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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Uniqueness in the Methodology of Writing and the Difference in the Language

Uniqueness in the methodology of writing and the difference in the language-style between the Quran and the Traditions of Muhammad (SAL)
Under the sun, the Quran is the only book which according to its subject, purpose, arrangement of the topics, construction of sentences and the style of narration is quite different and distinct from the books authored by man. In reality, Quran is not an academic book like the academic books prepared by men in which captions are chosen and under each caption the related subject or topic is discussed, but it is that book of ‘Da’wah’(invitation to Truth), education, remembrance, reform and training, which lays down the commands of “Shariah’ (way of life) and also provides guidance for practical learning. Besides, it rolls out pearls of knowledge and wisdom.
No doubt, in it, numerous topics, concepts or events are repeatedly mentioned. Topics such as oneness of Allah, the Prophethood of Muhammad (SAL), the Day of Judgment, attributes of believers, prayer and charity are a few oft-repeated subjects in the Quran. But each and every description of these topics is unique and specific in its choice of word and one does not experience any monotony in going through the same as it is usal in a book written by a human author. In fact the repetition of the topics in the Quran is like the thunder of cloud whose frequency brings with it the merciful rain. If in Quran, a lesson is repeated often, then it is with a view to appeal to man’s intellect and give practical training to him, since the vey objective of the Quran is character – building and preparation of good attributes.
Difference in the language style between Quran and the Traditions of Muhammad (PBUH)
In Makkah, where Muhammad (SAL) lived, people themselves were fully conscious of the vast difference in style of the Quran and that of his everyday speech recorded in his Traditions and they knew that no human being could manage two such distinctively variant styles and that too regularly and not just once in a while.
God Almighty has given us test in Quran which proves it authenticity as well as a challenge which is stated in the Holy Quran to produce the Chapter like of it. It says in Holy Quran the  challenge to produce ayah in several places, for example, Surah 10 ayah 34 then again in Surah 11 ayah 13, then again in Surah 17:88 and if you fail to do so then the punishment o failure is mentioned in Surah Al-Baqara Ch 2 V 23, 24.

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