that ONE’s attribute ofKnowledge (ilm) turns into Power (qudrat) through the attribute of Will (irada) that the Name Mureed denotes, and creates “forms of awareness” or “knowledge forms” (surat ilmi). And the conceptual angel (melek) having these knowledge forms turns into the special angel called as “SPIRIT” (ruh) which is its place to manifest, and through this angel there comes into existence the angels known as “hamalai arsh” (the carriers of the divine Throne). They also observe that all other personal angels come into existence through these angels in every level and from their existence there comes into being the universes in universes and the existence of all other creatures. They view what is made up of from what and which powers and creatures come out of which personal angel, they are being aware of who the observer is in real without their individual being meddling!
Those masters of actual belief (who realized the matter in actuality –not by imitation) know it without a shadow of doubt as they have entered into the realm of certainty (yaqeen) about their Rabb, that what the Rasul of Allah explained fourteen hundreds years ago no more or less is the outcome of Allah’s system (SunnatAllah). Everyone, no matter who they are, still will see the benefits by applying this even through imitation without realizing or understanding the system, although the things they miss are more than they gain even if they could not reach the level of verification! Everyone, no matter who they are, will face the consequences if they act against the requirements of the system and will punish themselves by falling into the wheels of the system because of the lack of practices calledibadat which makes incompleteness in themselves.
In each created dimension, the laws and rules are effective for that specific dimension, regardless of whatever its reality is!
Although each person’s essence is based on the ONENESS, it doesn’t mean that he is free (irresponsible) from the conditions of that dimension he lives in! The wood that is made up of atoms burns in fire but the atoms do not burn in the same fire! The ignorant imitator thinks that “my origin is Truth and the Truth does not burn in hell”; but this illogical thought could be believed by the ones who have limited thinking capacity like him!
The ones who burn today will also burn tomorrow! The ones who suffer today will also suffer tomorrow! Who you are today, will be tomorrow! This should be understood better.
You’d better know this! The ones, who do not take into consideration Hadrat Mohammed’ssayings –whatever the reason is– and try to make you get away from the life style of HadratMohammed, are just dragging you with their doubt (wahm) to a world of fear and delusion and to its consequences!..
You cannot reach the blessings of honey by licking the honey jar! Even if you are the pharmacist, if you do not use the medicine on the shelf, you cannot recover from an illness.
The power is dominant in life! Allah has the attribute of “power” without having an attribute of “weakness”. In the system, knowledge (ilim) and actual/acting power win against powerless and destroy it in some ways!
Allah has created mankind a Caliph on earth, and donated him with his Names and Qualities.
You are not asked to praise and extol a sky God through fulfilling the spiritual practices called ibadatbut they will enable you to take out the power within you! So by having acquired a number of new powers, you will be replaced in another dimension among the creatures of that dimension. Yet if you cannot achieve the power through the practices, this time you will be the toy among those creatures of that dimension and will face the consequences! That’s the aim of the practice!
Allah, who created the universe in universes in innumerable dimensions, does not need your practice. You definitely should know that whatever you do, you do it in order to know your own origin, and to manifest the powers that is given to you and live them out as their effects.
Do not make the mistake of waiting for a savior “Mahdi” and waste your time, my friend! The savior is within you, in your reality! Allah even reveals to bees and so does to you through your essence at every moment. However, your data base cannot make you realize such a revelation!
Those that have been told by the various people since Hadrat Mohammed (peace be upon him) at several spiritual levels based on those people’s spiritual ranks/degrees should never keep you from applying what Rasul of Allah has stated!
The only example to understand and live through the Deen of Islam as due is HazratMohammed Mustafa who is the Rasul of Allah.
Happy are those who understand him, realize his thoughts and take his practices based on the universal system as an example to organize their lives and so attain eternal peace.
October 3, 2002

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