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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who are extremists?

No one can deny the fact that in every age, it remains in top priority of non-Muslims (especially Jews) to spread negative propaganda against Islam or Islamic values. For which unfortunately,they succeeded to find and buy fraudulent and dishonest Muslims, who were actually not Muslims by heart rather they used the label of Muslim as a deception. But it is an open secret that Islam's enemies could never succeed in their vile effort to lessen the importance, beautifulness, attractiveness and spread of Islam.
All evil powers have been trying to demolish Islam even than Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world, why? This is a question which made whole world of infidels a restless nation to find the answer. But the answer is simple that everyone has a thirst of reality, truthfulness, contentment, happiness and a thirst of finding a way which leads directly towards one's real creator, the Allah Almighty. And Islam is the only well of sweet water which can satisfy this thirst.
One who studies Islam unbiasedly and without any prejudice in mind is forced to accept it as a true religion. They are many citations on this statement which all cannot be covered here and actually it is not my topic.
I think I wrote many lines on foreword now come to the topic. A few days back a cartoon was published in Washington Times which was considered as a humiliation of Pakistan and Pakistanis. During the same period the worst news which circled round in the news papers was of desecration of Holy Quran in Guantanamo Bay which was no doubt condemned all over the world. As I said earlier, it is not the first time that Islam and Islamic values like Holy Quran was targeted but the sad scene is that Muslims are still senseless. No strong and harsh words could be heard from the Government of any Islamic state against vicious American soldiers and no change could be felt inrelations between America and any Islamic state. They did what they could do but we did worse than them to be a silent spectator. One more thing which came out is that extremism which lies in the nature of non-Muslims against Muslims can be observed clearly. They call Muslims as extremists and by their ridiculous activities they are proving it for themselves.
These lines are not for non-Muslims to request them for justice; in fact I personally cannot expect justice from non-Muslims in favor of Muslims. I wrote these lines for those who are requesting andexpecting that serious actions will be taken against real terrorists (American soldiers). I would ask a question to our Government that whenever we capture any person who is accused for Americans we just hand over to them, now this time will they hand over our offenders to us or at least punish them such that no one in future can even think of doing so.
Muhammad Azeem

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